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Popular San Francisco B2C services.

Exhaustive research through market research reports, media articles, and local 'best of' lists indicate that the information you have requested is largely unavailable, primarily because frequency of usage and 'popularity' are not the most common metrics for ranking services in San Francisco. However, our research did discover that the most widely used food delivery services by use volume are Caviar and Eat24; the most popular docked bike rental service is Ford GoBike; and the most widely used ride sharing services are Uber and Lyft. For ease of use, all relevant services and their websites have been compiled into a spreadsheet. Details about these services can be found below, including our methodology for choosing them.


The only source for determining popular services as measured by usage (including assessment of 'daily' and 'weekly' usage) is primary market research. However, exhaustive research generated very little information specific to 'very popular or most widely used' B2C services in San Francisco; most available market research is specific to 'best,' based on client reviews or other subjective metrics. This indicates either that market research using this parameter has not been widely conducted, or the results were not published publicly. For this reason, our compiled list does not consider daily or weekly usage as a metric, because there is no method available to assess this based on publicly available data. Available market research sources discovered in our research include lists of 'top' services in San Francisco by the Prime Buyer's Report, and market research data on food delivery services in metropolitan areas conducted by Second Measure.

We also researched, both generally and individually by service, for the 'most popular' and 'most used' services in San Francisco, including bike rentals/share/service, computer repair, restaurants, hotels, music streaming, food delivery, ride sharing, housekeeping and other maintenance services. This generated only one clear example of 'popular' or 'most popular' services supported by data (food delivery services). It also generated a list of 'Best Services in San Francisco 2017' by San Francisco magazine. Although no consistent metrics were used to compile the latter list, we have included it because each entry contains a paragraph reasonably explaining why it was chosen as the best. Please note that we have entirely avoided subjective, crowd sourced review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Angie's List, etc., due to the lack of credibility.

Lastly, as noted above, there is very limited information available specific to 'popular' services. We have included information pertinent to 'best' and 'top' services to round out the directly relevant information, but we have separated the 'best' and 'most popular' entries in the spreadsheet so that the distinction is easily noticeable. Please note that while most of the services we have included could reasonably be used by both B2B and B2C segments, we have chosen those that have the most application for individual consumer use, residential use, etc.


Market research on food delivery service market share found the following breakout for the top four food delivery services in San Francisco. Please note that we have assumed that market share correlates to popularity and wide distribution of use.
Caviar: 24.10%
Eat24: 22.20%
Grubhub/Seamless: 16.80%
Postmates: 15.10%


Ford GoBike is self-proclaimed as the 'most popular' bike rental service; and although there are no statistics available to support this assertion, we did discover evidence that Ford GoBike and the city of San Francisco had an exclusivity contract until recently. This presence of this contract, and the subsequent barrier to entry for other potential docked bike rental services, tends to support the supposition that it is widely used.


A 2017 San Francisco County Transportation Authority report indicates that Uber and Lyft "account for virtually all ride-hailing in San Francisco." The report did not study the breakout between the two companies, so we have reported the two as the most widely used by use volume.


During our research, we discovered a definitive list of the most popular hotels in San Francisco based on Expedia data. However, it is reasonable to assume that hotel services are not used daily or weekly. For this reason, we have not included this category in the spreadsheet, but have provided the source in case the information is of interest to you.



San Francisco Magazine's 'Best of San Francisco 2017' highlights a single listing for 'best' in 50 categories as diverse as plumbing, wedding planning, spa services, clothes and home services. These entries have been cataloged separately in the spreadsheet. Entries without verifiable websites were excluded, as were those which did not seem to qualify as a service. Interestingly, the list notes DoorDash as its pick for best food delivery service, with Eat24 as the runner-up. DoorDash's market share is above 10%, but is still half that of the top two food delivery services by market share. As noted above, this information is provided as supplemental to the services which had identifiable metrics for popularity.


As noted above, the Prime Buyer's Report conducts primary market research surveys to determine whether businesses are competent, certified and otherwise legitimate. However, its research does not survey for use volume or any other metric that can be translated to popularity. As supplemental information, we have provided the top three listings for each potentially relevant category, by order of listing, including:
These entries have been cataloged separately in the spreadsheet. Entries without verifiable websites were excluded, as were those which did not seem to qualify as a primarily B2C service.


To wrap it up: extensive research indicates that ride share services and food delivery services are the two service sectors in which verifiable data confirms the most widely used or popular services. Both sectors heavily serve a B2C customer base. Additional to those sectors, most research or listings of B2C services in San Francisco are subjective and oriented toward 'top/best' rather than most widely used. You can find all directly relevant and supplemental listings in the spreadsheet.