Seed to Table Restaurants in Connecticut

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Seed to Table Restaurants in Connecticut

Two examples of seed to table restaurants include Arethusa al tavolo and G-Zen. One of the special things about G-Zen is that it produces almost everything used in its restaurant in-house, including condiments such as ketchup, 'nayonaisse' (egg-free mayonnaise), and pasta. Additional details on these seed to table restaurants as well as three other farm to table restaurants have been provided below.

Seed to Table Restaurants

Arethusa al tavolo

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  • Arethusa al tavolo is a diary and seed to farm restaurant located in Bantam Connecticut. The restaurant is the vision of Chef Dan Magill and the ingredients supplied by its farm called the Arethusa Dairy Farm.
  • The restaurant was opened in 2013.
  • What is special about Arethusa is that "it crafts every aspect of the gardens; from making potting soil and compost from its manure; to the seeds it selects; the heirloom, heritage and up and coming varieties that it is passionate about; it focuses on peak harvesting, taste, texture, and exquisite freshness."
  • Also, Chef Magill was named Connecticut's chef of the year by the Connecticut Restaurant Association. The restaurant itself was named on the top 100 restaurants of 2017 by OpenTable.


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  • G-Zen is "an organic, vegan, sustainable restaurant designed to meet the discriminating tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike." It is located on 2 East Main Street, Branford, CT 06405.
  • According to its founders, Ami Beach and her husband, Executive Chef Mark Shadle, "We’re not just farm to table but actually are seed to table, we’re saving our own seeds, sprouting them, harvesting them, cooking with them, and starting that whole process over again."
  • One of the special things about the restaurant is that nearly everything used in the restaurant is made in-house, including "ketchup, 'nayonaisse' (egg-free mayonnaise), pasta, sauerkraut, and even seitan, a wheat-based meat alternative commonly used in vegan cooking."

Farm to Table Restaurants

Farmer's Table

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  • Farmer's Table is a restaurant that uses the combination of ingredients it grows and raises with other fresh locally-sourced ingredients from reliable and responsible sources. It is located on 12 Forest Street, New Canaan, CT 06840.
  • Most of the restaurant's ingredients also come from the chef's brother's farm, which supplies natural beef, pork, chickens, ducks, and vegetables.
  • The specials on the menu at Farmer's table changes each day depending on what was picked and foraged.

Farmhouse Restaurant

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  • Located in 43 S. Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470, Farmhouse Restaurant is another example of a farm to table restaurant in Connecticut.
  • The ingredients for its specials are "sourced from the farmlands, fields and oceans of the Northeast."
  • Farmhouse Restaurant was voted as one of the top 10 farm to table restaurants in Connecticut by readers of CT's Natural Nutmeg magazine in 2017.
  • The restaurant was also selected as one of the top 10 "Best Farm-to-Table/Organic/Vegan Restaurant in the Special Edition Issue in December 2018."

River Tavern

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  • Founded in 2001, River Tavern works with local fishermen, farmers, and cheese makers to provide different fresh and innovative cuisines that change per day depending on the "current harvest of Connecticut purveyors."
  • River Tavern was part of the first restaurants in the state to participate in the state's Department of Agriculture's Farm-to-Chef program.
  • The restaurant also regularly updates its stock of cocktail, beer, and wine to complement its current menu and changing seasons.

Research Strategy

Our research was able to turn up two additional seed to table restaurants in Connecticut. As such, we have had to complement our findings with three farm to table restaurants. To find more seed to table restaurants, we searched through the Department of Agriculture's website as it could be providing programs that are similar to Farm-to-Chef program, but for seed to table restaurants. We also looked through tourism-related websites as these sites regularly publish lists of places by categories. Unfortunately, the lists we found were focused on farm to table restaurants. Our search through industry-related magazines such as Connecticut's Natural Nutmeg Magazine also proved abortive. Our findings support the earlier retort from the research team that "the term 'seed to table' is not a widespread term, and we will likely have to revert to 'farm to table.'

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