Small Dog Instagram Influencers - 5

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Small Dog Instagram Influencers - 5

Jiff Pom, Manny the Frenchie, Marnie, and Stella The Frenchie are additional small dog influencers.

Jiff Pom

  • Jiff Pom is the most followed animal influencer with 9.8 million followers on Instagram and 28 million across all social media platforms.
  • The brown Pomeranian has a calendar, online store, and book deal.
  • Pom loves creating content for brands such as Target and Nature’s Recipe and doing handstands.
  • Pom advertises various brands, such as iHeart Radio, using posts and videos.
  • In some videos, the owner is heard from the background talking about the various brands, while in others, only songs are played.
  • The aim of pet owners talking in certain videos on their social media platforms is to “engage in new content and spread positive emotions.”

Manny the Frenchie


  • Marnie is a small dog known for her "permanent head tilt, which is attributed to Vestibular disease."
  • The 18-year-old Shih Tzu has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.
  • The small dog influencer lives in Los Angeles and advocates for the adoption of senior dogs.
  • Marnie is seen dressed in clothes, which are donated to less fortunate dogs with no costumes.
  • The theme of dressing Marnie in human clothes is to cultivate compassion for her followers to also donate to the less fortunate dogs or adopt them.

Stella The Frenchie

  • Stella The Frenchie is a puppy dog model and philanthropist living in Chicago.
  • The French bulldog has 34,100 followers and is mostly photographed alone.
  • The dog is rarely in any costume and has been used to promote various brands such as Kriser’s Natural Pets, Able Apparel, and Stella Chewy’s.
  • Stella has worked with charities like Culinary Care, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, and Make-A-Wish America.