SNL Kagan and Nielsen Sports

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SNL Kagan

SNL Kagan is a market data provider offered through the parent company S&P Global Market's Intelligence Division. We were able to locate two services that are related to SNL Kagan and offered by S&P Global: TMT and the Market Intelligence Platform. Free pricing information was not available through the S&P website or review sites. However, this information is available after a consultation with S&P Global.

Key FindingS and Methodology

In our research, it was verified that SNL Kagan was acquired by SNL Financial in 2007. The parent company SNL Financial was later acquired by McGraw Hill Financial, which was later rebranded as S&P Global. S&P Global has four divisions in total, SNL Kagan is a part of the S&P Global Market Intelligence division. The company's page with information relating to the Global Market Intelligence division is linked with the platform named Market Intelligence Platform, it is therefore assumed that this product is related to SNL Kagan.

The Market Intelligence Platform "includes all our sector-rich SNL (this includes Kagen) content + S&P Capital IQ data". Pricing for this service is only available after consultation. A brochure is available for download that contains more detailed information about this product.

The only mentioning of SNL Kagan in the S&P website's products was for TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) solutions which include Kagan research. " (TMT) solutions serve multichannel operators, TV networks, OTT providers, technology firms and investors across the globe. With the most comprehensive database of asset-level detail, industry trends, and M&A data, we offer solutions that will help you understand and act on the implications of disruptive developments." You are able to request a pricing consultation call using the form on the link provided.

Despite extensively searching through the S&P Global websites and review sites, it is apparent that the requested pricing information is not freely available. The lack of free pricing information for S&P products was also confirmed by G2 Crowd, a software review site. According to G2 Crowd, this product is at the higher end of pricing compared with similar products. Based on user's pricing comparisons, the product is rated at the 88th percentile in terms of cost. Pricing and subscription info is not available without a purchasing fee. Quotes can, however, be obtained directly from the company and free links to demo are available.


SNL Kagan is offered through S&P Global Market's Intelligence Division. We were able to locate two products that are offered TMT and the Market Intelligence Platform. We were not able to locate free pricing information. However, this information is available after a consultation with S&P Global.

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Nielsen Sports

With a robust sponsorship data as well as buyer intent and purchase data, Nielsen Sports is a trusted provider of insights and analytics in the sports industry. The private company has over 1,700 clients worldwide. Nielsen Sports offers the following solutions to its clients: market research, media evaluation, consulting, market intelligence, digital media services, commercial auditing. There are a variety of products under each solution that you will find outlined in the research findings below. An overview is also included.


1. Catalyst-a framework that measures and analyzes the effectiveness of sponsorship, activation, brand portfolios and territories.
2. Custom-research customized to the needs of the client such as fan-focused studies and target market surveys.
3. Fan DNA-used to identify fans that react most positively to a sponsorship.
4. Sponsorlink-a monitoring tool that enables the tracking of trends and developments in sponsorship or activity impact.
5. Sports DNA-a marketing and sponsorship research tool that has a worldwide scope.

1. Brand Exposure Analysis-analysis of brand exposure in television, digital & print.
2. TV broadcast schedule research-provides a database of over 1,500 channels worldwide.
3. Media cost and audience models-provides media costs and audience metrics.
4. Media monitoring-enables monitoring of media coverage, media platforms, leagues and events.
5. Signage asset optimization-helps optimize signage exposure and revenue derived from it by evaluating signage systems.
6. Media data in context-includes scorecards, KPI models, (e)valuation inputs
7. Branding optimization-maximization of brand exposure.

Contact Person: Michael Tange, SVP, Global Strategy and Solutions

1. Sponsor Fit-assistance with the selection of property that best fits business objectives as well as help with the targeting of potential sponsors.
2. Evaluation-evaluation of sponsorship programs including but not limited to return on investment, return on objectives and return on activations.
3. Valuation-valuation of sponsorship rights as well as broadcast media rights.
4. Stadia Feasibility-evaluation of stadia in terms of financial, marketing, constructional and other issues.

1. Sponsorglobe-a very extensive sponsorship database.
Subscription: Annual
Pricing: Flexible pricing depending on customized package
2. Market and sector analysis-access to the latest country and regional sports business insights.
3. Competitor analysis-monitoring and analysis of sponsorship activities of competitors globally.
4. Activation analysis-provides insights on sponsorship activation measures of competitors and other relevant brands.
5. Market intelligence reports

1. Digital media consulting-provides knowledge, best practices and strategy on social media and sponsorship in the digital world.
2. Digital media monitoring-monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram based on predefined keywords.
3. Digital media valuation-allows clients to compare social media with other forms of advertising.
4. Digital media intelligence-tools that provide analyses of competitor success in the digital market and also allows for comparison.

Contact Person: Sebastian Kurczynski

1. Compliance monitoring-ensures compliance to branding, events and commercial stipulations.
2. Broadcast monitoring-monitor the coverage of events or matches.
3. Competitor monitoring-monitor the activities of rival media.
5. Partner identification-target future partners.
6. Campaign monitoring-plot and monitor commercial airtime to leverage sponsorship.

Contact Person: Yuliya Wolff, Head of Commercial Auditing


After a thorough exploration of the Nielsen Sports official website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, I found out that the company does not provide pricing information for their product offerings because solutions are tailored based on the objectives of the client. I also expanded my search to annual reports, news articles, customer reviews and forums to at least get a ballpark figure but I was unable to find anything related to the cost of Nielsen Sports' solutions.

I was, however, able to determine that for each solution, there is a dedicated contact person to whom one can reach out. Except for Michael Tange and Yuliya Wolff, each name for the contact persons in the above section is linked to a contact form. Through the direct contact forms, individuals can submit questions related to product information, proposals, press information, academic research and other information specific to the product. I personally submitted a query about the pricing for their products but as of writing, I haven't received a response.


Nielsen Sports also has free downloadable white papers and market intelligence reports located in the intelligence reports page of the company website. To be able to download a report, one simply has to provide personal data including location, name, email, phone number, company and position.


Market research, media evaluation, consulting, market intelligence, digital media services and commercial auditing are the main solutions being offered by Nielsen Sports.