Slime History and Insights

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Slime History

The slime trend revival began in 2015 and peaked in 2017, which was dubbed the year of slime. The recent trend in slime with all of its variations and explosive popularity can be credited to social media.

History of Slime Trend

1. HOWs
  • According to Aleene's Original, the recent trend in slime with all of its variations and explosive popularity can be attributed to social media.
  • The slime trend revival began in 2015 with "a few young people posting slime videos—videos showing how to make slime as well as videos of people playing with slime—to Instagram."
  • This was followed by an influx of followers to these social media accounts and also the growth of other accounts featuring similar videos.
  • Other kids who discovered slime videos in their social media feeds went ahead to start YouTube and Instagram accounts to feature their creativity and experiments using slime.
  • Slime became a crafty material that shows how creative one is. People began their experiments with the substance and tried changing its texture, flexibility, smell, fluffiness by adding a specific substance like detergents and baking soda.
  • They also tried to make it more attractive by adding glitter, pearls, essences, and by making it more colorful.
  • A YouTube search on "how to make slime" yields more than 7 million results. In 2017, the search for how to make slime returned over 11 million results.
  • Due to the transient nature of trends, creators started the slime dares. Some slime experts believe that the trend still has some years left to trend.
2. WHENs
3. WHYs
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Slime Influencers

Ten of the most influential people/organizations/companies within the slime trend are Izabella Stress, Tom Slime, Troom Troom, ItsJustNick, Slime_baew, Theresa Nguyen, Amy Standen, Karina Gracia, Amanda Tanner, and Alyssa J.

Izabella Stress

Tom Slime

Troom Troom



Theresa Nguyen

Alyssa J. (Craftyslimecreator)

  • Alyssa J. is a Canadian slimer who posts slime videos and tutorials on Instagram.
  • We have added Alyssa to the list because of her significant number of followers. She is regarded as the number one Instagram most popular slimer, according to Vice.
  • Alyssa posts about two videos weekly on Instagram.
  • Alyssa J. has 753,000 Instagram followers

Amy Standen

  • A link to Amy Standen's Instagram account and the website is provided herein.
  • Amy Standen is a 48 years old slimer who is in charge of slime production at Sloomoo. She frequently posts slime videos on her Instagram page.
  • We have added Amy to the list because of her significant number of followers. She is mentioned as one of the people propagating the slime trend, according to Refinery29.
  • An analysis of her YouTube videos shows that she uploads at least one slime-related video daily.
  • Amy Standen has 537,000 Instagram followers.

Karina Gracia

Amanda Tanner

  • Amy Standen is a 28 years old slimer who frequently posts slime videos on her Instagram page.
  • We have added Amy to the list because of her significant number of followers. She is mentioned as one of the people propagating the slime trend, according to Refinery29.
  • Amanda Tanner posts about two videos weekly.
  • Amy Standen has 140,000 Instagram followers.

Research Strategy

After an exhaustive search for media articles, industry analysis, and slime publication sources, for a comprehensive list of the most influential people/organizations/companies within the slime trend, we were unable to obtain such a list from the public domain. Through the search, we identified several sources such as Vice, Refinery29, the Guardian, and Alenee's Original, which ranked the top influential people/organizations based on different metrics such as the number of social media (YouTube and Instagram) followers, impact made in slime trend, most popular slimers on Instagram, and various other metrics.

An analysis of our findings revealed that most of the identified lists failed to provide up to ten people based on one particular metric or a corroborating source to affirm the information. Also, following a single approach would discriminate against the metrics applied by the rest of the sources we identified.

As a result of the above constraints, we have selected the most influential people/organizations within the slime trend based on the topmost people/organization in the different sources applied, while backing it up with the number of social media followers or video views. We placed our benchmark of social media popularity as people with more than 100,000 followers. With the above metrics, we filtered the information provided by the sources identified. Also, analysis of the social media posts of the selected influencers shows that they are frequent in posting slime-related videos.

Similarly, we scoured through the various posts and profiles of the influencers identified and couldn't determine the variety of posting about slime made by the influencers except for Tom Slime. An in-depth analysis of their Instagram/YouTube post shows that the type and variety of content posted vary from time to time. As a result, we could not strike a balance about the particular variety of slime each influencer posts. Notwithstanding, we have provided information about the type of video content some influencers produce as made available on their profile.
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Slime and ASMR

Slime was considered the biggest DIY trend of 2017 with YouTube having over 130 million slime videos. To date, the hashtag #slimeasmr has accumulated over 2.35 million posts on Instagram. The following findings reflect the correlation between Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and slime. Statistics supporting their correlation were very limited, as the only statistics available were largely based on general ASMR studies, not specifically ASMR slime videos.

Slime's Qualities are Considered Therapeutic

Slime's Qualities Induce Relaxation

AMSR Videos Improve Sleep and Symptoms of Chronic Pain

  • The study, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a Flow-like Mental State, found that 82% of their respondents agreed that they used ASMR to sleep, and 38 individuals interviewed also claimed that AMSR improved the symptoms of their chronic pain.
  • Unfortunately, your research team could not find definitive evidence that these feelings associated with ASMR were evoked from exclusively watching slime videos. The study focused on ASMR in general. However, since slime videos are considered to be part of ASMR, it may be assumed that these insights are also relevant to the correlation between slime and ASMR.

Research Strategy

Research did unearth general information about the correlation between slime and ASMR, but there was very limited data and statistics to support the insights specific to slime and ASMR. Most of the data incorporated in the findings are based on insights from studies into ASMR in general, but no specific data-backed findings on the correlation between slime and ASMR were found. This may be attributed to the fact that ASMR is still considered a relatively new phenomenon, with the only scientific research on it being 11 published peer-reviewed scientific studies on AMSR University and 1 peer-reviewed study on PeerJ. None of these studies exclusively study the correlation between slime and AMSR.

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Slime Ingredient Sales

The growth rates of the sales of School glue was 25% in 2016 and 50% in the first quarter of 2017. But the growth was possibly slowed or decline as sales of Newell Brands declined 2.4% in the first quarter of 2019. Borax's sales were calculated to grow 2.26% year by year from 2016 to 2022. For Contact Lens Solution, the growth rate was expected to be 2% from 2018-2022, 4.6% from 2019 to 2025.

School Glue

  • In 2015, Newell Rubbermaid Inc acquired Elmer’s glue from investment firm Berwind Corp for $600 million. The school glue is the flagship brand of the company.
  • According to Fortune, as estimated by Barclays, Elmer’s sales grew 25% in 2016 and 50% in the first quarter of 2017. The CEO of the company mentioned Slime four times at the earnings call.
  • On its 2017 annual report, Newell Brands attributed the sales growth of its glue line to Slime and highlighted that Elmer's bottled almost 200 million glue in 2017. The company does not report sales of individual brands separately.
  • In 2019, Newell Brands LLC reported a 2.4% sales drop for the first quarter of 2019 across the product line.
  • According to Statista, in 2016, Elmer's was the leading adhesive brand in the United States and generated sales of 83.7 million U.S. dollars.
  • The market share of Elmer's was 23.6% in 2016.


  • According to ICRworld Market Research, The Global Borax market size was $798 million in 2016 and the growth rate from 2016 to 2022 was expected to be at a CAGR of 2.26%.

Contact Lens Solution

  • In 2018, A global technology research and advisory company Technavio researched the global contact lens solution market.
  • The report stated that "The global contact lens solutions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 2% from 2018-2022."
  • In 2019, US-based market research and consulting company Grand View Research calculated that the global contact lens solution market size would reach 3.73 billion by 2025.
  • From 2019 to 2025 the growth rate of the market will be at a CAGR of 4.6%.

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

To determine the growth rate of the sales of the three basic essential ingredients in making slime, your research team searched through the reputable industry intelligence sources like Statista, Forrester Research, as well as the industry expert S&P Global Platts, and news outlets Fortune, Wall Street Journal among other. Additionally, we searched for an individual market report for each product to determine the growth rate. But the result was not satisfactory or covering the desired time.

For Borax, we searched for an individual market report from 2014 by limiting the time frame year by year to the earliest report on the category. Before 2016, the search resulted in no market report on the Borax. Even though the information did not fully cover the request time frame, we concluded that it could be a good estimation.

For Contact Lens Solution, the utilized the same method to acquire the earliest report on the market. But exhaustive search resulted in the earliest report in 2018. The market reports before 2018, reported on the Contact Lens market as a whole and was behind a paywall. By collecting two different CAGR, we learned that the growth rate of sales of the contact lens solution is accelerating.

For School Glue, after searching for the sales figures from the News Sites and Statistical sites, we delved into the annual report of the parent company of the Elmer's in an attempt to get sales figures. But the latest financial reporting of the company was 2018 and the company did not report the sales figures of the brands separately. Thus, we collected the growth rate information from all the different sources to cover as much time frame as possible.

Lastly, your research team did not triangulate the growth rate to avoid blurring the dynamic of the market since the change in the growth rate of the product was quite sharp.

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  • "About Tom Slime is the best YouTube Slime channel for diy slime. It's the home of Giant Toothpaste Slime , Giant Fluffy Slime, and Giant Floam Slime. I love Slime! Thanks for checking us out and please subscribe!"