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The five causes of are education, mental health, homelessness & poverty, environment, and bullying. The organization's revenue for 2018 is $13.7 million. Details on the organization has been presented below.



Executive Team


  • Education — The organization works with young people to make schools "safer, better, and fairer" for everyone. Some campaigns carried out by the organization under this cause tackle area such as student debt, fairer admissions, and better school lunches.
  • Mental Health — DoSomething is working with its members to tackle mental health challenges such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Some steps taken by the organization in this area include sharing uplifting notes, posting positive sticky notes, and sharing "stress-busting" tips.
  • Homelessness & Poverty — Armed with the information that no less than 500,000 people within the US suffer homelessness, is working to change the narrative by supporting as many people as they can. The organization has done this in several ways, including donating bags of daily essentials and clothing items such as jeans.
  • Environment — To create a healthier environment, DoSomething is tackling climate crisis through several initiatives such as recycling, marching, conserving water, and planting trees.
  • Bullying — The organization is stepping up against bullying through several campaigns. It has been able to share tactics against bullying, flag thousands of hateful posts, and contribute to "the bully report".


(1) Huddle Against Hunger

  • in partnership with NFL Huddle for 100 executed this campaign, to support young people in need of good nutrition.
  • The campaign requested that people donate non-perishable and healthy food items to local food pantries.
  • In the end, the organization collected more than 160,750 food items from 28,187 members who signed up for the campaign.

(2) Voter Registration

(3) Sincerely, US

  • The focus of this campaign was on speaking against hate crimes on Muslim Americans.
  • Members of the organization were tasked with creating and sending handmade "Happy Ramadan" cards to Muslims in their communities.
  • At the end of the campaign, members were able to send out over 44,000 cards to mosques in the US.

(4) Do Something About Gun Violence

  • This campaign is focused on getting young people involved in ending gun violence.
  • The organization asked that young people join and keep up with the gun violence movement by signing up for the campaign. It also requested that young people hold their representatives responsible during mass shootings and that they register to vote.
  • So far, the organization has been able to sign 193,242 young people to the campaign.

(5) Defend Dreamers

  • Following the withdrawal of immigrant (dreamers) protection, created the "Defend Dreamers" campaign to protect and support immigrants in communities within the US.
  • The campaign required people to sign up and lend their voices towards harmful policies against immigrants.
  • Over 80,000 people signed up in support of the campaign, and in one week placed 6,000 calls to senators and house reps soliciting for the DREAM act to be passed.

Media Coverage

(1) and Harry's Team Up with Connor Franta for 'Mental Note,'Campaign

  • and Harry's announced a partnership with entrepreneur and Youtuber Connor Franta, for a mental health campaign targeted at young men called "Mental Note: Take Time for Yourself."
  • The campaign aims to encourage young men in the US to seek key resources for mental health and practice self-care.
  • The campaign will raise awareness for mental health issues affecting men and provide support by offering relevant resources to help tackle the challenges.

(2) Aéropostale Raises Awareness of Youth Homelessness with Denim Drive

  • For the ninth time, teen retail brand Aeropostale will be teaming up with to support homeless youths in the US, through the "Teens for Jeans" campaign.
  • The campaign encourages young people to organize jean drives in their communities and schools, as jeans are highly requested for at homeless shelters.
  • The campaign helps to raise awareness on the issue of youth homelessness while inspiring action in communities.

(3) Actress Jenna Ortega (Netflix's "You") Kicks Off and Aéropostale's 2020 "Teens for Jeans" Campaign.

  • Actress Jenna Ortega is lending her voice to the 2020 "Teens for Jeans" campaign organized by and Aéropostale.
  • To encourage participation from young people and amplify the campaign, Jenna visited a young peoples shelter near her home town known as "Safehouse of the Desert".
  • She also lent her support by documenting the visit and recording a PSA video for the campaign.

(4) Kicks Off 'Our 2020 Vision' Campaign to Register Over 250K Young Voters Ahead of 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

  • In preparation for the upcoming presidential elections in the US, announced its "Our 2020 Vision" campaign.
  • The campaign is aimed at registering more than 250,000 young eligible voters, regardless of their differences.
  • The organization stated that the registration campaign will be carried out digitally and physically.

(5) and Chevrolet Launch New Road Safety Campaign For Teens With Support From Actor Kevin Quinn

  • and Chevrolet teamed up for the "Not Safe for Wheels (NSFW)" campaign. The objective of the campaign is to keep teenagers safe on roads as pedestrians, passengers, drivers, or cyclists.
  • The campaign will educate young people on the importance of road safety and discourage them from engaging in distracting behaviors that could result in crashes.
  • For the campaign, both organizations are enlisting the help of actor and musician Kevin Quinn, who has already created a sing-a-long PSA video in support of the campaign.

(6) & CVS Health Foundation Partner on a #TBT-Style Anti-Vaping Campaign Featuring Artist Silentó

  • With the support of CVS Health Foundation, has launched a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of e-cigarettes, JUUL, and vapes.
  • The campaign called "Hit We'll Take" will see young people sharing a "#TBT-style guide", highlighting the dangers of new cigarette alternatives.
  • Both organizations are teaming up with Silento (the artist behind the hit song Whip/Nae Nae) to bring the campaign to life. Silento has already released a PSA video for the campaign featuring his popular dance crazes. He will also be sharing several tips himself.

(7) and Hollister Partner for Back-to-School Anti-Bullying Campaign

  • In its bid to discourage bullying in schools, partnered with Hollister, a division of Abercrombie & Fitch, on the "Cancel Bullying" campaign.
  • The campaign encourages the spread of positive affirmations to overcome negativity, spread positive vibes, and undo bullying in schools.
  • For the campaign, students will be required to "print and post" affirmation tear sheets in their schools. Their classmates will be able to tear and share positive messages from the sheets.


Key Campaigns

Jeans for Teens

  • The Jeans for Teens campaign has been running for several years and is described as the "largest youth-led denim drive" so far.
  • For this campaign, is partnering with Aeropostale for the ninth time.
  • The campaign will take place throughout the US, from 22 January 2020 till 29th February 2020.
  • It involves the collection of "gently-used jeans", taking a picture of the jeans collected, and dropping them off at local Aeropostale stores.
  • Since it began, the campaign has collected more than 5 million pairs of jeans. This year, they have collected 40,000 and have about 16 days more to go.

Get the Filter Out

  • This campaign involves the collection of littered cigarette butts, which are toxic trash that causes harm to the environment and wildlife.
  • Participants were required to send a text message to enter the campaign and take a photo of the cigarette butts they collected.
  • The campaign took place throughout the US and was covered by magazines such as Teen Vogue and Twist.
  • partnered with Truth on this campaign.
  • At the end of the campaign, 78,755 members participated and collected 3,733,832 cigarette butts.

Power to the Period

  • The Power to the Period campaign involved the collection of "unopened" period products including tampons and pads and donating them to local homeless shelters.
  • Participants signed up for the campaign online, collected the products, and uploaded a picture of the products they collected.
  • The campaign took place across the US and is known as the "first national drive" for period products.
  • For this campaign, partnered with Kimberly-Clarks U by Kotex.
  • At the end of the campaign, the organization collected 585,965-period products.

Research Strategy

To identify the requested information for, we mostly made use of its website and supplemented with information from news websites where necessary. Regarding five additional top campaigns, we chose the five campaigns above because they were listed by the organization as part of its greatest campaigns or have had their impact reported in figures (in thousands). During our search for any recent controversies against the organization, we discovered that none was reported. For this, we searched industry-focused news websites such as The NonProfit Times and The NonProfit Quarterly, and other notable news websites such as PRNewswire and Daily Mail. We also searched for press releases by the organization, addressing any controversial issues. Seeing that our search failed to return results, we assumed that there are no controversies against the organization yet.

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Do Something (Template)

As highlighted within the enclosed document, works with young people to make schools safer and tackle areas such as student debt, admissions, and better school lunches.


  • is led by Aria Finger, who is Chief Executive Officer and President of DoSomething Strategic.
  • The organization's revenue for 2018 was $13.7 million.
  • The five causes of are education, mental health, homelessness, poverty, environment and bullying.
  • Some of the organization's major related campaigns include Huddle Against Hunger, Voter Registration, Sincerely, US, Do Something About Gun Violence and Defend Dreamers.
  • Meanwhile, recent media coverage has been primarily driven by press releases from, and has highlighted the organization’s latest partnerships to further its five causes.

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