Prominent Brands that went out of business (2010-2019).

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Big Brand Closures 2010-2019

HHGREGG, A&P, CompUSA, The Limited, and Teavana are some notable US brands that closed between 2010-2019. Details on all 10 companies are presented below.

American Brands Closed Between 2010-2019

  • SportChalet was a sporting goods chain. The company closed all its stores abruptly in 2016.
  • The electronics retailer HHGREGG shut down all its stores in 2017.
  • A&P was a popular US grocery store chain. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and closed all its stores in 2015.
  • The bookstore B. Dalton Bookseller closed the last of its 798 locations in 2013.
  • Filene's Basement started out as an off-price store. They closed all their stores in 2011 after their parent company went bankrupt.
  • The sporting goods company City Sports closed all its locations in 2015 after it went bankrupt.
  • CompUSA, a computer software and hardware store, closed all its locations in 2012.
  • The bookshop Waldenbooks merged with Borders in 1994. All Waldenbooks stores were closed in 2011 after the liquidation of Borders Group.
  • The Limited shut down all its stores abruptly in 2017. It was a clothing store for women.
  • Teavana, which was a subsidiary of Starbucks, closed all its stores in 2017.

Research Strategy

Our strategy for identifying 10 notable US brands that closed between 2010 and 2019 was searching through notable news websites such as Newsday and Business Insider, knowing that they would cover the closure stories of the big/known brands compared to smaller ones. We cross-checked our findings across more than one news site to ensure that the information regarding the date of closure is the same. Using this strategy, we were able to identify the 10 companies listed above.

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