Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Market

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Market

Research found Kantola to be an important entry offering sexual harassment prevention training courses, thus is included in this report.


  • EasyLlama offers sexual harassment training courses online via desktop, tablet and mobile. Their modules ensure compliance, but are tailored to inform in an interactive and entertaining way through "real life and relatable videos and quizzes , and speaks to everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers and beyond, in English, Spanish and 100 other languages".
  • The company claims, "Today, EasyLLama is one of the leaders in workplace harassment training with interactive eLearning courses that incorporate engaging, story-based videos and cutting-edge interactive software that go beyond compliance to effect real change for companies across the nation."
  • They state their training "takes a fresh and comprehensive approach through relevant examples and gamification." Their courses take an "approach to harassment prevention that focuses on people’s similarities rather than their differences and offers diverse, nuanced examples rather than cliched, outdated ones."
  • EasyLlama pricing is offered through 2 different means: pay as you go or custom plans. The pay as you go option has "no setup costs, no long-term commitment, credits can be assigned within 12 months after purchase, and is the same price for supervisors and non-supervisors."
  • The courses offered by EasyLlama address specific compliance requirements for California , Connecticut , Delaware , Illinois , Maine , New York , and Washington , in addition to a course titled 'Other U.S. States '. There is a course for Canada , as well as courses specific to COVID-19 Safety and Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Features of the courses include integration with HR and LMS tools, in addition to tracking each individual's progress through text and/or email alerts. The platform allows for yearly reminders, management of different departments and locations, as well as direct access to completion certificates after courses are completed.
  • Reviews of the course are positive: examples include "Great program. Easy to follow, and engaging. Not to long, or boring. Easy to stop and start. Up to date work related topics in today’s work cultures. Pleasant program"; "The course was very eye-opening, educational and informative. Learned a lot about our Federal and local laws"; and "WOW! Didn't expect this to be so easy to use, I literally got started in 5 minutes... I love the content as well, it has quizzes, real-life videos and the LLama theme makes it really interactive and engaging."
  • There are no details of company trainers in the public domain other than what is found on the company's website: "Our training is fully compliant and created by HR experts. We make courses that exceed state and federal requirements so you can rest at ease."

Inspired eLearning

  • The company offers "Security Awareness and Compliance elearning training solutions that include Security First Solutions a multilingual, off-the-shelf packaged security awareness program, CyQ™ Cybersecurity Assessment tool, PhishProof™ phishing simulation software, content integration, and a fully hosted web-based eLearning course delivery and tracking system using the iLMS (Inspired eLearning Management System)." Sexual harassment training and compliance courses are a part of eight different topics the platform offers. The company's 2 main divisions of course are security awareness and HR & compliance.
  • Inspired eLearning focus is "committed to delivering eLearning solutions of the absolute highest quality, ones which don’t simply check a box, but which drive positive and measurable changes in organizational culture as well", and they "want to help clients nurture and enhance workforce skills, protect themselves against cyberattacks and regulatory violations, and maximize the return on their investment in organizational training with their eLearning for employees."
  • The focus of the training provided by the company tends towards compliance. The company states that their "workplace and sexual harassment prevention library is designed to minimize the likelihood of a harassment claim being filed and to protect your organization if one is. Employees and supervisors are trained to understand and to recognize harassment in the workplace and to appropriately respond to instances of harassment when they see them."
  • There are 29 HR and harassment prevention courses offered by Inspired eLearning, with prices ranging from $20 to $29 per course (the courses for supervisors are usually above $40, but are currently discounted below $30).
  • All courses are only offered online. The digital online sexual harassment course "uses interactive video to provide learners with real-world examples of how to foster and maintain a respectful work environment, free of harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination. The course is "designed this module to teach learners how to recognize, report, and correct inappropriate actions or behaviors that could lead to instances of harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination."
  • Harassment training programs offered by the company are "fully reviewed and backed by Fisher Phillips, a nationally recognized employment law firm boasting more than 300 attorneys and 70 years of experience."
  • All of Inspired eLearning's C-level executive team are men, and none have a specific background or training in sexual harassment specific issues.

Media Partners

  • Media Partners use "award-winning films and learning content that are based on storytelling and data science in storytelling techniques that engage learners so that the content sticks, as they use data to continuously produce ever-more-compelling training that drives behavior change." The company offers dozens of digital online training courses related to sexual harassment.
  • With a main eye on compliance, the company's sexual harassment training offerings focus on the human aspects of training. The main website continually references making the workplace a better and safer environment for client's employees and managers. Their wide-ranging topics related to sexual harassment are covered in shorter, more compliance focused videos, while the intricate, in-depth training videos cover the human aspects.
  • "Media Partners has a 25-year track record of success in people-skills training", and their website includes links to case studies of the success of their programs.
  • Their Sexual Harassment Prevention 'Let's Get Honest' "takes an engaging, insightful, and occasionally humorous approach to a very serious topic. It provides honest and practical solutions to a variety of workplace issues ranging from flirting to clueless behavior and illegal, predatory harassment. He Said She Said provides interactive vignettes for identifying and discussing different types of inappropriate and illegal behaviors."
  • Each course is priced separately and viewable on separate web pages linked on their website. Generally, pricing for a single course per viewing costs $9.50 per, or an annual license costs $950.
  • Media Partners has recently been the winner of 7 awards for cinematic and educational excellence, including 2019's Ava Digital Awards winner for Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work.
  • The company's training offerings include sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, workplace violence prevention, and 'respectful workplace'.
  • Michael Bond is the company's creative director and is responsible for developing all the company’s learning content.

HR Classroom

  • "HR Classroom's web-based training allows companies to ensure they have delivered this important compliance information to all employees, no matter where they are located - and document each employee's training. The goal of this course is to teach the trainee what they can do to help their employer create and maintain a work environment free of sexual harassment."
  • As far back as 2001, the company described their focus as "a legal compliance online training program specializing in sexual harassment, workplace violence and discrimination prevention, as well as Interviewing, hiring and termination training for employers."
  • The tone of HR Classroom's sexual harassment training offerings is recognizable through its explanation and mission statement, "sexual harassment prevention training is needed because of the negative impact that sexual harassment can have on both employer and employee in the workplace. In addition to the time and expense of a potential complaint, discrimination and harassment can impact the workplace in a negative manner by causing lower employee morale, increased absenteeism, lower productivity, decreased commitment to the employer, and decreased motivation. Sexual harassment prevention training may also provide an affirmative defense for employers if a complaint is filed against them."
  • HR Classroom training licenses or units are purchased in 50 unit increments, and the minimum yearly purchase is 50 units X $9.99 or $499.00. Larger unit purchases are discounted accordingly.
  • HR Classroom offers compliance training in a variety of disciplines, as well as compliance management systems. Their trainings are divided into two main competencies: for employers or for supervisors and management.
  • While all the trainings offered by HR Classroom are online in digital form, they are customizable by incorporating a client's current training documents, videos, audios, or company policies and regulations.
  • Valparaiso University uses HR Classroom's offerings and proclaims, "HR Classroom has made it easier to provide critical information to all of our employees. The ease of access allows us the flexibility to provide it timely and conveniently. The information is relayed in a very understandable manner so that all who view are able to get the gist. Also, the tracking component that lets us know who has taken the training is a tool that adds efficiency to our operation."
  • There are no details in the public domain about the company's trainers or creative team.

Bond, Schoeneck & King

  • Bond, Schoeneck & King is a 120-year-old New York based law firm "with 250 lawyers in more than 30 practice and industry groups, working with companies, individuals, not-for-profits and public sector entities.
  • Their supervisory and management training programs focus on more than a dozen categories, including sexual harassment.
  • In 2019, the company launched an online based training program to combat sexual and other harassment in the workplace. " There are versions for both employees and supervisors as well as a New York City-compliant version. Bond also offers live in-person training which can be customized to each employer’s workplace and policy."
  • The focus and tone of the sexual harassment training program is geared toward compliance and is provided by attorneys of the firm.
  • "The pricing is volume-based, meaning the price per person goes down for larger numbers of employees. " Bond has three price tiers: 1 to 99: $20/user (maximum of $1,500) , 100 to 499: $15/user (maximum of $5,000) , and 500+: $10/user.
  • The interactive online program explains sexual harassment using examples, informs employees about laws regulating harassment, reporting procedures and legal rights available to victims , and addresses conduct by supervisors, and additional responsibilities for supervisors. "Bond’s interactive web-based training is compliant with regulations in New York State and New York City and available in English and Spanish. At no additional charge, updated versions will be provided if needed to address legislative developments. Discount pricing is available for the larger employer or for the company with their own Learning Management System (LMS)."
  • The firm also offers in-person training, although it is not clear how this offering has been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  • ProProfs' online harassment training for employees is recognized as one of the best software to deploy workplace anti-harassment training online. The company explains, "ProProfs online harassment courses are designed by professionals to help you put a shield against bias, discrimination, and intimidation at the workplace. Train your employees with our ready-to-use, customizable courses and meet mandatory Federal and state compliance requirements. Choose from sexual harassment courses designed keeping in mind the harassment laws in California, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maine. Prevent discrimination and harassment based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc. by enrolling your employees into sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, and workplace diversity training courses. ProProfs courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and using any device."
  • The platform allows users to create their own online training programs from scratch or by using templates and course material available through ProProfs, including sexual harassment prevention and compliance training.
  • Their sexual harassment segment allows clients to employ "effective workplace anti-harassment training such as sexual harassment and age discrimination using engaging courses. These sexual harassment training courses are not only easy to create, but they can be reused to train new employees." The individual courses can be customized with the client's business logo and brand messaging.
  • Since the courses offered can be customized, the focus can shift accordingly between compliance and human aspects. As well, the platform solution offers reporting and analytics features in the anti-harassment training software, providing data such as who has taken a course, the monitoring of individual as well as group progress, and see completed and pending courses. Also, the platform provides a check of learners’ satisfaction ratings through feedback and suggestion forms.
  • The platform's courses may be accessed "anytime, anywhere learning using popular devices such as a smartphone, tablet, PC, or a laptop. Facilitate learners to self-pace their learning & development at their convenience."
  • The pricing is tiered as the platform is offered in Essentials, Premium, and Enterprise categories, with a minimum of 10 users billed monthly for a year. The Essentials option is priced at $2 per learner, per month for a year, or $240.

  • " is a provider of training services designed to satisfy the California S.B. 1343 sexual harassment training requirements."
  • offers a California compliant "state-mandated S.B. 1343 sexual harassment prevention course takes place online in a webinar setting. These one-hour (for non-managerial employees) and two-hour (for managerial employees) interactive courses cover all the required content with a quiz upon completion of the course content."
  • Its focus is compliance and the tone is 'no-nonsense'.
  • The training service is free to start as registered companies are given their first five 1-hour employee training sessions free and their first two 2-hour supervisor training sessions free. Thereafter, trainings cost $10 per session for 1-Hour Employee Training and $20 per session for 2-Hour Supervisor Training .

  • The platform's "individual sexual harassment training is for a single individual looking to either obtain their certification to provide to an employer/organization as proof of training for compliance purposes or to further their knowledge of this important topic. " They offer two training versions: a one hour course for regular employees and a two-hour course for managers and supevisors. training is valid for all 50 states and also meets the specific state requirements of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York.
  • Compliance is the primary focus of the training course. They state, " is the leader in Sexual Harassment Training and Certification and our mission is to make sexual harassment training and compliance fast, easy, and painless. We specialize in helping individuals and small to midsize organizations get sexual harassment compliant in the most affordable, fastest, and easiest way possible."
  • The tone set by the company is evident in their statement, "Because of its prevalence and damaging affects to an organization's productivity, morale, and culture, employers must try and actively prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in their organization. The education process is the first and most important step in preventing and managing sexual harassment in the workplace."
  • is offered online only and is accessible via all smart digital devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile. The courses may be taken at intervals, not all in one sitting.
  • The platform's sexual harassment training for organizations costs $29.99 for 1 to 9 'seats', and further discounts are given based on volume. The sessions are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Their sexual harassment training for individuals is $29.99.
  • The platform offers other HR training as well as training for HIPAA, U.S. OSHA Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens, fraud waste and abuse, medical ethics, OSHA hazard communications, and infection controls.


  • Udemy claims they are the "leading global marketplace for learning and instruction, by connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed."
  • The courses offered by the platform include one for employees and another for managers.
  • The employee course description informs attendees will "learn about sexual harassment in the workplace and the ways to identify, report, and prevent it." It states, "Training all employees to understand, prevent and deal with workplace situations is nothing less than essential. Instead of allowing inappropriate conduct to lower employee morale and productivity, organizations should foster a positive and respectful work environment that will help all employees thrive."
  • The manager training course description states, "Training all managers to spot, prevent and deal with workplace situations is nothing less than essential. Instead of allowing inappropriate conduct to lower employee morale and productivity, organizations should foster a positive and respectful work environment that will help all employees thrive."
  • The focus and tone of the courses are geared towards compliance. The courses' educational approach "takes a modern approach to sexual harassment training as classes are illustrated with practical questions and examples . The classes include examples and real case discussions.
  • Pricing for the employee course was listed at a discounted price of $13.99 for a limited time only.
  • The price for the manager course is listed at $11.99 per attendee for a limited time only.
  • Udemy offers hundreds of online courses in many dozens of disciplines. And, the platform offers 16 courses specific to sexual harassment training and prevention.


  • Traliant proclaims their courses are "committed to delivering broadcast-quality compliance training in a format that resembles something you’d find on Hulu or Netflix. Experience the top benefits that come with an engaging, integrated learning system that’s built around the needs of your organization."
  • It is quickly evident their training focuses on the human element of sexual harassment, while still meeting or exceeding all state and federal compliance requirements. Their mission, "Great-looking, impactful, fully-customizable compliance training is the heart of our vision." They state, "At Traliant, compliance training is more than just a course. Our behavioral-based instructional design ensures people go beyond simple compliance to truly understand how to respond in actual workplace situations."
  • "Traliant’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training is comprised of bite-sized episodes presented in a modern, news-style format. Episodes feature interactive videos that challenge employees to decide on the best approach to difficult, realistic work situations."
  • Importantly, they offer industry specific courses for divergent industries like restaurants, construction, healthcare, hotels, and government.
  • Pricing is not available on their website. Further research was unable to identify pricing information on third-party sites related to the industry.
  • The platform offers dozens of other HR related courses online.
  • Apex Clean Energy said of the training, "The quality is phenomenal and all of the features work perfectly. In addition, you can stop watching on your mobile device and pick up right where you left off on your computer. And, vice versa. Our last LMS had poor mobile quality, the features never functioned correctly, and it never reported correctly from mobile back to the LMS. All in all, I’m thrilled."
  • "Traliant was founded by industry veterans and former executives from some of the most successful compliance training companies in the nation."

Universal Class

  • Universal Class is similar to Udemy in that it offers hundreds of online courses for many disparate subjects and fields. Its primary sexual harassment courses are Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era and Sexual Harassment Compliance.
  • Both cost $50 without a CEU certificate or $75 with.
  • The Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era course "is intended to serve as a tool for those who are looking to combat sexual harassment in the professional world and to help those who have been victimized by it." This course is toned towards the human element of the subject. There are 15 lessons and 16 exams in the course.
  • Goals of the 5 lesson Sexual Harassment Compliance course include, to understand what sexual harassment is , to learn what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable , to learn solutions for preventing sexual harassment , and to understand procedures and guidelines to follow when a sexual harassment incident occurs.


  • Kantola claims to be the best harassment training in the industry, "Co-developed with Littler, Kantola is proud to present an engaging online experience that combines compelling story-based video scenarios, micro-learning, thought-provoking interactive games, exercises, legal instruction and more. We go beyond compliance to produce award-winning courses that captivate your employees and effect real change.
  • Their focus and tone are beyond just compliance as they concentrate on presenting the human elements of the subject.
  • The online platform's "interactive courses exceed all federal and state requirements, so no matter if you are located in California, New York, or anywhere in between."
  • Their mission states, "From our founding by Steve Kantola, Phd, over 35 years ago, all the way through today, we continually endeavor to create the best training products we possibly can, deliver them to customers quickly and affordably in a format that helps them easily meet their training needs, and to do so while providing exceptional customer service. We hope to be your partners in creating a workplace where everyone is empowered to do, and be, their best."
  • "Kantola’s engineering team has designed a purpose-built platform that makes assigning, tracking, and taking training simple, but with the features and flexibility that can serve organizations of every size and structure, from a company of ten to a government entity of tens of thousands."
  • Kantola's main focus is harassment training, but they also provide courses in 9 other disciplines.
  • Their website claims 14,826 organizations have used their courses over the past 6 years.
  • The pricing for course offerings is available by request.
  • The regional director for Marriott Hotels and Resorts proclaimed, "The harassment training is exceptional, the best I have seen. Congrats on your content, subject matter covered and actors portrayal."

Client Perspective

Much information exists freely online offering advice on what good sexual training programs and courses should entail and contain. From blogs by online training platforms to industry experts, the following are the key ingredients to success in training employees, individuals, supervisors, and managers in sexual harassment prevention.
  • Allen Communications Learning Services offers 5 ways to achieve success in sexual harassment prevention training. They state, "The key to creating a great sexual harassment compliance training is content that is clear, engaging, and relevant to how your employees interact day to day, and promotes a safe dialogue."
  • Their 5 ingredients include, make the training mandatory, make it relatable, it should be about behavior not rules, make the training a safe space, and the training should be clear. Importantly, "Sexual harassment compliance training should have clear, decisive goals so that employees do not leave feeling confused and overwhelmed. Good training should conclude with employees gaining an increased awareness in all forms of harassment and a knowledge of formal policies and reporting procedures." The training should reflect the mission of an organization, including values and expectations.
  • Industry expert Kathy Gurchiek , the associate editor of global issues, OED & Diversity for SHRM Online details 6 important aspects of sexual harassment training. The training courses and programs should rebrand the training, use separate training for managers and supervisors, incorporate bystander training, encourage participation, use short training periods, and involve senior leaders.
  • Training should "appeal to a diverse audience with scenarios that include same-sex harasser and victim, as well as female managers as the harassers." In addition, "educating employees on how to speak up when they witness sexual harassment may help increase a sense of accountability for maintaining a safe office environment. Training should be tailored to the specific workplace and workforce and involve in-person training. Interactive education helps workers feel comfortable talking about an uncomfortable topic." Finally, training courses should include and focus on real conversations instead of "legal 'thou shall nots'.
  • Rhiân Davies of Software Advice online explains 5 important aspects of good sexual harassment prevention training programs and courses. Making the course mandatory is the first aspect. Once again, the training should be broken into small 'chunks' of time to keep it moving, but allow for study and completion to be accomplished based on the individual's schedule. "Because the brain’s working memory is limited, it also helps trainees retain information better."
  • The training should be tailored to a company's specific situation and industry. An online course that generalizes only office settings when the client is a restaurant or hotel rings hollow. The disconnect "opens up the possibility of workers dismissing the training as not being realistic, not being helpful, or not teaching anything relevant to the employee." Finally, good courses and programs should train workers on what they should be doing and include everyone, even senior leaders.
  • Industry expert and contributor to HR Morning, Chief People Officer Debbie Shotwell at Saba Software, provides more important aspects to prevention training. She begins by explaining sexual harassment training is broken . "Traditional sexual harassment training programs and policies are ineffective because they focus on the wrong issue. Aimed at reducing a company’s legal liability, most training now is centered on the compliance aspects of sexual harassment—not on changing the organization’s cultural dynamics."
  • Sexual harassment prevention training course topics should be expanded. "Sexual harassment training should be more than a one-hour course aimed at helping employees and managers identify sexual harassment. Since sexual harassment is a cultural issue, the curricula should also include training on topics like diversity, inclusion, and how bystanders can effectively speak up when they witness sexual harassment."
  • "Incorporating informal learning resources into sexual harassment training program can make learning more relevant and engaging. To be effective, sexual harassment needs to be personalized, interactive and ongoing. Having a new hire watch a standard video or sign off on a written policy as part of the onboarding process isn’t enough to impact cultural dynamics."
  • Online sexual harassment prevention training platform Traliant explains that training should be more user-friendly. "Presenting training material in bite-sized episodes is much more appealing to employees than clicking through hundreds of static slides. High-quality videos with interactivity are also transforming training from a passive to an active learning experience. Video scenarios that tell a believable story have the power to connect with employees on an emotional level, keeping them engaged as the story unfolds and sparking future conversations about how to respond to workplace harassment. And, of course, training should be mobile optimized to enable easy access from any device, at any time."
  • Industry expert Jennifer Orechwa writing for Projections Inc explains training must be tailored to the situation within a company. Harassment prevention in New York City, New York State, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, and Delaware may be radically different as there may be different training requirements." And, "There are likely different groups within the company as well, that a harassment prevention training must be adapted for. The supervisors and those in other higher positions need to receive training which is slightly different from others within the organization." Her article continues by highlighting advantages and disadvantages of several online sexual harassment prevention courses, including Traliant and Kantola.
  • A successful sexual harassment prevention training course or program should "provide a meaningful learning experience to engage, educate and influence individuals to make the right decisions and take the right actions." Co-founder and chief learning officer of sexual harassment training provider Traliant, Andrew Rawson wrote in Chief Learning Officer that training should follow "the building-block and bucket approach, or the “Triple B” approach. The idea is to start with a foundational harassment prevention training course, which can then be modified to meet different state and local mandates. By dividing different training requirements into buckets, organizations can more efficiently comply with current requirements and be able to handle new ones in the future as more anti-harassment legislation is enacted across the U.S."
  • Sarah Gallo of Industry Training explained that "a comprehensive training program that helps prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the first place — and teaches employees and leaders how to actively respond when it does. Creating a comprehensive program that incorporates topics like bystander intervention, civility, inclusion and unconscious bias is critical in ensuring all members of an organization know not only the state and federal laws regarding what constitutes sexual harassment but also how to respond when any member of the organization engages in harassing or discriminatory behavior."
  • "Comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training should also include continuous learning elements so that learners continue to think about ways to combat what has proven to be a pervasive workplace issue. Traliant, for example, uses short videos called “sparks” to accompany its sexual harassment training. Each video addresses a common workplace issue, from how to intervene as a bystander (“We’re In This Together”) to how to appropriately ask a co-worker out on a date (“Only Ask Once”)."

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