Small Dogs: YouTube Influencers

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Small Dogs: YouTube Influencers

One popular topic nowadays is the raw food diet, mentioned by several influencers. Six additional small dog YouTube influencers are Herky, The Cavalier, Vlog After College, Loulou & Friends, 2cute2shihtzu, Laura Price, and Charlie, The Beagle.

Louie, the Beagle

  • Subscribers: 2.7 million subscribers
  • Total Views: over 690 million
  • Content: Pranks/Comedy/Cute/Reviews
  • Country: Belgium
  • Most popular videos: "Dog vs. Jigsaw Prank", "Funny Dogs Get Pranked", and "Dog vs. The Joker Prank".
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Louie The Beagle focuses on entertainment and comedy videos, featuring two beagles, Louie and Mary. In the past, it used to create care-related content, but nowadays, the content is centered around pranks, toys, and comedy/cute videos.
  • The beagles belong to a Belgian family. They only refer to themselves as "Dad," "Mom," and Liam, the couple's infant son. "Dad" and Liam sometimes appear in the videos, and there are a couple of pictures of "Mom" on Instagram (without names or links to personal social media pages).
  • The channel has a store called Beagle Universe that sells pillows, clothes and calendars. For every product sold, a portion of the profit goes into the Beaglecare fund, which donates to Beagle Rescue Organizations.
  • When it comes to food, there is limited content, such as some "Dog Review" videos, featuring the dogs eating things like carrots and apples in an ASMR format. Two videos featured a dog food brand: "Funny dogs vs Cookiemonster DIY Dog Cookies" and "Dog Bakes Cookies." The videos showed the dogs cooking and eating Smoofl cookies. Another product featured was the "Surprise your Pet Box."
  • The Dog Toy Critic series shows the dogs choosing between a variety of toys, interacting with toys, or unboxing toys. For instance, the latest video shows the dog choosing between multiple toys and a plastic bottle — the plastic bottle won. Other videos show the dogs testing Kong Squiggles, Tether Tug, Gustav The Vulture, among others.
  • The owner stated during an interview that the dogs eat Orijen dry kibble for breakfast and dinner, twice a day, 85 grams each. They also eat Veggiedent dental sticks every three days, and "Orijen treats and on a cold day with a long walk they get Orijen freeze-dried with warm water."

Maya Polar Bear

  • Subscribers: 1.54 million
  • Total Views: over 119 million
  • Content: ASMR/Comedy
  • Country: Germany
  • Most popular videos: “My Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Challenge”, “Hugging my dog for too long [FUNNY REACTION]”, “ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #4 I MAYASMR.”
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter .
  • The channel was created in 2018, and it is centered around Maya, a Samoyed. The majority of the 48 videos of the channel are ASMR/food review videos.
  • Apart from a DIY dog birthday cake, Lingli Ye, Maya’s owner, does not discuss health issues or food. The only statement about health the disclaimers on ASMR videos, where she explains why it is safe for Maya to consume the items.
  • One of the disclaimers reads as follows: "All tested foods were checked for safety on the American Kennel Club website before feeding. Banana, raspberry, cucumber, yellow (aka bell) pepper, cabbage and sugar pea are all safe and contain lots of vitamins. Plain yogurt is safe, but some dogs might have trouble digesting it because of the lactose. Always make sure the yogurt contains no xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which is toxic to dogs. In general, please feed the foods in moderation and try a small amount if you’ve never given them to your dog before. Each dog is different and might have allergies! Treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet."
  • Ye further explained what goes into Maya’s care during an Instagram QA, such as favorite food (salmon, beef-jerky and chimkin). She only baths Maya (full body with shampoo) twice a year. She advised her followers to get a Samoyed only if they have the time and patience to handle this demanding breed. There are also photos of home-made food but without explanations.

Doug, The Pug


Marnie, The Dog

Manny, The Frenchie

Herky, The Cavalier

  • Subscribers: 29,400
  • Total Views: over 5.5 million
  • Content: Lifestyle/Care
  • Country: Canada
  • Most popular videos: “FIRST DAY WITH NEW PUPPY | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”, “What It's Like To Have A Cavalier King Charles”, and “FEMALE DOG IN HEAT | TIPS 101 | What to do | Herky the Cavalier.”
  • Social Media: Instagram and Facebook.
  • Herky The Cavalier follows the lives and habits of two Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Herky and Milton. Their owner, Mai, talks about nutrition, reproduction, grooming, products and tips. In her blog, he explains that she enjoys trying out new products and sharing honest reviews with her audience.
  • She also started her own pet influencer marketing agency.
  • Mai feeds her dogs a raw food diet. In one of her videos, she discusses food options with Shannon, from Pet Wants OC South and mentions that a raw food diet ended up being cheaper than the processed food the dogs used to eat. Both noted how smaller, premium brands are more likely to produce dog food that is more natural and better for dogs.
  • She switched to raw food after she discovered one of her dogs had an elevated level of minerals in the urine, which could eventually turn into kidney stones. According to Mai, the vet suggested the Royal Canin Urinary Diet, which has a high level of sodium (according to her). She goes on to question the vet choice and explain how she believes raw food was better for her dogs.
  • Mai seems to advocate fresh and less processed food. She interacts with her audience a lot, responding to the comments in every video.

Vlog After College

  • Subscribers: 582,000
  • Total Views: over 120 million
  • Content: Daily life/Cooking/Care
  • Country: United States
  • Most popular videos: "Making BAO Official Recipe from Pixar Short", "COMPARING INSTANT RAMEN Around The WORLD" and "HEARTBROKEN OVER CORGI NEWS."
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • VlogAfterCollege follows the lives of Ryen and Gatsby, the Corgi. As a vlog, the content varies, but cooking, caring for Gatsby, exercises, and fish tanks are prevalent topics. The videos are usually high-energy with a friendly tone and gather a lot of views and likes.
  • Ryen makes dog-friendly food; he calls it “dog-friendly gourmet.” A few videos explain how to care for Corgis, including “Caring for Corgis? Things to Get!” where he explains Gatsby’s diet, including raw food, kibble, and treats. He also mentions grooming products, medication, and some insights into the caring routine.
  • He posts some review videos of products like beds and toys. The comment sections are usually packed with viewers commenting on how Ryen is a great, affectionate owner.
  • He shared Gatsby’s root canal surgery; how scary he was something could go wrong and cried describing the procedure, and how he felt seeing the dog under the anesthesia. Ryen also shared Gatsby’s back injury.
  • In another video, Ryen reveals how he accidentally underfed Gatsby by following the package’s instructions.

Loulou & Friends

  • Subscribers: 89,100
  • Total Views: over 20 million
  • Content: Pet Life
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Most popular videos: "New friend! Dachshund & duckling", "In bath with 18 ducklings" and "A day with my dachshund and puppies."
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Loulou & Friends shows Loulou, a Dachshund, interacting with other animals and the world. Loulou's owner, Eveline Smit, has two daughters and lives in the Netherlands. Interestingly, most videos have more views than the total number of subscribers.
  • Loulou recently gave birth to six puppies. The channel registered the entire process, from the pregnancy announcement to the delivery (warning: graphic content).
  • When announcing the pregnancy, the channel posted a message explaining that they took all the necessary steps to ensure Loulou would be healthy. It also posted a message saying they don’t encourage people to buy animals, that they help a lot of abandoned animals, and that they consciously chose to follow this path.
  • Loulou is on a raw diet of meat, fish, egg, and vegetables. Although Eveline does not post videos about health and nutrition often, she answers viewers' comments and questions about it.
  • For instance, this was one of her responses to a viewer asking about the transition from kibble to raw meat with bones: "Kibble and raw food have a completely different digestion. Their teeth, stomach and short intestines are made to quickly digest raw food. Kibble contains meat (not always) but also a lot of waste, flavor enhancers and preservatives. The longer they are used to eating kibble, the harder it is to give them a raw diet. The transition must go slowly. Start with soft meat: beef, hare, turkey, duck (the stools will change and that is a normal process from soft / diarrhea to small and compact). Stay on soft meat for a month and try to vary and see how it goes. If all goes well you can start with soft bones such as duck neck, wings, small poultry. Give bones 2-3 times a week, no more because it makes the stools harder. If that goes well you can go further and especially vary a lot. Please let me know how it goes."


Laura Price

  • Subscribers: 198,000
  • Total Views: over 10 million
  • Content: Art/French Bulldogs
  • Country: United States
  • Social Media: Instagram, Mabel's Instagram, and Twitter .
  • Laura Price is an animation artist. Her channel is focused on her work and her life with Mabel, the French bulldog. Her video explaining what she feeds her dog has over 90,000 views. She stated that Mabel used to eat kibble, but after a pancreatitis episode, she started to question her nutrition.
  • The vet recommended the Royal Canin low-fat diet, but she claims not to trust the brand because she believes vets are paid to support it; therefore, the food may not be best for dogs. After getting recommendations from other Frenchie owners (from the Fab Frenchies community), she switched to a low-fat fresh food diet and vitamin supplement.
  • Mabel had emergency surgery on her spine recently due to intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). She explains how she consulted five different vets, most of whom only gave her pain medication and said it would go away on its own. Mable went through expensive acupuncture and laser therapy sessions, and the vets kept telling Laura Mable would heal on her own.
  • She finally decided to take the dog to a neurologist that told her Mabel would need emergency surgery; otherwise, her paralysis would become permanent. After surgery, the dog started to recover and it is now much better. Laura offered several tips to prevent the situation in other dogs. She advised pet owners to get pet insurance and explained that the one she has, Nationwide, let her down, and she is “drowning in vet bills.

Charlie, The Beagle

  • Subscribers: 134,000
  • Total Views: over 100 million
  • Content: Emotional/Family/Cute Dog Videos
  • Country: United States
  • Most popular videos: "Guilty Dog Apologizes Crying Baby for Stealing Her Toy", "Babysitting Dog Never Had to be Taught How to Love Baby", "Beagle Dog Rocking Sweet Baby To Sleep."
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter .
  • The channel is about dogs interacting with babies, specifically baby Laura and Charlie, the beagle. The owners stated that Charlie showed them how loving and caring dogs are. Some videos have over 15 million views.
  • Before baby Laura came along, the channel already existed, showing Charlie learning and performing tricks, such as playing the keyboard. In one of the videos, the owners stated that they taught Charlie how to perform many tasks, but never had to teach him how to love their daughter.
  • Another video shows how the couple’s Beagles take care of their kids. The channel does not explore health or food, apart from a few humorous videos. The focus is on how loving and caring dogs can be.
  • YouTube disabled the comment section (the videos feature kids), but the couple interacts with viewers in the community section.

Popular Dog YouTuber Influencers — Entertainment Only Videos

  • Topi The Corgi (170,000 subscribers. Content: ASMR/Comedy/Cute videos featuring only the dog);
  • Haru the Shiba Inu (431,000 subscribers. Content: Family/Cute/Comedy);

Popular Training Channels

Research Strategy

To identify additional YouTube influencers, the research team analyzed numerous channels, featuring 35 different small breeds. We also checked Social Blade’s pet channels and different influencer lists. The key influencers presented were chosen based on how frequently and recently they upload content, following, diversity, and content. Since we were not aware of the type of product, we attempted to present a diverse group of influencers that would likely reach different audiences.

One problem we faced with this research was the fact that dog influencer's channels tend to be rather inconsistent when it comes to frequency. Several popular channels suddenly stop uploading for unknown reasons (or due to the death of the pet) or move to another media, namely Instagram or TikTok. We assume this occurs because dog videos are usually short videos, and YouTube favors content that is over 10 minutes long. Training and rescue channels are more consistent, but they wouldn’t exactly fit the small dog criteria. Notwithstanding, we added some examples of these channels as well.

When it comes to content, most of the relevant channels tend to stick to entertainment videos. When we took a closer look into why there was limited health-related content among the influencers, we encountered some evidence that influencers are attacked continuously when they upload these types of video, which may be why influencers with substantial following are prone to avoid it. For that reason, we added five additional popular influencers that create entertainment only videos for YouTube.

Overall, our research suggests that although dog videos are popular on YouTube, the platform is not as popular as Instagram or TikTok for dog influencers. For instance, popular Instagram pages such as Jiffpom do not carry the same popularity over to YouTube, which is why we believe some owners stop uploading videos frequently.