Smart Technology in Metal Plating & Phosphate Coating

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Metal Plating & Phosphate Coating: Smart Technology

While there is no publicly available information to fully provide case studies about successful smart technologies implemented in the metal plating industry, there was available data that highlighted some growing trends in the electroplating industry as well as some key players (e.g., PPG Industries, Westchem Technologies, and Axalta Coating Systems). Below is an outline of the research strategies used to better understand why the information requested is publicly unavailable, as well as a deep dive into the findings.

Metal Plating & Phosphate Coating Useful Insights

  • A rise in sustainable solutions and growth in the electronics/electrical market are some of the trends in the electroplating (type of metal plating) market.
  • Advanced Plating Technologies is an industry-leading, plating and powder coating company that provides solutions in surface finishing across industries like medical, defense, power transmission/distribution, and other markets.
  • SPC has the capabilities of a specialized metal finishing operation that includes robotization and other cutting-edge procedures to meet the requirements of high-tech industries such as medical and aerospace.
  • Phosphates coating are being gradually replaced by zirconium due to its environmentally-friendly features; also, zirconium coatings do not require heating, which stands as an advantage for energy savings.
  • Nanotechnology will be a major innovation that is expected to dominate the future of electroplating and will have a great impact on the metal finishing industry as nanocrystalline metals are harder, more wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant than ordinary metal surfaces.

Major Players in the Industry

  • Pioneer Metal Finishing, Anoplate Corporation, Lincoln Industries, CECO Environmental, Arlington Plating Company, Incertec, and SPC are some of the key players in the global metal plating industry.
  • Crest Industrial Chemicals, Freiborne Industries, PPG Industries, Westchem Technologies, Axalta Coating Systems, and Henkel AG & Co. are some of the key players in the global phosphate coating market.

Research Strategy:

Despite a thorough effort to locate case studies of successful smart technologies implemented in metal plating and/or phosphate coating businesses, the research team found that information was just not available. To provide an understanding of why the team has determined these case studies are not available online, we have presented our strategies below.

The team identified key players in the metal plating and phosphate coating industries and searched company websites and press releases to find any relevant case studies, but there were no such cases found. We also looked for information via metal industry associations like the National Association for Surface Finishing, Metal Finishing Association, Institute of Materials Finishing, etc. The idea here was to see if any of these industry associations published cases on their websites. However, this strategy did not work as there was no relevant information found. At most, we found information about association events and partners with the possibility that more detailed information or insights may have been reserved for members. Next, we searched for media publications and articles on the metal plating and phosphate coating industry to find articles from industry experts, research publications, etc. on sites like Metaljunction, Metal Bulletin, and Materials Today, among others. However, there was no information available for use in case studies about smart technologies these companies have implemented.