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Competitive Analysis - Specialty Spinal Operating Tables

While there is no pre-existing information to fully answer your question and fully complete the project spreadsheet, we've used the available data to pull together key findings: The operating table segment is a very small part of the $29 billion global operating room equipment market, though it would require access to expensive marketing reports to find out its exact size. Mizuho OSI and Allen are both privately held companies (in the latter case, a subsidiary of Hill-Rom) and as such do not produce annual reports from which we could determine their sales figures by product. However, both are considered key players in the global market, with Mizuho having an estimated $150 million in revenue overall.
Below you'll find an outline of our research methodology to better understand why information you've requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into our findings.


To establish the market share for a particular product (as opposed to a particular company), we must first establish both the overall market for that product and the gross revenue generated by the product itself. We therefore started our research by looking into the companies themselves in the hopes that they might produce an annual report with the answer. However, we soon found that Mizuho OSI is a privately-owned company and Allen is a privately-owned subsidiary of Hill-Rom. As such, neither produce an annual report, and their financials are not open to the public. In the case of the Revolution Patient Rotation System, we were able to locate only one video regarding the product from 5 years ago, and could not locate any information about its manufacturer, OR Safety, which suggests that it is no longer in business.
We next examined the websites of both Mizuhu OSI and Allen for more product information, specifically pricing, in the hopes of being able to use this information to calculate at least a rough estimating of the requested products' sales figures. Neither company provided pricing, however, instead requiring that interested parties contact them directly via phone, email, online form, or through a local sales rep. It is possible that pricing is not fixed and is subject to negotiation.
Finally, we searched for interviews, industry experts and sources, and other articles by trusted media sources. While sometimes this results in finding the answer directly, this proved not to be the case here. This exhausted the possible sources from which we could find or reasonably triangulate the answer. As a result, we cannot ully fcomplete the project spreadsheet.


According to the abstract of a 2016 market report, the global market for operating room equipment is growing at a CAGR of 6.68% and is expected to reach $42 billion by 2023, which would put the market in 2017 at approximately $29 billion. While this report does provide market segmentation, including the "Global Operating Tables Market" (see the Table of Contents), it does not do so in the abstract or free sample. Another market report abstract shows that both Mizuho and Allen are key manufacturers in this global market. Mizuho likewise appeared third in a recent article on the "Best Imaging Surgery Table Manufacturers in Canada." However, Mizuho had only $150 million in revenue in 2017, suggesting that operating tables are a very small part of the $29 billion operating room equipment market and/or that the industry is very fragmented. The latter would be consistent with having 10 "best" manufacturers in Canada alone.
Mizuho OSI offers at least five specialty operating tables--the Trios Surgical Table System, the ProAxis Spinal Surgery Table, Insite, the Spinal Surgery Top (Modular Table System), and the Radiolucent Imaging Top (Modular Table System)--in addition to other products like radiolucent imaging tables, over bed traction, and so forth. Consequently, it is impossible to isolate how much of their $150 million revenue is from the ProAxis or the Trios. According to their site, "Mizuho OSI products are sold in the U.S. through direct sales representatives and worldwide through authorized international distributors." There are no further details on their sales structure in the public domain.
Likewise, Allen produces a wide range of products, including the fields of spine and fluid management, gynecology, urology, laparoscopy, and orthopedics. In the area of spinal surgery tables, they offer the Allen Advance Table, the Advance Table Lateral System, Spine System, Spine System Lateral Package, 4 post system, and other accessories. Of these, the Spine System is perhaps the most useful and interesting, as it "turns your existing standard OR table into a specialist spine table with easy precise adjustment of the head and cervical spine, all at a fraction of the price." Allen's parent company, Hill-Rom, does produce an annual report, but this report does not break down revenue or sales by subsidiary, let alone by product. Consequently, even company data repositories like Datafox are unable to provide even a reasonable estimate of Allen's revenue. There are no publicly-available details about their sales structure.

As noted under Methodology, we found only a single video, several years old, when researching the Revolution Patient Rotation System by OR Safety. However, we did discover a very similar product that is currently on the market called the Freedom Bed, manufactured by ProBed. As in the case of Mizuho and Allen, ProBed does not publish its pricing and instead requires prospective clients to contact the company to receive a (possibly negotiable) figure. Other possible candidates for the third company include Skytron, Steris, Amsco, Maquet, and Berchtold, though none seem to fully fit the rotating description. We would need further clarification in order to pursue this part of the question further.


Without more public data, we are unable to provide most of the information requested in the project spreadsheet. Unfortunately, even global revenue figures for the operating table market segment are only available via expensive marketing reports, and due to not being publicly traded, we have very little information on the financials for either Mizuho OSI or Allen. While we found evidence that the Revolution Patient Rotation System did exist at one point in time, its manufacturer appears to no longer be in business.

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