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60 Day Social Media Reach - Nexium

Nexium and Nexium24HR have a limited presence on social media. There are currently zero Nexium ads running on Facebook, and there are eight Nexium24HR ads running. Although Nexium does have an Instagram account, there have been zero posts since the account was created. The brand does not have a Twitter account, but Nexium24HR does have a presence on YouTube. Since we were not able to find all the requested information, below we provide an outline of our research strategies, as well as our findings.


We began our search for data on Nexium ads on Facebook and Instagram directly on the social media sites. We quickly found that the company Instagram page has not been updated since 2016 and, therefore, concluded the company is not currently engaging on Instagram.

For Facebook, there are two Nexium pages so we examined them both. Each business page on Facebook has a tab called Info and Ads. This allows anyone to see the ads currently being run by the business. So, although we were able to find data on the ads currently being run, there was no information on the number of views or engagement.

Our next strategy was to use social media analytics sites such as Social Mention, Social Blade, and Hashtagify. These sites allow you to search for particular businesses or hashtags and see results broken out by various metrics. Although these sites did provide some useful data on likes and mentions for Nexium, there was no information specific to ad views and engagement. Much of the data found is included below.

Finally, we examined ad campaign databases such as Moat, Effie, and Mobile Marketing Association. This allowed us to find an award-winning Nexium ad from 2004, as well as examples of digital ads that recently ended. As with our previous strategies, this search did not allow us to locate any statistics specific to ad views or engagement.

We concluded that the ad view and engagement data for ads is not publicly available. This is likely for competitive reasons as companies do not want their competitors to know what they are doing for advertising and, more specifically, how well it is working. It is possible that some of the requested data is available using pay tools that are available. This article links to several of them.

For Twitter, we were able to confirm that Nexium is not on the platform. We conducted a direct search on Twitter, as well as looked for links from Nexium's official websites.


Nexium has a single account on Instagram. There are zero posts, and it has not been updated since April 2016. Although there is not a separate Instagram page for Nexium24HR, there is a hashtag #nexium24hr that has a total of 703 posts. The most recent was from December 2018.


Nexium has two Facebook pages, one for Nexium and one for Nexium24HR. Nexium is not currently running any Facebook ads, and, according to Moat, there have not been any run in last 60 days. Since there were not any ads run in the last 60 days, the data on the typical run time for an ad is not relevant.

The only data we were able to locate regarding the Nexium Facebook page was that are 213,948 page likes and 55 people talking about it. This data came from Social Blade and, unfortunately, it does not specify the time period for the engagement. However, Social Mention indicates that there were 55 mentions of Nexium in the last 30 days on social media. Less than 10 of those were actually the product Nexium. Regardless, all the mentions were on Twitter and Reddit, and therefore not related to Facebook.

There are currently eight ads being run on Facebook by Nexium24HR. This was found using the Info and Ads tab on Facebook. All of these ads are being run in the United States, and there are not any ads being run in other countries. To determine how long the ads have been running, we utilized Moat. Although we found several ads that recently ended on Moat, none of the current Facebook ads were shown. If Moat has a delay with collecting data this could explain why the ads were not available. Several of the ads shown on Moat have ended in the past week, so it is possible the current Facebook ads are new, although we are unable to confirm this.

Moat does provide data on how long various ads have run, and we collected this information for the six most recent Nexium24HR ads on Moat. The run times were as follows:
  • 2/6/18 to 3/15/19
  • 6/27/18 to 3/15/19
  • 2/8/18 to 3/12/19
  • 6/27/18 to 3/5/19
  • 2/22/19 to 3/5/19
  • 2/10/18 to 1/24/19
From these examples, it is clear there is not a standard running time Nexium24HR uses for ads.

Social Blade indicates that Nexium24HR has 86,797 page likes, and 287 people are talking about it. As mentioned above, we are unable to determine what time period this is for, so cannot confirm whether this matches the 60-day time period requested. Social Mention indicates that there have been no mentions of Nexium24HR in the past 30 days on Facebook.

Although the data on how many people saw the Nexium24HR ads is not available, we did find some general data on the reach of Facebook ads which may be useful.
  • Facebook ads can be run for Awareness, Consideration, or Conversions.
  • According to Facebook, ads run for Awareness will be seen by the chosen audience about twice every five days. If we had been able to find the audience size for the Nexium24HR ads, this data would have let us estimate the number of views over a period of time. Unfortunately, as explained in the methodology, this data was not available.
  • Similar stats for the other types of ads were not available


Nexium24HR has a YouTube page. The most recent videos posted to the page were from 5 months ago and there were two of them. One video had 1,300 views and the other had 1,400.
We could not find a YouTube page for Nexium.


We conducted a general search for hashtags related to Nexium that were not specific to any particular social media platform. The results showed that there was no activity for #nexium or #nexium24hr within the last 60 days.