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CISOaaS - Top Companies

The top six companies based in the US that provide CISO as a service are IBM, DXC Technologies, Symantec, Novacoast, Synoptek, and Alphaserve Technologies.

1. IBM

2. DXC Technologies

3. Symantec

4. Novacoast

  • It is a uniquely positioned cybersecurity firm based in Santa Barbara, California, US.
  • Its website can be reached here.
  • It provides CISO as a service and its annual revenue is $100 million.

5. Synoptek

6. Alphaserve Technologies

Research Strategy

To determine the top six companies in the US that provide CISO as a service, we searched through several market research databases, websites targeting top cybersecurity companies in the US, and organizations review sites including Markets and Markets, Software Testing Help, and eSecurity Planet. Through this research, we were able to gather a list of cybersecurity companies that provide CISO as a service. We specifically focused on large cybersecurity companies (i.e. those having more than 500 employees) and finally sorted out those with the highest overall revenue since the revenue specific to CISOaas wasn't publicly available. We have listed all the top six companies in the decreasing order of the overall revenues.
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CISOaaS - Competitive Landscape 1

IBM and DXC Technology are leading IT companies with over hundred thousand employees. Both companies do not offer any prices for CISOaaS to the public as they need to be contacted directly.


  • IBM is a leading technology company that offers software, hardware, cloud-based, and computing services. Currently, IBM has 350,600 employees worldwide. It is headquartered in Armonk, New York.
  • In 2018, the company was awarded more patents than any other US company. It was awarded more than 9,000 patents representing a broad range of inventions.
  • IBM has a strong global presence. It operates in over 170 countries and has dedicated country-based operating units.
  • IBM learns about its customers' wants and needs through insights from the latest digital technologies. In comparison, most of its competitors are only harnessing a small percent of the valuable data they have access to.
  • IBM has a long history of introducing innovative technology. Six IBMers are Nobel Laureates and the company's engineers have developed "innumerable first-of-its-kind products and services."
  • The company stays ahead of trends in the global technology space. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are some of the major technologies it incorporated before they became mainstream.
  • IBM does not offer any pricing information for CISO as a service as the price varies by company size, end-use, and capabilities. The company has to be contacted directly for this information.

Products and Services

  • IBM segments its major operations into Technology Services & Cloud Platforms, Cognitive Solutions, Systems, Global Financing, Global Business Services, and Technology Services & Cloud Platforms.
  • Cognitive Solutions: This consists of IBM's software capabilities that assist its clients in identifying new insights and staying updated on better decision-making strategies. IBM leverages its research, technology, and industry expertise to offer a full spectrum of capabilities, including artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.
  • Global Business Services (GBS): IBM offers business process, application management, and consulting services. The full portfolio of GBS services is "backed by its globally integrated delivery network and integration with technologies, solutions and services from IBM units including IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, IBM Research, and Global Technology Services."
  • Technology Services & Cloud Platforms (TS&CP): Under this segment, Microsoft offers extensive IT infrastructure and platform services, thus creating business value for clients. The company provides access to high-quality innovative services by leveraging insights drawn from its decades of experience across advanced technologies.
  • Global Financing: This includes two main businesses: Financing, which is often conducted through IBM Credit and Remanufacturing & Remarketing. IBM Credit is a subsidiary of IBM that facilitates the company's clients' acquisition of IT systems and software.
  • Systems: IBM offers clients "innovative infrastructure platforms to help meet the new requirements of hybrid cloud and enterprise AI workload." IBM Systems also develops systems technology and advanced semiconductor through a partnership with IBM Research.

DXC Technology

  • Headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, DXC Technology offers information technology services to customers worldwide. It currently has 130,000 employees in 70 countries.
  • The company generated a total revenue of $20.75 billion in 2019 and is ranked number 122 on the Fortune 500 list. It is the world's leading "independent, end-to-end IT services company."
  • DXC Technology prioritizes sustainability through the DXC Foundation, the DXC Dandelion Program, and its Digital Transformation Centers. It was included in Barron's 100 Most Sustainable Companies. The company claims that it "is committed to socially responsible business practices to help [the] world thrive amid unprecedented change."
  • DXC Technology mentions that its sales team must be contacted for CISO as a service price. This information is not provided on its website or annual report; neither is it provided by customers in review platforms like Featured Customers.

Products & Services

  • DXC Technology primarily operates through two segments: Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Infrastructure Services (GIS). The company's services include Analytics, Applications, Workplace & Mobility, Business Process, Enterprise, Cloud & Workload, Security, Internet of Things, and Consulting.
  • Analytics: Its portfolio of analytics services offer valuable insights and accelerate digital transformation.
  • Applications: This includes services that help clients develop and modernize applications to offer digital services and improve business results.
  • Business Process Services: This includes services that help automate and streamline business processes to improve customer experience and reduce costs.
  • Cloud & Platform Services: Under this segment, DXC Technology helps its clients "adopt and scale new cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure."
  • Consulting: Its consulting services provide high quality and innovative expertise to confidently accelerate clients' digital transformation journey.
  • Enterprise and Cloud Applications: Here, DXC Technology helps businesses develop and scale new digital capabilities specific to their business processes and industry.
  • Internet of Things: This includes real-time insights from connected devices that help clients "maximize value chains, improve agility and reduce costs. "
  • Security: DXC Technology helps businesses locate threats and respond to cyber attacks.
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CISOaaS - Competitive Landscape 2

Symantec has over 11,000 employees, while Novacoast has almost 300 employees. Both companies are headquartered in California. These companies do not offer their CisoaaS prices to the public as it is dependent on factors like company size.


  • Symantec is a leading provider of storage, security, and systems management solutions. The company offers online backup and internet security services to small, medium, and enterprise companies, as well as, individual users worldwide.
  • Also known as NortonLifeLock, Symantec was founded in 1982. As of 2019, it has 11,921 employees worldwide. About 46% of these employees are based in the US. Symantec is headquartered in Mountain View, California.
  • Symantec offers a multitude of products and services. Based on its website, it offers about 68 different products and services. They are categorized into Cloud Security, Cyber Security Services, Email Security, Endpoint Security, Information Protection, and Network Security. Some of these products include Asset Management Suite, Cloud Workload Protection, Data Center Security, Education Services, and Ghost Solution Suite.
  • The company has already gained traction in the US and over 40 countries, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Fortune 500 list. It caters to more than 350,000 organizations and 50 million individuals globally. Symantec reportedly operates one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks.
  • The pricing options for Symantec's CISO as a service vary based on a plethora of factors, including company size, company type, and specifications/features needed, among others. As a result, the company does not offer this information to the public. Interested parties are required to contact them directly.


  • Established in 1996, Novacoast describes itself as a "uniquely positioned IT services and solutions company" that offers a wide range of software developments, security, data center availability, privacy & compliances, storage & recovery, collaboration, and staffing services.
  • The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California where it has almost 300 employees. Novacoast categorizes its products and services into Cybersecurity Advisory, Development, Identity & Access, Managed Security Services, Security & Compliance, and IT Business services.
  • Some of its Cybersecurity Advisory Services include log management, IoT penetration testing, incident response, and DDOS assessment. A few Development products and services include legacy integration, mobile application development, and user experience design.
  • Its Identity & Access products and services include single sign on, workflow automation, identity security management, IT operations management, and access governance. Co-managed SIEM is the only product it offers under Managed Security.
  • Novacoast's Security & Compliance solutions include control compliance, PCI tokenization services, endpoint management, HIPPAA compliance, endpoint protection, and data classification assessments.
  • Novacoast was recently named a top managed IT provider by CRN Magazine. The list typically recognizes solution providers with "cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services" in North America.
  • The company has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Featured Customers, based on over 400 ratings. Terms like "fabulous," "always willing to help," and "impressive leadership" have been used by customers to describe Novacoast.
  • Novacoast does not offer its pricing options for CISOaaS to the public; neither is this information reported by customers on third party platforms like Featured Customers. The company needs to be contacted for pricing details. Novacoast only mentions that its advisory offering provides CISO services, "building a posture from scratch if necessary, then finding and training a permanent CISO."
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CISOaaS - Competitive Landscape 3

Synoptek was founded in 2001 and is based in Irvine, California and has 736 employees. Alphaserve Technologies is based in New York and has more than 350 employees.


  • Synoptek is a cybersecurity company based in Irvine, California, US. The company has offices in Europe, North America, and India.
  • Synoptek is privately held and was founded in 2001 and serves over 1,100 clients globally.
  • It provides "complete end to end enterprise caliber IT management".
  • The company has 736 employees.

Products and Services

  • Synoptek offers consulting, IT leadership and management, business process and software solutions, and business infrastructure and systems solutions.
  • Consulting, IT leadership and management services include IT strategy and planning, IT consulting services, M&A due diligence and planning, program and project management, business processes and IT services cost optimization assessment, IT service management assessment, CISO, and risk management.
  • Business process and software services include business applications, data insights, product development services, and workforce productivity.
  • Business infrastructure and system solutions services include cybersecurity, cloud advancement, infrastructure performance, and data protection.

Competitive Advantage

  • The company offers "trustworthy leadership in the age of constant technological innovation".
  • The company has a wide range of clients including retail, health care, media, manufacturing, and financial services.
  • Synoptek has a perfect score of 5 customer satisfaction, a 4.85 average across all the customers.
  • Synoptek is recognized as "one of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers by Talkin’ Cloud and one of the Top Managed Services Providers by MSPMentor".
  • The company has a global presence in 28 countries and in 44 states in the United States.

Alphaserve Technologies

  • Alphaserve Technologies is a global private held cybersecurity firm based in New York, US. The company serves clients in 38 countries and 300 cities.
  • The company provides IT services to companies in the professional services, healthcare, financial, and Media verticals
  • The company has more than 350 employees.

Products and Services

  • The company offers IT security services in areas including advisory services, managed services, and infrastructure solutions.
  • Security solutions advisory services include IT security consulting, cybersecurity challenge assessment, security penetration testing, and help companies to "navigate the channels of regulatory requirements".
  • Security solutions managed services include CISO as a Service and vulnerability management.
  • Security infrastructure solutions include NIS — Network and Security Integration Services offering a strong network design incorporating resilience and flexibility.

Competitive Advantage

  • The company has "decades of experience in driving a positive impact on productivity and revenue growth for businesses".
  • The company has a global presence and serves clients in 38 countries and 300 cities.
  • Alphaserve Technologies is committed to continuous innovation and improvement.
  • The company has a wide range of clients, from firms in the professional services such as legal firms and accounting firms, healthcare, media, and financials.

Research Strategy

We began our search by looking into the Alphaserve Technologies and Synoptek official websites for direct information on their pricing options that are specific to CISOaaS service. We also looked through industry-specific articles that have pricing information such as Quostar, Profitwell, and Business Wire. Through our search, we were able to find ample information on each company's services along with their competitive advantage. However, information concerning each company's pricing options was not found.

We then expanded our search to include press releases and interviews from the management (e.g. Owner, CEO, CMO, CFO). We were expecting to find media coverage or press statements or interview appearance made by the companies' management, where they discuss the company services, company information, company positioning, standing, or any hint of price. We looked through podcasts and social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. While there were several statements released by these companies over the years on their products, there was no price data revealed in any of these mediums.

We then tried to triangulate the required information through market research reports, market studies, scholar market documentations conducted on CISOaaS service. We searched through websites such as Pew Research Center, Google Survey, and MarketResearch but found limited information on this market that did not pertain to pricing.

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