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60 Day Social Media Reach - Zantac

Our research did not find any information about paid social media advertising on Zantac's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Below, we have outlined our findings of the various posts, the analysis of the content, and their reach within the 60-day time period. We also present a detailed account of the various research strategies attempted.


We began our research by first accessing the official website of Zantec and analyzing the social media links provided. These links were for Facebook and Twitter. We recognized that they do not have a link or a mention about an Instagram account. We searched the other pages such as the About page and the Contact Us page for mention of an Instagram account, but none was found.

Once we had access to their two social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, we needed to determine if they are paying for social media advertising. We analyzed the content of both their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We determined that considering the date today is March 20th, 60 days would cover from about January 20th. We analyzed all the posts from January 15th just to be thorough. There are five posts within this time frame, and they are identical for both accounts.

In general, we know that paid posts on Facebook that are usually tagged as "sponsored". Furthermore, the reach of these sponsored posts usually exceeds, or is equal to, the number of followers on the page. This applies to Twitter ads as well, although they are tagged as "promoted". However, none of the posts from January through March had those labels on either page. For this reason, we were able to conclude that Zantec did not use their social media paid advertising.

When analyzing the different non-sponsored posts from Zantec on both Facebook and Twitter, the number of followers and likes for each page were significantly greater than the number of views for an individual video. This would mean that not all their followers have viewed the video, let alone being advertised beyond the platform. For example, on Twitter, with their account having 5,535 followers and 560 likes, the videos have only about 100 views. Furthermore, the Facebook account has 76,579 followers and yet the most watched video in this time frame has about 1,200 views. For these reasons, we can verify that these posts are not sponsored posts, because sponsored posts would have reached more people.

Our next approach was to broaden our search, if in case they ever used paid social media advertising. Most social media posts use hashtags to increase their effectiveness. For this reason, we set out to search for either a hashtag, like #wheresthezantac which they have used on posts in the past, or the name of the company. To search these hastags, we used social media search engines such as Social Searcher and Social Blade. Our searches on these databases via hashtags were unable to determine any specific incident that Zantac used social media for paid advertising purposes.

Zantac does not have an Instagram account. We have determined this as we had first searched their website thoroughly for any links or information related to Instagram. Secondly, we accessed the Instagram website and searched for Zantac and also Zantac OTC. However, none of these searches resulted in identification of an Instagram account. Our third approach was to search in social media databases such as Social Blade, Hashtagify, and Social Searcher and there was no information on the same. Therefore, we can confirm that they do not have an Instagram account.

Helpful findings


  • The Facebook page for Zantac is only accessible in the US.
  • Their Facebook engagement is strong with 76,859 likes and 76,579 followers.
  • However, the most active video (non-sponsored) in the 60-day period only garnered about 1,200 views.
  • In the past 60 days, there have been a total of five posts. These same posts were uploaded on their Twitter account as well. The total number of views for these videos exceeds 2,000. None of these posts were sp
  • The comments on the two Facebook posts are mainly for leisure, and not prospective clients making inquiries.


  • Since its account creation in 2015, Zantac has tweeted 3,427 times, has 5,535 followers, and 560 likes.
  • In the past 60 days, there have been five posts uploaded. These post were focused on specific occasions such as Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day, while the rest were simply creative promotional posts.
  • The most watched video in this time frame had 108 views, seven likes, and three retweets. This is the most-engaged post on Twitter within the past 60 days. The total number of views for these videos is 307.
  • They promote their main message with the hashtag #wheresthezantac.