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San Francisco On-Demand Office Space

Eight top on-demand office spaces in San Francisco that have daily and/or hourly office rental options are Bespoke, Pacific Workplaces, Workshop Cafe, Breather, DG717, Eco-Systm, Intelligent Office, and Covo. As I was only able to identify eight spaces that were rated by five different entities that met the requirements of the request, I have also included a ninth option, Phoenix, that is located in Alameda to provide as many choices as possible. The details for each space have been entered on the attached spreadsheet. Please see my methodology and findings below.


To identify top on-demand office spaces in San Francisco that allow workers to rent space on an hourly and/or daily basis, I began by looking for pre-compiled reviews or ratings. The only website that provided ratings for enough co-working spaces that met the requirements in San Francisco is Yelp. I searched each entry until I had compiled a list of 10 companies that offer on-demand office rental on either a daily or hourly basis.

I then found four other articles and lists that named top coworking spaces in San Francisco. These articles and lists, "Top 40 Coworking Spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area", "All Coworking Spaces in San Francisco", "The Top Co-Working Spaces in San Francisco", and "Seven Affordable Office-Space Options for Freelancers and Small Businesses in San Francisco", all provide what they perceive as the “best” options for coworking in San Francisco, but do not provide actual ratings, reviews, or rankings that are based on an objective methodology. However, as there does not appear to be another list of coworking space reviews and there were not enough Facebook reviews on the companies that offer hourly and/or daily rates to establish a complete list, I decided to cross-reference these four articles with the Yelp list to determine which companies appeared on the most lists. The results were:

1. Impact Hub — 4/5 lists
2. Makeshift Society — 4/5 lists
3. Bespoke — 3/5 lists
4. Pacific Workplaces — 3/5 lists
5. Workshop Cafe — 3/5 lists
6. DG717 — 2/5 lists
7. Ecosystm — 2/5 lists
8. The Pad — 2/5 lists
9. Breather — 2/5 lists
10. Phoenix — 2/5 lists

Upon further investigation, however, I learned that while the Impact Hub in Oakland offers a day pass, the Impact Hub in San Francisco does not. Therefore, that space was removed from the list. Makeshift Society closed its doors in 2016, so it also had to be excluded. The Pad was found to be in Sunnyvale, which is 41 miles from San Francisco, and as such, I determined it to be too far from San Francisco to include on the list. This left seven eligible spaces that had been included on at least two of the precompiled lists. Since Covo is the top rated coworking space on Yelp, I elected to include it as well, even though it did not appear on another list. Finally, I also decided to keep Phoenix on the list even though it is actually located in Alameda. Since its location is just 16 miles from San Francisco, I felt it was an acceptable addition to the list.


A consistent "size" was not available for all spaces. Some companies provided square footage, while others provided the number of offices or workspaces available. Even after searching for blueprints, media mentions, and real estate listings, I was unable to find square footage for all companies. As such, I provided what information I could find that would give an idea of the size of each space. Please note that despite an exhaustive search for media mentions, real estate listings, and blueprints, I was unable to find any information at all on the size of DG117.

Breather is unique in that it is more of a marketplace for spaces located in San Francisco than a single office space. However, since its locations can be rented by the hour or day, I included it on the list. Unfortunately, this also means that each location has a different price, different size, and different amenities. The website lists 76 spaces currently for rent, all of which have the pricing and accommodations available in their descriptions.


After wading through Yelp reviews and pre-compiled lists, investigating the offerings of each company, and verifying their locations, I have identified the top eight on-demand office spaces that can be rented by the day and/or hour as:

Workshop Cafe — Starting at $3/hour
Breather — Varies by location from $33/hour to $228/hour

A nearby coworking space in Alameda, California that may meet your needs is:


Of the eight on-demand office spaces in San Francisco that have been included on the attached spreadsheet, Workshop Cafe has the cheapest price at $3/hour, while Pacific Workplaces has the cheapest daily rate at $25/day.