Social Media Handles

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Social Media Handles

After thorough research, we were able to obtain the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn handles and recent news highlights for the following university presses and library associations. The data has been aggregated and is accessible in the attached spreadsheet.

Cambridge University Press

  • Twitter handle: CambridgeUP
  • Facebook handle: CambridgeUniversityPress
  • LinkedIn handle: cambridge-university-press
  • Recent news/developments: Cambridge University Press recently announced that they have reached an Open Access agreement with the Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resource (JUSTICE). As stated by the university press "This is the first read and publish deal signed with JUSTICE for any publisher, and the first major read and publish deal in Japan."

Columbia University Press

  • Twitter: ColumbiaUP
  • Facebook: ColumbiaUniversityPress
  • LinkedIn: columbia-university-press
  • Recent news or developments: Columbia University Press announced this month that Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has been added as one of our distributed presses. Columbia noted about the addition- "Complementing our strengths in critical political engagement and sustainability in public policy, this remarkable publisher is at the forefront of integrating theory and practice to shape global conversations."

Yale University Press

Oxford University Press

  • Twitter: OUPAcademic
  • Facebook: OUPAcademic
  • LinkedIn: oup-academic
  • Recent news or developments: The press announced that James Whitbourn, a Grammy-nominated composer has signed a long-term publishing agreement with Oxford.

OCLC Library Cooperative

  • Twitter: OCLC
  • Facebook: OCLCGlobal
  • LinkedIn: OCLC
  • Recent news or developments: OCLC was recently awarded a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop a shared "Entity Management Infrastructure" that will support linked data management initiatives underway in the library and scholarly communications community.

Association for Rural and Small Libraries


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