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Sources for Information - FINTECH

PaymentsSource, Bank Innovation, PaymentsEye, BankNXT, The Financial Brand, American Banker, and Bobsguide news are some examples of sources of information, that fintech professionals use when searching for information and marketing.

1. PaymentsSource

  • PaymentsSource is comprehensive news coverage that provides subscribers with one central resource for all the payments news and trends.
  • The source gives a complete analysis of the changing payments industry, including compliance, digital wallets, investments, and other global trends.
  • The source publishes 42 posts every week.
  • The source features exclusive content, industry profiles, and data tools as per the requirement for fintech experts.

Why is it used:

  • Fintech experts like PaymentsSource because it enables professionals to stay ahead of trends shaping the global payments space.
  • Fintech professionals such as payment professionals use the source to stay on top of the news specific to the payments landscape and used by experts as a marketing medium.
  • PaymentsSource gives detailed fintech news, insights, analysis, and help to source the fintech solutions on which their businesses can rely and can share ideas by marketing and positioning their products.

2. Bank Innovation

Why is it used:

  • Fintech experts use Bank innovation because the source provides them numerous articles and news about financial services, digital banking, artificial intelligence, and new technologies that deserve attention.
  • Besides the latest news, the experts can look for the fintech answerable section and contribute with their answers in that section, which in turn leads to promoting and marketing their brand with detailed fintech solutions.

3. PaymentsEye

  • PaymentsEye is global news, intelligence, and analysis blog for professionals in the payment industry that publishes about two posts per week.
  • PaymentEye aims to provide critical and real-time intelligence news on the payment industry that is used by fintech experts.

Why is it used:

  • Fintech professionals use PaymentsEye because it provides updated information on the latest events and news from the payments sector.
  • The website allows professionals to share their insights on the analysis of the payment industry.
  • The source connects the providers of fintech solutions with the financial services professionals who need them, which helps in driving awareness along with the focus on marketing and positioning of their products.

4. BankNXT

  • BankNXT provides industry news with strong opinions and financial insights that are useful for fintech experts.
  • The source publishes about 12 posts per week.
  • The site regularly updates on exclusive content, podcasts, and in-depth articles that cover major topics in the financial services sector.
  • Its remit is to provide thought leadership to people working in or around the fintech industry.

Why is it used:

  • Fintech experts use BankNXT because it provides fintech news where professionals can also share useful insights.
  • The source serves as a perfect place for innovative fintech professionals, where they can find knowledge and thought leadership to compete in the financial industry successfully.
  • BankNXT works on the reputation for strong opinions, influential editorial, and expert business insight in the world of financial technology and financial services. It specifically caters to professionals working in or around the fintech industry in marketing their products and services in the form of sharing their views and opinions.

5. The Financial Brand

  • The Financial Brand is an online publication that started with the aim of putting a strong focus on marketing and strategy issues affecting retail banks and credit unions.
  • The websites' blog features key insights used by bank leaders, fintech bloggers, and experts, that dives deep into the banking industry.

Why is it used:

  • It is a leading source for banking and fintech professionals because it provides a broad range of information and insights related to banking and fintech.
  • It is the only resource that is used by financial experts, including C-level banking executives and fintech professionals, who looks for the latest ideas, insights, and information about how financial institutions build their brands.
  • The Financial Brand provides strategic analysis, real-world case studies, and practical advice, which is used by fintech experts working in banks and credit unions around the world in marketing and positioning of their products.

6. American Banker

  • American Banker started as the nation's oldest banking journal, which now operates as a print magazine and online daily news site.
  • The source has covered information on people, trends, regulations, and technologies driving the industry, helping fintech readers to keep pace with changes and opportunities in the marketplace in marketing their products.

Why is it used

  • American Banker is an excellent resource to search for information specific to the fintech industry. The source provides updated news on topics including innovation, transformation, disruption, technological reform, and regulation.
  • American Banker also gives the feature of online and live conferences and seminars where fintech professionals can collect useful information and share their knowledge in marketing and promotion of their financial products and services.

7. Bobsguide

  • Bobsguide is an innovative online platform that connects the financial services professionals in the financial technology sector.
  • Bobsguide news posts feature the latest financial technology news, insights, and industry events posted 42 times every week.
  • It is the most useful source in the fintech world, which is used by fintech professionals in collecting information for financial industry news, trends, and some topical overviews.

Why is it used:

  • Bobsguide news is considered as one of the top sources and is used by fintech professionals because it gathers information about the latest news, top advice, and practices.
  • The source allows professionals to share and market information on financial products and services to aim to connect buyers and sellers of financial technology globally.
  • With approximately 64,000 registered users, including technology vendors, financial services professionals, and consultants, Bobsguide serves as a global information resource for the financial technology sector.
  • Fintech experts rely on Bobsguide as a route to market their products and services. The fintech experts use the medium to drive awareness of their products, position their company and executives as innovators, research potential partnerships, and ultimately drive qualified sales leads.

Research Strategy

To identify the detailed information on the sources of information that fintech professionals use when searching for information and marketing, we commenced our search through the news articles and fintech magazines such as Securion Pay, Tech Bullion, Strands, Raisin, and Fortune. The sources list a few examples that were used by professionals and executives. The research team then filtered the search and looked for those sources of information that fintech professionals use for searching and marketing. Thus, all the relevant information has been added and presented in detail.