Seattle-Based Design/Psychology Experts

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Seattle-Based Design/Psychology Experts

Peter H. Kahn, Margaret Morris, Michelle Goodman, Wade Lanning, and Youseff Sneifer, are all experts who either are psychology or design experts that address the impact of technology in our lives, across digital inclusion, diversity in technology, data and privacy, or shifting digital identities. They are all based in the Seattle, Washington area.


Peter H. Kahn, Jr.

  • Mr. Kahn is a professor in the Department of Psychology and School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington.
  • He is the author of five books all published by MIT Press.
  • Kahn is also Co-Director of The Mina Institute (Covelo, CA), an organization that seeks to promote, from an ethical perspective, the human relationship with nature and technology.

Margaret Morris

  • Mararet Morris is a clinical psychologist researcher and inventor of technologies who explores how technology can be more psychologically helpful.
  • Morris is a Senior Research Scientist at Intel.
  • She now conducts research on user experience as a consultant and teaches at the University of Washington in Seattle.
  • Morris is the author of a book called "Left to Our Own Devices".

 Michelle Goodman 

  • Michelle Goodman is a business and technology writer, editor, content specialist and an award-winning author of two career guides, "The Anti 9to5 Guide", and "My So Called Freelance Life".
  • Goodman is a writer for The Seattle Times Explore and the University of Washington's Professional & Continuing Education newsletter.
  • Goodman has been an independent business and technology writer, editor, and content specialist for almost two decades. Her clients have included multinational corporations, startups, and a wide range of magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Wade Lanning

  • Lanning is an engineer and the founder of a research lab at Georgia Tech.
  • He managed a commercial material testing lab, which deals with digital image correlation, deformation mapping, software suite, and laboratory information management systems.
  • Lanning attended Georgia Tech and Penn State to obtain his PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
  • Lanning has multiple research projects that may be viewed here.

Youseff Sneifer

  • Sneifer is a Fintech and Blockchain Strategist advisory counsel for Perkins Coie and has spent twenty years in the legal field.
  • Sneifer is currently responsible for the firm's blockchain practice.
  • He served as the president of Microsoft Payments, Inc.
  • "Sneifer has a strong background advising clients on a variety of commercial transactions, including procurement, IT and supply chain, with a special focus on commerce and payment services, such as online and offline electronic payment services, prepaid access/stored value/virtual currency and cross-border payment."
  • Sneifer has been a speaker at multiple conferences which may be viewed here.