Sleeve Clinic vs. Smart Shape

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Sleeve Clinic Vs. Smart Shape

Both Sleeve Clinic and Smart Shape offer weight loss surgery. Smart Shape has a national presence in Canada while Sleeve Clinic only has one clinic in Ontario. While Sleeve Clinic has positive reviews alone, Smart Shape Clinic has a mix of positive and negative reviews. We have done a comprehensive comparison of Sleeve Clinic and Smart Shape and summarized our findings on rows 3-8, columns C-E of the attached spreadsheet. 


  • Sleeve Clinic is a private healthcare institution that offers weight loss surgical care through gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.
  • Sleeve Clinic's weight loss surgery is done by highly rated Dr. Scott B. Gmora MD, FRCSC, FACS.
  • Sleeve Clinic has only one location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  • Sleeve Clinic's objective is to offer both weight loss surgery at a transparent no-hidden fee cost and 5-year aftercare to ensure patients "continue on the path to permanent weight loss."

  • Sleeve Clinic's Dr. Scott B. Gmora is the #1 rated weight loss surgical specialist in Ontario, Canada with a 5/5 star rating from 46 reviews on RateMDs.
  • Dr. Scott B. Gmora has more than 12 years of experience in the field and has performed over 1,500 advanced bariatric surgeries with a 0% sleeve leak rate.
  • Dr. Scott B. Gmora is also regarded as hands-on because he personally reviews "each patient’s progress on a frequent basis and actively manages individual issues with his clinical team."
  • Sleeve Clinic offers a transparent one time cost of $19,500 for both surgeries.
  • It offers full and partial financing options that include Medicard and Paybright. The clinic also does not require down payment.
  • Sleeve Clinic's 5-year aftercare program caters to patients with long-term success through one-on-one attention, online tools to keep patients on track, naturopathic doctor, surgeon-led patient care, nutrition counseling, and extensive pre- and post-operative care.

  • Sleeve Clinic's main customers tend to be caucasian patients who are looking for a way to lose excess weight.
  • Based on patient stories and reviews on its website, the customer group is also predominantly female.
  • Sleeve Clinic has a minimum age of at least 21 years that has to be met by patients.
  • From the company's qualification questionnaire, the customer group also consists of people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or sleep apnea.

  • Sleeve Clinic offers weight-loss operations worldwide.
  • The company specializes in gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery involves the reduction of stomach size by 70% and removing a portion of the stomach.


  • Overall, the reviews found on Sleeve Clinic's services and the resident doctor are all positive. The major themes of positive feedback include significantly improved health outcomes, substantial weight loss that was kept off, and appreciation.
  • Reviewers mention their positive results of the bariatric surgeries on these patients' weight-loss journey. The reviews also highlight the remarkable skills and knowledge of Dr. GMora, the clinic's main doctor. Some of the online reviews include:
  • -"5 years later, I am maintaining 168 lb loss. I love to walk the trails. I love going to the beach. I love living! This is the best thing I ever did for myself and my family. I will always be forever grateful to Dr. Gmora and his entire team. " — from Tammy S.
  • -"For those who haven't met Dr. Gmora and won't see him until surgery day don't fear, he is pretty great!" — JennR
  • "I could not be more happy with the results of my gastric sleeve surgery. He was a wonderful doctor. Genuine, and caring. Down 84 lbs. and still the scale is moving." — Anonymous.
  • "I was very fortunate to have had bariatric surgery. I have now lost 150 lbs and surpassed my personal goal weight. Dr. Gmora gave me back my life. My brother recently had the same surgery and has had great success as well. I have no regrets! Thank you Dr. Gmora. "
  • "I had Bariatric gastric sleeve surgery and I feel great. Dr. GMora is has been a year and I am very happy, no regrets of having the surgery." — Anonymous
  • "For those who haven't met Dr. Gmora and won't see him until surgery day don't fear, he is pretty great!" — JennR


  • Smart Shape Weight Loss Centre is a private healthcare institution that was founded in 2005 with the objective of "delivering proven weight loss solutions" to Canadians.
  • Smart Shape offers national coverage in Canada with surgical facilities in Mississauga, Toronto, Regina, Calgary, and Vancouver.
  • Smart Shape's main goal is to ensure its patients health through successful weight loss.

  • Smart Shape has a national presence and an experienced team of surgeons, nurses, dietitians, and fitness coaches who specialize in obesity and weight loss.
  • Smart Shape offers a wider variety of weight loss surgeries including gastric sleeve, mini gastric bypass, revision surgery, and lap-band system.
  • Smart Shape also offers a 5-year aftercare program and its cost is inclusive of the surgery price. Through the program, patients have access to a surgeon 24/7, educational support, and online webinars.

  • Smart Shape's consumer group comprises overweight patients with BMI's that are above 30 and weight related health conditions like diabetes.
  • A portion of the customer group also consists of who want bariatric surgical procedures reversed either because of complications or regaining/failing to lose weight successfully from the initial surgery.
  • From the sample customer data available on the transformation section of Smart Shape's website, customers are mainly white females. The ratio of female to male patients on is 12:4 while the ratio of white to black patients is 15:1.

  • Smart Shape offers weight-loss operations in Canada.
  • They offer four types of surgery to choose from. The surgeries offered include gastric sleeve surgery, mini gastric bypass, revision surgery, and lap-band system.

  • Smart Shape does not quote the real cost of its service on its website.
  • The services offered at Smart Shape range from $18,750 to $20,125.
  • The average price for a Lap Band surgery is $18,750, Gastric Bypass costs about $20,125, and Gastric sleeve costs $19,625.

  • The reviews found on Smart Shape's services are mainly positive. The sentiments revolve around the life-changing positive weight loss results of the surgeries of the patients. The major themes in the positive reviews include significant weight loss and supportive doctors/ staff.
  • The patients also lauded the clinic's competent and helpful medical personnel. However, there are a few negative reviews. Some patients claim that the staff at SmartShape is unprofessional and might be only after their money. They also indicate that the clinic has poor post-operations support. A few reviews include the following:
  • -"My surgeon and nurses were amazing. The support and care you receive is second to none in my books!"
  • "I don't know why people feel that they are not informative or helpful because I couldn't ask for a better team. I'm thankful Dr. C was my Dr. and wish I had gone to him 12 years ago."
  • "I had done this years ago, it’s the best thing I have done for myself in a long time."
  • "This experience has ultimately given me back my life."‐ Angela
  • "Everyday they work hard to keep people in shape and looking good! We see that. They won the 2015 Top Choice Award for the Top weight loss clinic in Mississauga. Congratulations and keep up the great work."
  • "This company is unprofessional in their dealings with people. I would be wary of getting involved with them."
  • "They don’t give a crap about you after they have your money... After care program is a joke considering I am not happy with my treatment, have reached out at least 50 times and get nothing back or if I do it’s just a bunch of empty “I’m sorry’s” and excuses. I’ve been struggling with everything and have been looking for support, I follow the directions to a T and have seen no results. If I could give a below 0 review I would."


In searching for the competitive advantage, target market, products/services, pricing, and reviews for Smart Shape and Sleeve Clinic, we mainly relied on each company's website. When this did not produce substantial information, we switched to their social media pages — mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Next, we turned to health-related platforms that cover the clinics' locations such as Business Mississauga, Northern Ontario Business, Ontario Health Care, and Peel Region. These strategies successfully helped us gather the competitive advantages, target market, products/services, and pricing for both organizations but it revealed limited reviews.

As an attempt to locate more reviews, we examined consumer review sites such as Power Reviews, Review Center, Consumer Search Inc., Epinions, and Yelp. We also explored medical-related opinion sites like RateMDs, Obesity Help, Doctor Canada, and Where is my Doctor. Based on this search approach, we were able to find some sites that contain consumer reviews about these clinics' services and some of their staff. However, for Sleeve Clinic, we only found patient reviews on their website and on the Rate MDs. On Obesity Help, we found some outdated reviews about Dr. Gmora, Sleeve Clinic's main doctor.
We also looked for relevant interviews or surveys through medical publications such as NCBI, IPAC Canada, Omics Online, CMAJ, and other similar sites; related medical association sites such as the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons (CABPS) website, BMI Medical, CMA, Medweight, Health Link BC, and other similar sources. We hoped to find any research or survey that we could use to derive the insights needed. However, most of the information found was on health and weight management in general. There were no related insights found that could be deducted to assess the clinics and their staff.
We infer that the reason for the limited availability of reviews on these clinics could be due to the private nature of the procedures offered. Some patients may prefer not to share about their weight-loss journey to the public. Given the results of our search strategies, we have presented our findings above based on the limited number of reviews found. We also include some outdated information pertaining to reviews.