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A Place for Mom and Caring

Marketing strategy for both A Place for Mom (APFM) and Caring include service and brand awareness. APFM has also invested in online advertising and mobile advertising, just as Caring. In the first half of 2018, APFM spent $11.38 million on advertising while Caring, for the whole of the same year, spent $60.5 million in sales and marketing. The Senior leaders from both companies agree on the need for digital advertising as an essential tool in marketing.

Marketing strategy for A Place for Mom

  • In 2014, A place for Mom (APFM) revamped its mobile strategy to boost its leads
  • The strategy included; understanding consumer needs and mobile demand and adopting best mobile advertising practices
  • It focused its marketing towards mobile devices and implemented mobile bid adjustments and call extensions, which were introduced click-to-call ads and optimized the ad copy and design of its mobile site.
  • The strategy was a success with mobile calls from click-to-call ads rising by 59% and mobile leads increasing to 110%
  • According to Huson (the Senior Manager of SEM), the company will keep on enhancing its mobile strategy in the future after realizing opportunities in the growing use of mobile phones.
  • He also mentioned partnering with google for much understanding of mobile marketing.
  • The main aim of marketing through mobile advertising was to attract families who need its services, draw more providers to its partner network, and position itself as a trusted source for senior living accommodation referrals.
  • APFM, therefore, prioritized the rollout of campaigns based on volume, especially with their brand campaigns.
  • Recently advertising was based on educative content and search, which requires a team-driven collaborative approach on the importance of assisted living for people's loved ones and the caregivers, targeting potential customers.
  • In 2019, with the new CEO, Kutscher, the firm is reinventing to improve its brand as a trusted one by both their referrals and senior living providers. Kutscher says that he believes that building a company's value involves doing things in the right way that people are willing to pay a lot for the services provided.
  • The firm's campaigns feature TV host Joan Lunden speaking directly about the need for preparing for safe accommodation for loved ones, what young people need for their old parents, and other company's services.
  • Different TV adverts in the past two years included: "What I need" "memory care" (helping families get memory care) "parents living on their own" and "overwhelming" that feature Joan.
  • This year the company launched a new advertising campaign featuring Joan Lunden to reach families on the free guidance and services it provides. The message will be delivered through TV spots, a radio campaign and digital campaigns such as billboards and mobile display banners

The marketing strategy for Caring

  • Caring intend to create awareness on its services and brand through Television marketing, online advertising, and direct marketing
  • The target audience of marketing activities such as demand generation, advertising conferences, customer awareness, and press relations are families and caregivers, especially women representing 94% of caregivers and 81% of family members.
  • The company has invested in initiatives such as search engine optimization (“SEO”) and content development, which are designed to increase the visibility of their services
  • Brand protection is another strategy that involves ensuring quality service provision and customer satisfaction.
  • According to Jason Persinger, a digital marketing expert at, 1 in 3 Baby Boomers use YouTube for information on products and services, showing that digital marketing and advertising are essential for companies.
  • Marketing spend is usually weighted towards the high season of families seeking care.
  • In 2018, the sales and marketing expenses, including TV advertising, branding, other advertising and public relation, consulting, and costs for sales and marketing employees, amounted to $60.5 million.

Research Strategy

To answer the client's question, We searched through companies' websites, annual business reports, press releases, and relevant articles. We obtained information on the Caring marketing strategy from its annual report released in 2019. For APFM, information was not readily available; therefore, we searched using different strings on news articles and got details on marketing strategy. The scope of the search was extended to 2014 to help give more details on marketing.


  • "It implemented mobile bid adjustments and call extensions, introduced click-to-call ads and optimized the ad copy and design of its mobile site. Its efforts paid off: mobile calls from click-to-call ads jumped 59% and mobile leads increased 110%. Understand consumer needs and demand on mobile,Adopt best practices for mobile advertising and Increase leads and conversions on mobile"
  • "As the market continues to shift toward mobile devices, we are continuing to enhance our mobile strategy to adopt new mobile best practices and understand what works best for our mobile customers," explains Huson.In addition, APFM intends to use ad scheduling more extensively to ensure that call extensions are available only when its inbound call center is staffed."
  • "With the help of AdWords, APFM strives to do three things: attract families who need its services, draw more providers to its partner network and position itself as a trusted source for senior living accommodation referrals."
  • "Teaming with Google helped us understand the magnitude of the need and opportunity," says Stephen Huson, APFM's senior director of SEM. Although the company has seen 68% YoY growth in revenue from AdWords, it recognized that it could seize additional opportunities by adjusting its mobile strategy, which accounted for a very small portion of its overall marketing investment."
  • "Content and organic search are huge lead drivers for A Place for Mom and crucial factors for finding customers early in the funnel (i.e. a family may not think their loved one is ready for assisted living, but APFM’s content educates them on why it’s important to think and plan early on). "
  • "Providing these resources and topical insights for customers, while congruently managing content marketing and search, takes a team-driven collaborative approach to content creation "
  • "A Place for Mom’s new CEO, Larry Kutscher, is working to reinvent the company within two years, including by redefining its relationship with senior living providers."
  • "Kutscher explained his approach, summing up the message that he has been delivering to senior living executives since taking the CEO position at A Place for Mom in April: “The way you build company value so that someone is willing to ultimately pay a lot of money for that company is if you do things the right way, and you do them well, and you create value for your customers, and you create a great team,” he said."
  • "A Place For Mom is appointing Mercury as its new AOR for TV buying for the senior assisted living referral service. The remit includes TV planning, buying and attribution. The company is probably best-known for its campaigns that feature TV host Joan Lunden speaking directly about the company's services, and this new partnership is designed to utilize data to better measure the impacts of its media spend. "
  • "The company has spent $11.38 million on advertising during the first six months of 2018, while its 2017 U.S. ad budget was $24.16 million. "
  • "Joan Linden from A Place For Mom has a service for you. Joan explains that A Place For Mom is a free senior living referral service, which helps you find the right senior care fast. The service offers free one-on-one advice from local advisors and a list of communities you can visit."
  • "The news of the planned office came on the heels of the launch of a new advertising campaign featuring longtime APFM spokeswoman Joan Lunden, who has partnered with the company since 2012. "
  • "The new campaign was timed to follow the holidays, when families often notice that their loved ones might benefit from senior living, “to reach more families with the message that A Place for Mom can provide the support and guidance needed during the emotional time of finding senior living options for loved ones,” Kutscher said. "
  • "The campaign’s message, according to the company, is based on feedback and learning from customers’ own personal experiences searching for senior living options. The campaign consists of four 30-second television spots that debuted right before the New Year as well as 15-second spots, a radio campaign and a digital campaign that includes billboards and mobile display banners."
  • "Joan Lunden recommends speaking with senior adviser who understands memory care at A Place For Mom for free information. The journalist wishes she'd asked for help sooner when her mom began to forget things."
  • "In order to grow our membership, we intend to increase the visibility of our services, platform and brand awareness among families and caregivers through our investments in various marketing channels, such as television, online advertising and direct marketing. "
  • "These investments also include initiatives such as search engine optimization (“SEO”) and content development, which are designed to increase the visibility of our services in organic search result listings and social media channels. "
  • "Our marketing strategy is focused on attracting families and caregivers to our marketplace. Our marketing efforts are designed to increase brand awareness, maximize reach and penetration and grow our member base. Marketing activities include demand generation, advertising, conferences, press relations and customer awareness."
  • "Our target market is primarily women on both sides of the marketplace. Women are typically the primary care decision makers for their family-either as mothers or adult daughters-and represent 94% of our caregivers and 81% of our families. "
  • "Our marketing spend is weighted towards our high seasons based on the timing of demand from families seeking care.We had $60.5 million in sales and marketing expenses in fiscal year 2018 and $66.9 million in sales and marketing expenses in fiscal year 2017 . "
  • "The strength of our brand is essential to our business. Member awareness, and the perceived value, of our brand depends largely on the success of our marketing efforts and the ability of our members to have a consistent, high-quality experience with our service. As a result, we must ensure that our new and existing members are satisfied with our products and services."
  • "Our selling and marketing expenses primarily consist of customer acquisition marketing, including television advertising, branding,other advertising and public relations costs, as well as third-party resources for consulting and allocated facilities and other supporting overhead costs. In addition,sales and marketing expenses include salaries, benefits,stock-based compensation, travel expense and incentive compensation for our sales and marketing employees. "
  • "1 in 3 Baby Boomers looks to YouTube for information on products and services, according to ThinkWithGoogle. One caveat I’d point out with that statistic though: their data is a bit skewed to active users of YouTube or reflects survey responses from folks who’ve watched YouTube at least once a month. "
  • "Jason Persinger is a digital marketing expert among the newest to join the management team, with insights to help you optimize your sales and marketing efforts using Caring’s directory and referral services."