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Slack - Third Party Apps

Among the numerous 3rd party applications integrated into Slack, Trello, which has 9 million weekly users and is valued at $5 billion, is considered the most successful for collaboration. Must-have apps and popular apps lists made by Computerworld and Slack itself mention Trello consistently first among Project Management applications. Overall, it only ranks as the third most successful application. The first two most successful are Google Drive and Giphy, respectively, according to a Slack ranking.

Most Successful Slack Collaboration App

Slack integrates 3rd party applications to further enhance the collaboration ability of its users, and the most popular one is Trello. Both Computerworld and Slack itself have must-have apps and popular apps lists that rank Trello first for project management. In Slack's directory of Project Management Applications, Trello is also mentioned first. These first mentions can be translated to mean Trello as the most successful collaboration app in Slack. Metrics further proves this.

Trello was valued at $425 million back in January 2017, and had 19 million active users. It could have achieved a value of $1 billion then, but it failed to keep good track of its paying clients. Six months later, however, Trello was valued at around $5 billion. As of February 2018, the app hosts 9 million active users on a weekly basis and pulls in a revenue of $200 million.

Moreover, Project Management Zone Ranking lists the most popular Project Planning applications monthly. The ranking scores systems according to "number of mentions of the system on websites;
number of job offers, in which the system is mentioned; number of profiles in professional networks, in which the system is mentioned; relevance in social networks; and importance of the system's website". For February 2018, the ranking is:
1. Microsoft Project 3,619.14
2. Primavera 1,156.51
3. JIRA 1,102.34
4. Trello 618.29
5. Basecamp 381.15
6. Asana 346.2
Microsoft Project and Primavera are not integrated into Slack, thus, are irrelevant. JIRA, Trello, and Asana are integrated into Slack, but JIRA is geared more toward Software Development. Therefore, based on the Project Management Zone Ranking, Trello is the most popular. From this, we can also say that Trello is the most successful 3rd party Slack app for collaboration.

OvERALL Top 3 Slack Applications

In the larger scheme of Slack, however, Trello falls down to third most successful app, trailing behind Google Drive and Giphy, respectively. Slack lists the three accordingly in its Essential Apps directory. Google Drive takes the top spot as Slack integrated Google Drive deeply in order to rival Microsoft Office 365 and its Microsoft Teams, which have 85 million users. Giphy, on the other hand, had 200 million daily users by the end of July 2017, and is deeply intertwined with Slack.

If the most successful collaboration app, Trello, is excluded from the ranking, Simple Poll would take its place. Slack's Essential Apps directory lists it as fourth most popular. Additionally, in a case study of Slack as a collaboration tool for librarians, Simple Poll proved to be a useful app integration, along with Google Drive and Trello.


In summary, within Slack, Trello, which has 9 million weekly users and valued at $5 billion, is the most successful 3rd party application in terms of collaboration as rated by Slack itself and Computerworld, but overall, the most successful apps are Google Drive at the top, Giphy second, and Trello third (or Simple Poll, if Trello is excluded) based on Slack's popularity ranking.