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Women's Consumer Journey, Online Skincare Products

U.S. women when purchasing skincare products online often follow five core steps that include identifying the products; researching them online; using social media to gather insights; shopping; and the actual purchase among other steps. Importantly, research findings indicate that consumers spend 80% of their journey in the researching phase while 36% of them discover skincare products online. Read on for a detailed methodology section indicating the steps undertaken to retrieve the information on U.S. female consumers’ journey when shopping for skincare products online.


We started by examining the subject from a marketing perspective and examined industry leading sources such as Statista, IT Business, Marketing-Interactive, Global Web Index, and Marketing Dive. Unfortunately, none of these sources featured accurate information indicating the consumer journey prompting the deployment of other search strategies.

Next, we approached the subject from the perspective of the consumer focusing more on consumer-facing fashion products sellers such as Shopify, Fashionista, and Sister National. From these sources, we obtained useful data on American women's online consumer journey for facial skincare products.

Lastly, we aggregated findings from both strategies, i.e., marketing and consumer perspectives and found out that the consumer journey consists of five critical steps namely the discovery of products, research, the use of social media, shopping, and purchasing the facial skincare products. Below are in-depth analyses regarding the five phases along with hard statistics describing the details on each stage.


Information pulled from Facebook indicated that 36% of female consumers in the U.S. shopping for facial skincare products, first discover them online. Moreover, 45% of the female shoppers aged 18–34 use both mobile and desktop to find the products online, while 25% primarily discover them via mobile.


U.S. females shopping for beauty/skincare products spend 80% of their purchase journey in the research stage. Besides, they use multiple skin diagnostic tools offered online to gather expert knowledge and guidance to support them make informed decisions. Also, the skincare female shopping demographic spends more time researching the ingredients widely used in skincare products.


American females aged 18–34 shopping for skincare products online, primarily use Facebook to obtain relevant information on the products and acquire various information around skincare-related activities. In the U.S., approximately 37% of females aged 18 and above use Facebook's family of Apps to discover skincare products. Besides, an estimated 49% of these female shoppers noted that they are more likely to purchase skincare products online following a social media post. Overall, many women rely on social media to find video tutorials and reviews by fellow customers regarding other consumer experiences with certain skincare products.


In deciding what skincare products to purchase, U.S. female shoppers use information and samples provided by brand websites to make the decision. For instance, they prefer using sites that offer them many options for shopping online, especially those that use of filters.


Before making a purchase, U.S. females shopping for skincare products showed concerns over the safety of the website. In closing, research findings affirm the notion that the majority of U.S. female shoppers looking for beauty/skincare products online, prefer purchasing products from brands they are familiar with and trust.