Small Dog Owners

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Small Dog Owners

Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Beagle, and Pug are small dogs that they owners have dedicated community forums.


  • Chihuahua-people is a website that hosts the Chihuahua Forum, an online community for people who own the small dogs, Chihuahua.
  • The forum discusses various topics such as Chihuahua health, training, diet and nutrition, among others.
  • Chihuahua Forum currently has 85,821 threads, 1,177,807 posts and 71,827 members.

French Bulldog

  • French Bulldog News hosts a community forum for the small dog breeds, French Bulldog.
  • The forum holds various discussions varying from people looking for suggestions of the best treatment for the small dogs’ injuries to the best daily feeding routine.
  • Although the forum has not indicated the number of active members, most users ever online were 8,596 on January 15, 2020.

The American Beagler

  • The beagle is a breed of small hound that is developed primarily for hunting hare. This small breed is similar in appearance to the foxhound, which is a much larger breed.
  • The American Beagler is an online community whose members rear beagle.
  • Discussions on the community include various beagling events, results and general field trialing, and tips for constructing a beagle kennel.
  • The online community has a total of 512,904 posts, 73,581 topics, and 5,196 members.


Research Strategy

The research team started by identifying the most popular small dogs. After this, we searched for community forums about the various small dogs. We were able to locate four most popular online communities for small dog owners that are not social media-based based on the number of members, threads, and posts.
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Cool Dog Group, Cute Small Dogs, and Trend Max are some of the most popular Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube groups/accounts, respectively.


Cool Dog Group

Fantastic Roumdbois and Where to Find Them

  • This is a private Facebook page that shares news regarding a variety of small animals.
  • Even though the group was created in 2018, it already has over 24,000 members.
  • The group focuses on news regarding small dogs that are round in shape.
  • Some of the small dogs featured on the page include French Bulldogs and the furry Bichon Frises.


  • This is a closed Facebook page created nine years ago, with 56,000 members.
  • The page is particularly focused on rescuing puppies such as Chihuahuas and Pitbulls from reputable breeders.
  • The members of the page post at least 1,000 dog-related posts every month. However, posts of puppies bought from a store and other posts that are not related to rescuing puppies are prohibited.
  • The page, also known as the Shiba community, has a strict policy against breeders who use the page for advertising their pet stores or vet services.

Approving Corgis

The Dogist

  • This is a public Facebook page that can be accessed by any Facebook user.
  • The page, which was created in 2013, has over 183,000 active members.
  • The purpose of this page is to unite dog lovers, not only in the U.S but also around the world.
  • Elias Weiss, the founder of the Facebook page, has photographed over 30,000 dogs around the world, among them small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers and Japanese Chin.


Cute Small Dogs (@teenytinypups)

  • This Instagram handle has over 2,500 followers.
  • All the 80 posts on this handle strictly adhere to posting pictures of small dogs such as Pugs, Miniature Schnauzer, Chihuahuas, Poodles, and Pomeranian.
  • Followers of this handle share their comments and interact within the comment section.
  • The small dogs featured in this page are not only professionally photographed, but also are well-groomed.


  • This is a verified handle with over 4.6 million followers.
  • With over 6,200 photos and videos focusing on small dogs, the handle provides an interactive forum for Instagram users that are enthusiastic about small dogs.
  • Some of the small dogs found on this handle include Pugs, Chihuahuas, Japanese spits, Bichon Frises, and French Bulldogs.
  • Some of the pictures and videos featured on this page include small dogs wearing trendy costumes.


Puppies of Instagram


The Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

  • This YouTube video has over 4.4 million views
  • The video by Trend Max focuses on shortlisting some of the smallest dog breeds in the world.
  • The video also details a brief history of each little dog.
  • Little dogs featured in this YouTube channel include Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, and crossbreeds, among others.

Top 10 Adorable Lap Dogs

  • This YouTube channel has over 597,000 views.
  • The video focuses on listing some of the most popular small dogs, also known as lap dogs.
  • The video also explains the varying personalities of these lapdogs and how to groom each one of them.
  • Some small dogs featured include; Boston Terrier, Pug, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Maltese, among others.

Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

  • This YouTube video has over 1.4 million views.
  • The main emphasis of the video is to list small dog breeds that do not shed.
  • According to the video, these dog breeds are preferred by homeowners and dog lovers who like to take their dogs on vacation.
  • According to this video, some small dog breeds that hardly shed include Border Terrier, Bolognese, among others.

Adopting a Pit Bull From Animal Shelter in Los Angeles

  • This YouTube video by HoodVlogs has over 430,000 views.
  • The primary agenda of the video is to detail the process of not only adopting a pit bull but any other dog breed from an animal shelter in Los Angeles.
  • In this video, there are various animal dog breeds at the shelter, including pit bulls, which is a typical small dog breed, in most Los Angeles dog rescue centers.
  • The video also focuses on the living condition of an ideal animal shelter in Los Angeles.

Pet Photography With Award-winning Photographer Carli Davidson

Research Strategy

Since there are no YouTube channels specifically dedicated to small dogs, the research team used videos of small dogs that have received the most views. The available YouTube channels for small dogs are dormant or no longer active, while the active ones have a very small audience that wouldn't be useful for advertising purposes.

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Small Dog Owners 2

New York Dog, New York Dog Nanny, and #dogsofaustin are some online communities that are geographically based on dog owners. Since Instagram, users cannot post their dogs or adverts on other people’s Instagram pages, using popular hashtags like #dogsofaustin and #dogsofaustin is a sure way of reaching a broad audience based on location for advertising purposes.

New York Dog Nanny

  • New York Dog Nanny is an open Facebook group of New York dog owners.
  • The group aims at providing personalized care for dogs in New York in a professional, cozy, and home-like setting.
  • The open group has 1,768 followers.
  • Since the group offers various dog services such as exercises, half-day socializing, among others, it would be ideal to contact the group administrator via Facebook Messenger for advertising opportunities.

Lost Dogs of Whittier

  • Lost Dogs of Whittier is a closed Facebook group that posts pictures and descriptions of lost and found dogs in Whittier, California.
  • The group, which was created on 8 August 2016, has 3,288 members.
  • For adverting opportunities, members can contact the group moderator, Tabitha Karen Oliva, via the group or personal Facebook account.



  • Owners of dogs in Austin use #dogsofaustin hashtag on Instagram to hold discussions, showcase their dogs, and for business purposes.
  • The hashtag has created a community with 236,187 posts since it was started.
  • #dogsofaustin is a perfect channel to reach a broad audience for advertising purposes.


  • Owners of dogs in Texas has created a community using the hashtag #dogsoftexas.
  • So far, there are 196,896 posts available on Instagram with the hashtag.
  • Using this hashtag would be ideal for advertising purposes owing to the broad audience following it.