Social Media and Healthcare, Part 2

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Social Media and Healthcare: Canada

Maple and Canada Health Infoway are some media that healthcare providers, people involved in healthcare advocacy, caregivers, and/or patients are engaging with in Canada. The details of each platform can be found below.

Canada Health Infoway

  • Canada Health Infoway "provides insight into the needs and desires of patients " and is used by both patients and caregivers. It is an "independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government."
  • The goal of the company is to "help improve the health and health care of Canadians." Thus, the company "strives to ensure the patient voice is heard in every conversation about digital health."
  • Implementing "innovative strategies to deliver care, including increasing the use of digital health solutions" is one of the key roles of the organization. It also runs a blog to enlighten patients and caregivers on the most recent health developments.
  • Infoway comprises a Patient Community which requires no commitments, "members of this community are also the first to be notified of opportunities to get involved, and receive updates about Infoway’s efforts and the progress it is making with digital health solutions."
  • One of Infoway's goals is to ensure that Canadians have access to their health information through several initiatives. Some of these initiatives have recorded tremendous success. Carnet Santé currently has more than 373,000 registered patient users in Quebec. MyHealth, another initiative has more than 17,000 registered users in Nova Scotia, and more than 1,300 registered users of the Southwestern Ontario Regional Patient Portal.


  • Maple is a network of licensed Canadian doctors available for consultations, diagnosis, and to give prescriptions to patients online. As of 2018, the platform had 100 Canadian doctors available for consultation and had been used by 20,000 Canadians.
  • The platform is available 24/7 to provide "online doctors, virtual health & prescriptions in Canada." Consultation on the app can be done through "text, video or audio chat."
  • The company's website includes a blog that provides insights on living and wellness, news, and industry. The Maple app is available on the Apple app store and Google Play.
  • Maple's pricing models include pay-per-visit, memberships, and credit packages. The app also helps with navigation and finding pharmacies around one's location.
  • Maple's vision is that of sustainable healthcare. This is what informs their model of healthcare delivery which will "accelerate the world’s journey to a more sustainable health system, saving precious hospital and clinic resources for those who need them most."


  • RxTx is a bilingual mobile app produced by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). It contains all the "data found in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)."
  • The app contains more than "2,000 fully bilingual, Health Canada approved, Canadian product monographs and images for drugs, vaccines, and natural health products."
  • RxTx is used by more than 17,000 Canadian clinicians including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, residents, medical students, dentists, and dental hygienists.

Canadian Medical Association

  • The Canadian Medical Association is a "national voluntary association of physicians that advocates on behalf of its members and the public for access to high-quality health care." This body provides leadership and guidance to Canadian physicians.
  • The organization is also at the forefront of public health issues, uniting "physicians to take action on health issues that matter, building quality care for patients."
  • The association is present on Instagram and currently has a following of 4,304. As of 2018, the association had 87,000 members representing 80% of Canadian doctors.
  • The association's website provides resources to its over 87,000 members to support them and advance healthcare in Canada.

The Pediatric Post

  • The Pediatric Post is the official blog of the Canadian Paediatric Society. It is described as "a home for pediatricians" and a "voice for the children and youth." The society houses over 3,400 pediatricians in Canada.
  • The purpose of the blog is to disseminate "information about new and updated policy and clinical documents, highlights of CPS programs and advocacy initiatives, and updates about upcoming events and education."
  • The blog conveys news ranging from pediatric centered information to ongoing health concerns such as COVID-19. The contents of the blog are designed for both pediatricians and public education.

Research Strategy

In making sure that all the entries in this research are used by Canadian healthcare providers, healthcare advocates, caregivers, and/or patients, we have verified that they were developed for Canadians. We have also included the number of Canadian users(either patients or professionals) on each platform.
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Social Media and Healthcare: Latin America

The primary health authority in Latin American countries used to by health care providers for guidance across Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil among other countries is the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health), often written as Ministerio de Saude. Salud is also the portal for those seeking information on medical procedures, and citizen participation in Mexico.

Salud Website

  • Salud's website, also known as Gob, contains medical-based actions and programs, documents and contact information for people seeking information on medical procedures, and data on broader citizen participation in healthcare and other fields across Mexico. It contains information on treatment schemes being "modified to address people" that have HIV, resources on COVID 2019, and national instructions targeting groups facing significant risks and required to "vaccinate against influenza."
  • The website is ranked number 247 in health, number 308 in Mexico, and receives 2.55 million visits "on desktop & mobile web," within six months.
  • The resource communicates and disseminates information from Dr. Eduardo Liceaga of General hospital Mexico ("Hospital General de México") to other professionals and valuable insights on histopathological studies.
  • About 92.21% of its traffic comes from Mexico, 2.50% from Colombia, 1.13% from Ecuador, and 0.99% from Peru. Direct traffic to the Salud website by URL input is 20.03%, referred traffic is 0.46%, while traffic that originates from search engines is 78.36%. Other sources of traffic to the Salud web include social media 0.54% and mail 0.60%.

Secretaría de Salud México YouTube Channel

  • Secretaría de Salud México YouTube Channel is the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Health. It often gets used to disseminate information that promotes health care. The channel has 10,200 subscribers. The YouTube channel has 486,611 views.
  • The YouTube channel contains information on self-examination against breast cancer targeting sick mothers (patients) in Mexico. It also provides information on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
  • Those urged to follow Salud on various channels include "trained professionals" solving medical and technical problems that affect children as well as adolescents.

Secretaría de Salud Facebook Channel: @SecretariadeSaludMX

Salud México Twitter: @SSalud_mx

  • Salud Twitter, @SSalud_mxis used to disseminate relevant information to healthcare teams across Mexico. The resource has 768,500 followers and has existed since April 2010.
  • The resource has several insights on diseases affecting Mexicans and information on the confirmed number of cases of COVID19 across Mexico. It reveals that 80% of cases are imported, and 19% closely relate to imported cases.
  • Salud México's tweets often get retweeted by several people, including medical practitioners.

Salud Instagram Page: ssalud_mx

  • Salud Instagram page contains relevant information for healthcare providers managing illnesses across Latin American countries like Mexico.
  • The resource directs healthcare professionals seeking "information on #Coronavirus # COVID19" to visit their microsite, also known as Gob.
  • The resource has 268 posts and 39,400 followers. The resource contains information on managing and detecting diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and several other illnesses.

Research Strategy

The study investigates social media groups, hashtags, handles, websites, or blogs that healthcare providers, people involved in healthcare advocacy, caregivers, or patients are engaging with. The study included several Twitter resources and hashtags, YouTube pages, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, government-based websites, and credible blogs. Although several health resources published their statistics, very few of them revealed the category of people visiting them. None of the uncovered resources addresses the entire region referred to as Latin America. The study examined published contents to include only resources that publish content relevant or vital to healthcare providers, people involved in healthcare advocacy, caregivers, or patients. Some media resources were published in Spanish and got translated with free translators. It is worthy to note that the context of translated resources might get lost or slightly modified during translation. Due to limited information on social media groups, hashtags, handles, websites, or blogs across Latin America as seen above and the possibility of various agencies or communication channels existing for more than two years, the study also examined resources older than two years. A document updated in June 2014 and copyrighted in 2020 is in the research. It studies the similarities in the names of agencies used by various countries to regulate the relation and engagement of healthcare advocacy workers, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals with patients. Professionals are most likely to visit these resources in times of emergency or difficulty to gain updates and directives. Included channels of communication are spread across various types of media channels (various types of media channels include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, website, etc.). The study includes media resources with the highest number of uncovered followers.
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Social Media and Healthcare: Turkey

In Turkey, the Ministry of Health is the main government body responsible for healthcare updates. Additionally, it is the main provider of primary and secondary healthcare in the nation. Over the past two decades, Turkey's healthcare system has undergone many structural reforms in order to provide the best service possible.

Engaging with Healthcare in Turkey

  • The website for the Ministry of Health in Turkey is: This website provides updates to healthcare policies and reforms. Additionally, the site currently features ads and articles to help educate patients and the public about the Coronavirus, its spread, and availability of tests in the country. The ministry interacts with the public, healthcare facilities, caregivers, and patients with their Twitter account, @saglikbakanligi.
  • Healthy in Turkey is an online platform and blog targeted towards guests and visitors to Turkey who are in need of health services. Their platform collects patient information and helps match potential patients to the proper place to find health services. The platform also help with communication between the patient and the healthcare facility.
  • Eczane is a pharmacy in Turkey that is filled with trained pharmacists to diagnose ailments, prescribe medication, and refer patients to a hospital. In addition, Eczane also has an online store that sells food supplements and products allowed by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. Patients and health care providers engage with the brand using their Twitter hashtag, #Eczane.
  • Kurious is a Turkish blog that publishes articles in a variety of fields. This includes articles pertaining to developments in medicine, such as breakthroughs in regard to hearing loss and hearing aids. Some of their articles also present advocacy for mental health awareness, as well as tips for continued mental health.
  • BulMD is an online platform and blog designed to help prospective patients discover the best surgery and treatment centers for their individual needs. The blog features articles on obesity, limb lengthening, and hair transplantation treatments. After reading about different kinds of surgeries, prospective patients can search through facilities featured on BulMD that offer the exact kind of procedure they are in search of.
  • DABATEM is an individual research center based in Istanbul. DABATEM works to study mass trauma, and the company has created a mental healthcare model for earthquake survivors. The company's mission is to inform both public and professional opinion on mental health issues, and their research has been featured on various forms of social media as well as professional circles. More on their work and efforts to educate the public and healthcare professionals can be found on their website.
  • @TEBKurumsal is the official Twitter for the Turkish Pharmacists Association. This association seeks to "contribute to the improvement of patients' health literacy." Their Twitter shares posts that engage with readers to educate them about certain pharmaceutical trends or issues in the industry.

For the purposes of this research, publicly available blogs and social media sites were searched to discover health-related pages that healthcare providers and patients may interact with. Sources were deemed relevant if the social account had been active at some point within the last six months, although the global pandemic of the Coronavirus may cause some sites to become more active than normal and skew some findings.
Although DABATEM is a research center and not strictly a blog or social media group, the researcher deemed them relevant to include in this research briefing for their research's continued presence across various forms of social media.
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Social Media and Healthcare: Middle East

Some of the social media groups/accounts, hashtags and websites/blogs that healthcare providers, advocates and patients are engaging with in the Middle East include Mayo Clinic ME, @MBRUniversity, Arab Health, Health Magazine Blog and Dr. Alhamadi @dralhamadi.

Mayo Clinic ME

  • Mayo Clinic Middle East has a Twitter account under the name Mayo Clinic ME and handle @MayoClinicME.
  • Its purpose is to build connection between people in the Middle East and Mayo Clinic, a healthcare organization. It has about 647,000 followers with daily tweets and engagements.
  • It recently hosted the first Middle East Healthcare Social Media Summit in 2019.


  • Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) has a Twitter account @MBRUniversity with about 5600 followers.
  • Although it has fewer followers compared to Mayo Clinic, the account has regular posts and engagements. As a local university with an aim to be a global hub, MBRU's account is followed by professionals in the region.

Arab Health by Informa Markets/#ArabHealth

Health Magazine Blog

Dr. Alhamadi @dralhamadi

  • The Instagram account of Dr. Alhamadi has about 167,000 followers. Each of his contents receives thousands of engagement.
  • Dr. Alhamadi is a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist, who has spoke about his experience as a physician influencer at the Middle East Healthcare Social Media Summit.

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Social Media and Healthcare: North Africa

Digital health encompasses services and technology allowing persons to access healthcare and receive health-related information and education without being forced to go to a clinic. This approach uses innovative means to convey information and establish communication with healthcare and healthcare users. Digital health technology assists in increasing efficiency, increasing access, reducing costs, and personalize care. North Africa has several methods of implementing digital health and linking providers and citizens to resources to assist more citizens of varying needs and means.

North Africa Health

  • North Africa Health is a central online location for education in healthcare concerns. This agency also conducts expos for multiple healthcare specialties.
  • This organization has a page dedicated to recent press releases, helping citizens stay updated on health concerns.
  • North Africa Health's website has a "health insights" tab, which takes the site user to Omnia Health, providing insights on current concerns, such as coronavirus, and ongoing informational needs, such as sleep and hearing issues.

Omnia Health on Social Media

  • Omnia Health is part of Infomamarkets, a global medical directory, serving North Africa in addition to several other countries.
  • Omnia Health has a moderate social media presence. Its Facebook page has 5,232 followers, while the Twitter account only has 128 followers. The website shows a LinkedIn page, but this page has not been updated. Facebook appears to be Omnia's primary social media connection.
  • Posts on the company's Facebook page address common health concerns such as obesity, give information on combating current health concerns, links to mental health resources, and more.

Ain Shams Virtual Hospital

  • Ain Shams Virtural Hospital (ASVH) uses telemedicine and onsite training improving access and quality of healthcare.
  • ASVH was developed by doctors and consultants at Ain Shams University. These doctors developed ASVH in response to Africa's concerns of lacking trained specialists and lacking programs to develop medical specialties.
  • The virtual hospital brings specialty services and consultations to multiple institutions, limiting the need to seek additional consultations via travel and referral.
  • The teaching portion of ASVH provides online training and lectures to assist in specialty education.

eHealth Africa

  • eHealth Africa aims to use data-driven information and solutions to strengthen health systems in under-served areas of Africa.
  • This organization offers "vaccine direct delivery," which provides vaccines and dry commodities to health facilities in multiple locations of Africa.
  • eHealth Africa publishes a blog providing information on health initiatives and health information affecting various areas of Africa.
  • This organization has additional initiatives providing "connect phones" to healthcare workers, health camp boxes to provide needed supplies, and nutrition training programs.

eHealth YouTube Channel

  • The eHealth Africa YouTube channel has 158 subscribers.
  • The number of views for videos on the channel vary greatly, from as low as 17 views up to 1.5K views.
  • Comments on the videos are minimal, but they demonstrate some interaction from citizens.
  • Videos on the vary from informational or educational to entertainment-oriented.


  • The hashtag #weareeHA appears in multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The hashtag is used by eHealth Africa to provide information about educational opportunities, technology and innovation updates, social causes, and moral-boosting posts.
  • #weareeHA is used by other social media users to celebrate satisfied employment, recognize helpful partnerships, and reference outreach events.
  • Using the hashtag keeps eHealth Africa known and relevant to current society. Additional references with the hashtag inspire humanitarian movements and thought processes.

Es'afat Awalyia (First Aids)

  • The organization MENA (Middle East and North Africa) created a mobile app called Es'afat Awalyia (translating to First Aids).
  • This app works for iOS, though a similar application has been developed for Android devices as well.
  • Es'afat Awalyia uses the Arabic language, spoken by many in the MENA region.
  • This mobile health app provides a quick reference for providing aid in medial emergencies, such as bleeding, fractures, burns, and diabetic emergencies.

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Healthcare Brands: Latin America

EMS and Eurofarma are some of the largest local healthcare brands that also have a large social media presence in Latin America. The details of these companies have been provided below.



  • EMS has 151,557 followers on the platform and 150,844 people who like the page.
  • A scan of the company's Facebook page shows that, on average, EMS Pharma makes one post per day with a one-day interval between posts. The majority of their posts on Facebook involve educating their followers on different aspects of health as well as commemorating different days relevant to health such as World Kidney Day, among others.




Eurofarma has five active social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The brand is active on all five platforms.






Research Strategy

In order to find the required information, we started by looking for publicly available information on the top local healthcare brands in Latin America. We were able to find a report from PM Live that mentioned "EMS, Ache Labs, Eurofarma, Roemmers and Neo Quimica" as among the 20 largest companies by market share in the Latin America region. Due to the fact that this source is old (2013), we decided to corroborate this information by finding more recent sources. According to a more recent report from Pharma Boardroom (2018), Ache, EMS and Eurofarma are the top 3 pharma companies in Brazil. Furthermore, Roemmers is "the largest player in the Argentinian pharmaceutical market and the fifth largest player" in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Neo Quimica is among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Brazil.

Having corroborated the information with recent sources, we then went ahead to check the social media presence of the identified companies. Out of the five companies, EMS and Eurofarma have the largest social media presence. EMS Pharma has 151,557 followers on Facebook, 34,900 followers on Instagram and 242,619 followers on LinkedIn. On the other hand, Eurofarma has 108,895 followers on Facebook, 37,200 followers on Instagram, 342,139 followers on LinkedIn, 79 followers on Twitter and 962 subscribers on YouTube. While most of the content on these pages is in the Portuguese language, we were able to translate it to English by using Google Translate as well as translation tools on the different platforms.

We checked the frequency of posts by looking at the posts on each platform over the past year.

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Healthcare Brands: Turkey

Abdi Ibrahim Lac is one of the largest local healthcare brands that also have a large social media presence in Turkey. The company has five active social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The details of the company have been provided below.

Abdi Ibrahim Lac

Company Overview

  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac is a pharmaceutical company with the largest portfolio in the industry of more than 200 brands and over 400 products. It has been a sector leader in unit turnover and sales since 2002.
  • It started as a small pharmacy in Istanbul in 1912 that was established by the Pharmacist Abdi İbrahim Bey. Its focus is on human health and producing pharmaceuticals to “to heal the future and the lives it touches for the last 108 years.”
  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac was ranked first among the top 15 pharma companies in Turkey with sales totaling $419,698,649 and a market share of 5.8%.

Social Media PresenCe


  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac has 83,029 followers on the platform and 83,166 people who like the page.
  • A scan of the company's Facebook page shows that, on average, Abdi Ibrahim Lac makes four posts per week. There were four posts between the 17th of March and the 24th of March.
  • The majority of their posts on Facebook involve educating their followers on different aspects of health as well as commemorating different days relevant to health such as March 14 medical day, cleaning hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds to protect against viruses, such as coronavirus, and thanking medical staff for their hard work in fighting the virus.
  • There are also posts on what the company is doing to improve lives and promote social gender equality and support female workers with 31% of the company's employees being women.


  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac has 9,861 followers on Instagram and has made 462 posts on the platform.
  • A scan of the brand's Instagram account shows that, on average, Abdi Ibrahim posts about five times in a month. There were five posts between the 17th of March and the 24th of March.
  • The posts consist of pictures and videos on health issues such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Other posts are on meetings the company has participated in such as the pharmaceutical TURKEY-BIO International Biotechnology Congress held in March.
  • There are posts on the social responsibility activities that the company participates in such as using the Istanbul Marathon to create a campaign to benefit the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer.


  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac has 10.9k followers on Twitter and has made 367 posts on the platform.
  • A scan of the brand's Twitter account shows that, on average, Abdi Ibrahim posts two times in a week. There were 16 posts between the 24th of February and the 24th of March, therefore, averaging two posts a week.
  • The types of content most often posted consists of health information such as how people can protect themselves from the Coronavirus and how people could participate in Coronavirus online testing.
  • The posts also feature information on the awards the company has won such as being ranked first in the category of "Pharmaceutical company with the highest number of brand applications" at the 8th International Pharmaceutical Chemistry Congress R&D Awards that took place in Antalya.
  • There is also a post on the company's social responsibility and how it has started using 100% renewable energy in its Esenyurt Production Complex.


  • Abdi Ibrahim Lac has 81,927 followers on LinkedIn.
  • On average, the brand posts once a week.
  • The posts consist of pictures and videos of life at the company, employee highlights, business-related insights, such as new products, and health information such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and the online Coronavirus test.


  • The company is moderately active on YouTube with four video posts, one in the past two weeks and four posts in the past four months.
  • The types of content most often posted consists of remembering important people in the history of the company such as Ibrahim Hayri Barut on the 59th anniversary of his death and featuring children of Hakkari and Bingöl.

Research Strategy

To find some of the largest local healthcare brands with a large social media presence in Turkey, we searched for a pre-compiled list of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country. We found a list of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in Turkey ranked by sales from PharmaBoardroom. We went through the list and eliminated large multi-national companies such as Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, and GlaxoSmithkLine. We were left with five companies that were located and operated in Turkey or within the region. They were Abdi Ibrahim Lac, Bilim, East Pharma, IE Menarini, and Sanovel.
Our next strategy was to search each company's social media profiles to find information on their social media presence. Out of the five companies, Abdi Ibrahim Lac has the largest social media presence. The company has 83,029 followers on Facebook, 9,861 followers on Instagram, 10.9k followers on Twitter, 81,927 followers on LinkedIn.
To find information on the frequency of posts on the company's social media, we counted how many posts were made in a week or month. To get an average of posts, we divided the number of posts in a week by seven days or the number of posts in a month by 31 days. For example, for the brand's Twitter account, there were 16 posts between the 24th of February and the 24th of March. We divided 31 by 16 and got 1.9375. We rounded this to 2 posts a month which equates to an average of two posts a month.
While some of the content on these pages is in Turkish, we were able to use in-built platform tools and Google Translate to translate into English.
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Healthcare Brands: Middle East

Al-Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries and Riyadh Pharma are some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East, with a large social media presence in the region.

Al-Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries

• Al-Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries is a private pharmaceutical company that operates in the Iraqi market.

Social Media Presence

  • The company has 582 followers on Facebook. This year, they have made two posts in January and seven posts in February, but no post in March. They started posting on December 8, 2019, and they made 17 posts in that month. They mostly use the platform for marketing their products like Dolo-cold flu, Janagesic, Paracedol, and others.
  • On LinkedIn, they have 8,003 followers, but they have not yet made any post on the platform.
  • After a thorough search for their profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, research shows that they currently have no account on these social media platforms. Furthermore, the links provided on their website only lead to their website and not the required social media page.

Riyadh Pharma

• Riyadh Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company with primary operations in the Saudi Arabia market.

Social Media Presence

  • On Instagram, they have 291 followers with a total of 40 posts. This year, they have two posts in January and no post in February and March. Last year they made 27 posts. Their posts are about Covid-19 preventive measures, Riyad Pharma Academy, celebrating the International Pharmacist Day, and others.
  • They have 12,618 followers on LinkedIn. This year, they have made one post in January and one post in February, but no post in March. Last year they made a total of 15 posts. Most of their posts are about Riyad Pharma Academy, Covid-19 preventive measures, job vacancy advertisements and breast cancer awareness, among others.
  • Their Youtube channel has 25 subscribers, but it currently has no content.

Research Strategy

To provide some of the largest local healthcare brands that have a large social media presence in the Middle East, we first sought for sources with a precompiled list of top local pharmaceutical brands in the region with a significant presence in the social media. However, this search was unfruitful. We then decided to search for industry reports and articles on the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East to identify brands with a significant market share in the region. During the search, we were able to find, which provided an overview of the pharma market in the Middle East. The source also provided a list of key players in the region. We further analyzed each player to narrow our search to companies that operate only in the Middle East, and we identified Al-Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries as one of the companies that met the criteria. According to, Saudi Arabia accounts for the largest market share in the industry. Using this insight, we proceeded to identify an additional top pharmaceutical company in Saudia Arabia in sources like Marcopolis, and Life in Saudi Arabia, among others. We then narrowed our list to companies that primarily operate in Saudi Arabia with no presence outside the Middle East region and Riyadh Pharma met the criteria.
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Healthcare Brands: North Africa

Two of the largest healthcare brands that also have a significant social media presence in North Africa include; El Kendi and Pharco Pharmaceutical.

El Kendi-Overview

  • El Kendi is an Algerian pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2005. The company is one of the largest industrial investments in the Algerian pharmaceutical field. El Kendi is currently located at Sidi Abdellah (Zeralda).
  • El Kendi is on a mission to improve lives in its community through high-quality products, offered at affordable prices. The company, with an estimated 1000-5000 employees, is currently under the leadership of Essam Farouk, the chairman and chief executive officer of the company.
  • In 2018, El kendi was ranked in 2nd place by Pharma Boardroom as one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Algeria, making about $254.1 million in sales per annum.

Social Media Presence


  • On YouTube, the company is not as active on this platform as others. The most recent posts on this platform are from 2 to 3 years ago.
  • The company can take advantage of this platform to advertise to 729 of its subscribers. Posts on this platform are creating awareness of cancer and also describing Algeria as an "African leader in medicine."


  • Recent posts on this platform are directed towards the care for drugs. Informative posts are shared on the "best use of medicine." Examples of information shared include "why cotton wool is kept in drugs to absorb humidity," reasons why "you should avoid keeping medicine in a car for a long time," and the need for medicine to be kept away from direct heat at all times.
  • Generally, the company is using this platform to advertise the El kendi brand, showing their level of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, through interactive sessions and seminars.


  • Currently, the El kendi company does not have any presence on Instagram.


  • The company's frequency on Facebook can be considered as moderate. The El kendi company posted about 8 times in March and February, respectively.
  • The company markets its products to all 33,231 of its followers on the platform. Over the last two months, El Kendi company has been creating awareness on the Coronavirus pandemic and how to prevent the spread by "washing the hands regularly."
  • Several other posts about products, football matches, and awareness of cancer for infants are also evident on this platform. Contents posted on this platform are informative and educative.


  • On LinkedIn, the company posted about 4 times in March and February, respectively. The company's posts are tailored towards awareness about the Covid-19 virus and how to keep oneself safe.
  • Additionally, campaigns on cancer awareness for kids are also publicized. The company has a large following of about 29,749 followers.
  • The last post on this platform was from 6 days ago. The post boldly describes how to wash one's hands effectively to prevent contacting the Covid-19 virus. The company also put up directions to its location with maps.

Pharco Pharmaceuticals-Overview

  • Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy founded Pharco Pharmaceuticals in the year 1983. The company is the mother company of the Pharco group.
  • Pharco is the largest company in the MENA region and also ranks as number one in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market. The company has over 8,000 employees and about 750 million packs produced in 2019.
  • The mission of the Pharco company has always been to save lives through innovative solutions, effective and affordable treatments for all patients. According to Dr. Sherine Helmy, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, the immediate goal was to eradicate Hepatitis C.
  • In 2018, the Pharco company made $193 million in sales.

Social Media Presence


  • On YouTube, the company has about 2,280 subscribers. The company uses the platform to showcase its plan on how Egypt would eradicate Hepatitis C through the "Hallel w Etamen initiative" and educative posts on first aid training.
  • The initiative allows for the production of "medicine at a price below 0.1% of the global market and mass screening at more than 3000 centers, 120 mobile clinics, including 8 of Pharco's clinics." Posts on the first aid training inform how to carry out immediate treatment to someone who has fainted or is in need of medical attention.
  • Other posts are directed towards brand awareness, and brand ambassadors like Lionel Messi and his role in the fight for the eradication of Hepatitis C. The company's latest posts are from February.
  • The company posted 5 times in February, and several times the past year.


  • Currently, the Pharco Pharmaceutical company does not have any presence on Twitter.


  • On Instagram, the Pharco company joins other health organizations in creating awareness of the Coronavirus. The Majority of the company's posts are on advertisements for the company's products and education.
  • Tips for healthy living are evident on the platform. Examples include "how to avoid sharp stones," "how to avoid getting diabetes," and "benefits of relaxation." The latest post was on the 21st of March 2020, celebrating Mother's Day.
  • The company posted 6 times in March and once in February. Additionally, several other posts span from August 2019 to March 2020. On this platform, the company has an estimate of 16,300 followers.



  • The pharmaceutical company has an estimate of 8,840 followers on the platform. On LinkedIn, the company posted twice this month; this was to inform the public on the newest members of the company, Dr. Abdelhamid Abdelsattar, and Dr. Ahmed Saleh.
  • Before this, other informative posts have been on vacancies in the company and recruitment information. Several other posts on accomplishments and brand awareness are from a year ago.

Research Strategy

To carry out this research, the research team searched for a pre-compiled list of the largest pharmaceutical companies in North Africa by revenue; such a list was unavailable. However, during our search, we came across a publication by Maghreb Pharma indicating that Algeria has the highest pharmaceutical market in Africa, which is worth $3.7 billion, followed by Egypt, South Africa, and Morocco. We then narrowed our search to the three countries with the largest pharmaceutical markets in North Africa; Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco.
The research team thought to search the individual countries for a pre-compiled list of the largest pharmaceutical companies by sales or revenue. We located a ranking of the top 20, top 10, and top 20 pharmaceutical companies for Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt, respectively. According to Pharma Boardroom, these rankings were based on sales. The research team narrowed this list by searching for companies that were local and operated within the region; we narrowed the list to 12 companies whose headquarters were located in the region and are not large multinational companies. Out of the twelve local companies, we then selected the companies with the highest sales; El Kendi, Pharco, and Amoun. From these three, the companies with significant social media presence are El Kendi and Pharco.
The research team now analyzed their social media platforms to know the frequency and description of the companies' posts. This search method proved fruitful because the selected companies had a significant social media presence.
However, El Kendi company does not have any presence on Instagram, and the Pharco company does not have a presence on Twitter. We searched through the companies' website, hoping to locate the Instagram and Twitter accounts, respectively. This search method proved abortive. From the identified media platforms for the El Kendi company, we searched for links/handles that would lead us to the Instagram account. We carried out this search for the Pharco company, searching for handles that would lead us to the Twitter account of the company. This search method proved abortive as well.

From Part 03
  • "Turkey’s health system has a centralised structure. "
  • "Healthcare is provided by public, semi-public and private organisations, but there is limited coordination amongst them. Healthcare is financed by the government by tax and by premium and out-ofpocket payments. Last year, a new Social Security Institution was established by a law that combined four major different social insurance organisations and reassigned structural responsibilities for health and social insurance in Turkey."
  • "The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the main government body responsible for health sector policy-making and implementation of national health strategies. This is progressed through a combination of funded programmes and direct provision of health services. "
  • "The MoH is also the major provider of primary/secondary/ tertiary healthcare, maternal health services, children’s and family planning services. It is essentially the only provider of preventive health services through an extensive network of health facilities (health centres and health posts) providing primary, secondary, and specialised in-patient and out-patient services."
  • "Turkey’s healthcare system has been a major focus of its social and economic reforms over the past two decades. The pressure for reform has been escalated by Turkey’s EU candidate processes. In addition to the gradual growth in Turkey’s GDP there has been a substantial growth in the proportion of GDP allocated to healthcare. Structural reforms in the social security and health insurance arrangements are now providing potentially powerful tools for making Turkey’s healthcare services more accountable and better equipped to lobby for the right resources in the right places."
  • " Sudem Çamlıbel @SudemBel Don't be pessimistic. -Be take care. Listen to the warnings. Take it seriously. Think about society, not just yourself. And if you don't have to, don't leave the house. We will overcome these tough days by patience.(covid 19) # vaka359 #StayAtHomeChallenge #hayatevesığar"
  • "ecret Archive TR @EngGizliArsiv_ · 7h #BREAKING For the fight against #coronavirus, ruling Emir of Qatar Sheikh Al Thani donates 150 million dollars $ to the Palestinian ppl who r under embargo and siege in the Gaza Strip #COVID19 #WHO #Turkey #Health #Infected #Gaza #GazaStrip #HayatEveSığar #diseases #EvdeHayatVar"
  • "#Hayat Eve Sığar #Life Fits Home [from Arabic]"
  • "TR Ministry of Health ✔ @saglikbakanlig of 🏡Let's not forget the 14 rules and 14 days rules. 🙋🏻♀️Let's get in touch with as few people as possible. 🇹🇷Let's implement the measures of 83 million together. # Is hayatevesıg"
  • "Some of the documents containing the basic policies and priorities of our Ministry are presented below."
  • "New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause a variety of diseases, from the common cold to more serious diseases such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). "
  • "Quality · Experience · Hospitality Healthy in Turkey We will assist you in finding the most suitable treatment in Turkey."
  • "HealthyinTurkey is an online platform designed to assist individuals from all over the world in reaching the most suitable tailor-made healthcare service provided by the most competent medical institutions and experienced healthcare professionals in Turkey. HealthyinTurkey is a trademark of AGM Strategic Solutions Inc."
  • "HAT DO WE DO ? We assist our guests in finding the best treatment plan and procedure for their special needs. If they wish, we also help them make their trips fun by organizing touristic activities to discover the wonders of Turkey."
  • "We conduct the communication between our guests and the medical institution, handle any kind of travel arrangements if requested by them and make sure they go back home healthy, safe and happy."
  • "Official Twitter page of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Suggestions and complaints @sagliklicozum account."
  • ", which provides healthy products to consumers from all walks of life, is a GRC Health Cosmetic Gift Shop Ltd. Sti. subsidiary."
  • " In addition, food supplements offered for sale at are products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Turkey, which are allowed to sell without a prescription . Products on our site; Not in the drug category , Since it is produced in the food supplement category, the necessary permissions are granted by the TR MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE."
  • "Turkey has special pharmacies called Eczane, which you can usually find on most street corners. The pharmacist has the proper training to listen to your complaints and make a diagnosis or recommendation and also prescribe treatment medication. If they believe you need to be seen by a hospital they will refer you to one. The pharmacist can also dispense medications over the counter to you that might elsewhere need a prescription from a doctor."
  • "So, what can we do to support our mental health in this difficult process that we have passed through the world? First of all, it is important to remember that our physiological stress response is triggered in this process."
  • "Hearing loss is a problem that almost everyone encounters at an advanced age, making life seriously difficult in severe situations. Trauma (exposure to loud sound) is the main responsible,"
  • "DABATEM is an independent research center internationally recognized for its pioneering research into mental health effects of wars, torture, and earthquakes, and their effective treatment. It has been founded and is currently directed by Professor Metin Basoglu. "
  • "DABATEM has conducted extensive research with trauma survivors to develop a psychological treatment (Control-Focused Behavioral Treatment – CFBT), which meets all of the above requirements. CFBT is a brief and largely self-administered intervention that reduces traumatic stress by enhancing sense of control over (or resilience against) trauma."
  • "DABATEM has also developed a mental healthcare model for earthquake survivors that incorporates various brief and innovative applications of CFBT and treatment delivery strategies that enable cost-effective dissemination of care to large survivor populations. Currently, research is underway to develop a similar model for survivors of war and torture. A recently completed treatment study has shown that CFBT is highly effective in survivors of war, torture, and sexual and gender-based violence."
  • "Mass trauma events raise important issues of concern to mental and public health professionals, social and political scientists, human rights workers, international law experts, policy makers, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations concerned with care of mass trauma survivors. An important aspect of DABATEM’s mission is to inform public and professional opinion on these issues. Articles on some of these issues can be found in Professor Basoglu’s blog Mass Trauma, Mental Health & Human Rights."
  • "Hair Transplantation"
  • "Limb Lengthening Surgery"
  • "Obesity Treatment"
  • "Through bulMD; You can choose the most appropriate treatment for you from the following options: You can find more suitable options by filtering according to your preferences: If you do not have time to examine one by one and you want to get fast support from our experienced team you will love the option “GET QUICK OFFER.”"
  • "If you don’t have time to visit any doctor, hospital, and clinics one by one If you say you want to get good quality service but don't want to pay exaggerated prices If you want to receive support from the beginning of the treatment to the end (from the pick up to the drop off at the airport) Then our system is for you:"
  • "@TEBKurumsal Türk Eczacıları Birliği'nin resmi twitter hesabı Translated from Turkish by Official Twitter account of Turkish Pharmacists Association"
  • "Our Mission: To ensure that pharmacists, who are the only responsible of the drug and pharmacy service, have a voice in all stages from the production of the drug to the patient and following the effect on the patient,"
  • "Respecting patient rights, contributing to the establishment and development of awareness on this issue, To contribute to the improvement of patients' health literacy."
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