Where do Small to Medium Businesses go to talk about IT Asset Management (Fixed Asset Management)?

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Where do Small to Medium Businesses go to talk about IT Asset Management (Fixed Asset Management)?

IT asset management is an important part of many small businesses. On the Internet, there are many places to discuss this aspect of small businesses with many resources and guides to help and answer additional questions. The resources below are a mixture of Facebook pages, blogs, and websites that provide details on IT asset management for small businesses.

Social Media

Several groups relating to this area were found on Facebook. Unfortunately, there were not many groups on this topic that had enough members and traffic to be useful. Because of this, only two groups from Facebook will be included below. As for other social media, Twitter and Pinterest displayed no useful groups or communities.

The first is the IT Asset Management and Procurement public Facebook group. This group has over 100 members and shares articles relating to the topic. They give advice and experience, answer questions, and even share job opportunities. This provides a prime key source to gain community knowledge and assistance.

The second Facebook page found is a social media page of a company named Comparesoft. This company specializes in IT asset management and related resources. Their Facebook page aggregates relevant articles, services, news, and blogs as well as advertising the company’s own ability to create shortlists of asset management software. This may be a useful page containing relevant information and an idea of what is required by the industry.


While there is a comparative lack of social media resources, there are a larger number of blogs available relating to this area of business. Four relevant blogs were found, run by companies in this field.

The first is the Asset Panda blog. This company provides software for software management. However, they also run a blog with many posts regarding IT asset management. These posts include articles on general asset management, increasing efficiency, and other articles on technology. They aggregate articles from several authors and sources.

The second is the blog of EX Office Inventory. This is run by the EZ Office Inventory company which provides software solutions for inventory management. Like the above blog, they aggregate articles relating to asset management in several fields, such as heavy equipment and medical equipment, among others. They also provide overviews of asset tracking software and articles on how it can help businesses.

The third blog is one run by a company named Samanage. This blog provides details on several aspects of management for small businesses but it has an entire section dedicated IT asset management in particular. This section details aspects of this part of the business as well as guides and new articles written by several authors. Here they also provide overviews of software and how it can be used.

The fourth blog is one run by AMI. This is also a company that provides asset tracking solutions and products for businesses, but their blog contains news and activities relating to this. Articles on best practices, news, and their own software products are contained in the extensive blog.


Several websites in a different format to blogs also provide much information on IT asset management.

First is the website of a company named Compliance Standards LLC. This company is a premium advisory, consulting, and research service that deals directly with IT asset management, IT asset life-cycles, and managing products at their end of life. They also discover and help implement best practices, discover efficiencies and cost control techniques as well as implementing the same. A premium subscription service is also available which provides information on design and implementation, articles, advisory services, and networking in the industry.

The IT Asset Manager by Micro Soft is a website that contains forums and blogs relating to IT asset management. This site contains active message boards and blog and is frequented regularly by people in the industry. It contains answered questions asked by professionals as well as information and helpful articles.

The ITAM Review is another community website and as an online magazine, forum and networking platform for IT asset management professionals. They conduct education and independently verifies tools and services. They also document best practices and provide helpful articles and information.

The final website is ITAMOrg. This is a fast-growing global membership organization for IT asset management and it is their mission to develop and strengthen the field. To further this goal, they provide information on best practices as well as offering certified education in the field. They serve global markets and membership is available for all sized companies.


IT asset management is an important part of many businesses and there are many online resources that can assist in this field. There is an emphasis on community-driven assistance with help from other professionals and this is reflected in the number of Facebook and blog groups as well as the presence of active forums and message boards. There are also companies specializing in this area of management and they release resources frequently. Organizations dedicated to IT asset management also exist online, actively providing materials to improve the field.

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