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Salt Product and Packaging Format Ideas (1)

Xcambo salt spray, PhytoSalt plant-based salt, and TasteStick measured salt dispenser are 3 examples of innovative salt product format and packaging that control salt intake. Details about each innovation are provided below and the visuals are attached in the Google document.

Xcambo Salts

  • Xcambo salts are liquid salt sprays from Mexico. This product is hand harvested in the Chicxulub Crater of the Yucatán Peninsula.
  • Its ingredients include saturated unrefined salt solution and trace minerals. It claims to have low sodium content and without artificial additives.
  • Xcambo salt sprays also come in different flavors, such as vanilla, turmeric, tequila, rosemary, citrus, garlic, cacao, hibiscus, mezcal, habanero, and black.
  • The spray bottle packaging enables the salt to be dispensed uniformly reducing excess salt application.
  • Xcambo recommends 3-6 sprays to reduce 90% sodium consumption compared to a pinch of regular salt.


  • Phyto Corporation, a South Korean food technology company, developed plant-based salt, which they call PhytoSalt.
  • It comes from Salicornia, which is a salt-accumulating plant that grows on saline land near seasides.
  • It claims to be the only plant-based organic salt on the market and the world's only "naturally low-sodium salt" that prevents salt stress from excessive salt intake.
  • The company claims PhytoSalt reduces sodium intake by 20%.


  • TasteStick is a salt packaging dispenser that gives the "perfect pinch of salt" with each use. It gives the user control on the amount of salt dispensed and spread area, thus managing salt intake.
  • It guarantees 30mg salt, or 1/160th of a teaspoon, for every use so users will not worry about overindulging.
  • TasteStick already comes with 200g salt from the Austrian Alps, and can be refilled with the users choice of salt later on.
  • It is available for pre-order in Kickstarter.
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Salt Product and Packaging Format Idea (2)

Innovative formats and packaging that make it simple to use salt in everyday recipes include containers, all-in-one kits, measuring devices and labeling. Products and brands identified have drawn from flavor trends, consumer lifestyle research and insights about cooking occasions to tailor their packaging.

Packaging makes it simple to choose

  • "Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf," according to Nielsen research. In an CPG environment, saturated with products, they stress the importance of constant visibility on shelf and to remember "convenience as a mindset." Choosing your new go-to product can be overwhelming, in the face of so much choice.
  • Chef recommendations or creating products with wannabe chefs in mind is a prominent tactic in this category. One-third of U.S. consumers say they are actively looking for new products to try so novelty or all-in-one/all-purpose ranges are also used, particularly around occasions such as the holidays.
  • Richard Taylor of Brandon Associates is 'an evangelist' for simplicity in packaging and advises brands to follow the design semiotics of their food category but also use "emotive designs that drive a human connection and give shoppers a trigger to buy."
  • However, "it's not just about having a unique structure but also about ensuring you have the right format to meet the needs of your audience, whether that's a smaller pack size, or, thinking laterally, packaging that taps into other areas, such as Wrigley's tubs of gum for car drinks holders."
  • No matter how clever packaging is, it should be memorable and advance a brand's story. The distinctive cork top used by Le Saunier de Camargue is both a functional and a design asset used to communicate their origin story. Equally, the blue Baleine whale and Maldon Salt's diamond logo adds authenticity and communicates heritage.
  • Clarity of health messaging and suggested usage for food products is an area where salt products could innovate. Well-designed logos and labels make it simple to identify brands on shelf and highlight important information about health, ingredients or usage. Given the many dietary restrictions, medical conditions and government advisories related to food consumption, salt brands could integrate 'simplicity' messaging into their product design.

Using Simplicity in the design

  • Communicating product benefits or dramatizing information up front makes it easier for customers to integrate daily salt allowances into their diet.
  • In fact, brands are increasingly offering minimalist kitchen-related items and appliances. Items and spaces prioritize consumers living in dense populations which created a desire for small-space solutions.

  • The design was inspired by recipe instructions to add a pinch of salt or pepper. Featuring a larger base and a slimmer top, the 'Pinch' shakers are intended to be held as if they were adding a pinch of seasoning to a recipe.
  • The 'Pinch' pepper and salt shakers are the design work of Luke Mastrangelo and feature a decidedly simple yet modern aesthetic, "the design of the a holistic expression of the very action behind a recipe instruction."

  • Adding seasoning to meals can be a bit of a risk sometimes but Straw Salt and Pepper Shakers ensures that is never the case. Their slim design forces people to be more conservative when it comes to dosing their food with salt and pepper.
  • Modeled after classic bendy straws. Designed by DesignK, they can easily take up the role of utensils and the shakers add to the decor of the dining table.

Using Innovation in packaging

  • It is a set of four vessels by Peleg Design, capable of holding all sorts of flavorful recipe enhancers that can create different culinary landscapes.
  • The container focuses on the physicality of the Himalayas to highlight the origin of the salt (and a novel addition to the kitchen landscape).
  • Salt and pepper are basic ingredients that will give the mountainous jars white or black hues. Removing the snow-capped lids of the Himalaya Spice Containers exposes the covered shakers' openings.
Arcto Alpine Salt Shaker
  • The shaker is a condiment dispenser designed to acclimatize the spice to be usable in any setting. The design provides the comforts of home without compromising on functionality while traveling through the great outdoors.
  • It has a sleek rectangular shape and a specially engineered plastic exterior that resists humidity and temperature changes.
  • The plastic is formatted to be durable and weather-proof to keep the elements out and reduce clumping in both the salt and pepper that would otherwise make sprinkling a challenge. The casing is also engineered to remain tightly sealed so that no spills will occur while traveling.

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Salt Product and Packaging Format Idea (3)

Three, innovative salt product formats that promote creative ways to use edible salt playfully are the (1) smart salt shaker, (2) squeeze grinder, and (3) light switch salt shaker. Screenshots of all three product formats are included in this Google Doc.

Smart Salt Shaker

  • A smart salt shaker is an innovative product format that promotes creative ways to use edible salt playfully.
  • The product that brought this innovative concept to market is named SMALT, which is "the world's first interactive centerpiece and smart salt dispenser designed to enhance your dining experience."
  • This link is to a YouTube video that explains how the smart salt shaker works, in detail.
  • Salt can be dispensed in a number of innovative ways. First, since there's an app for the product, a person (who has the app) can shake their smartphone or pinch the screen of their smartphone, which will then dispense salt. When a person does so, if the smart shaker is being held in a position to dispense salt directly onto food, that will occur, whereas if the shaker is standing upright, the salt will dispense into a removable tray at the bottom of the product, which a person can easily slide out, shake the salt onto their food, and then reinsert into the shaker.
  • The second, innovative way that salt can be dispensed is through voice command. SMALT works in conjunction with Alexa, so all a person needs to say is "Alexa, dispense (specified amount) of salt" and it will do so.
  • The third way that the product dispenses salt is the traditional method of holding the shaker and actually shaking it directly onto food, without any smart controls.
  • This smart salt shaker does more than just dispense salt in innovative ways. It also has a speaker that's Bluetooth-enabled and offers different lighting options that shine from a ring around the top of the shaker to create the desired ambiance in a room. Furthermore, sodium intake can even be monitored through the product's app.
  • The innovative, smart salt shaker product format promotes creative ways to use salt playfully by reimagining the entire of concept of what a smart speaker can do in becoming the centerpiece of a table and featuring a speaker, custom lighting, voice control, and its own app.
  • Screenshots of this smart salt shaker are included on page one of this Google Doc.

Squeeze Grinder

  • An innovative, salt product format that promotes creative ways to use edible salt playfully is the squeeze grinder.
  • Unlike other types of salt grinders, the squeeze grinder has two handles affixed to the top of the shaker, which resemble the shape of ears. When the handles are squeezed together, the salt inside is ground and dispensed.
  • The handles on the squeeze grinder are easily maneuverable, so one hand is all that's need to squeeze them together and thus grind/dispense the salt.
  • The innovative, squeeze grinder, salt product format promotes creative ways to use salt playfully by providing a new, interactive, and entertaining way for people to grind salt that marks a stark departure from the routine concept of either just twisting the lid or spinning a handle to grind/dispense salt.
  • Screenshots of this squeeze salt grinder are included on page two of this Google Doc.

Light Switch Shaker

  • Another innovative, salt product format that promotes creative ways to use edible salt playfully is the light switch salt shaker.
  • As its name implies, the light switch shaker both resembles a light switch and functions like one through its quasi on-and-off capabilities.
  • The actual, functioning switch on the salt shaker has the letters "S" for salt and "P" for pepper on its two endpoints, which mirror the on and off endpoints on a traditional light switch.
  • The switch on the salt shaker is fully operable and when flipped to either "S" or "P" dispenses such seasoning.
  • There are two, separate compartments on the back of the shaker for filling salt and pepper.
  • The innovative, light switch salt shaker product format promotes creative ways to use edible salt playfully by providing people with a very interesting way to dispense salt onto their food through combining the concepts of an everyday object (a light switch) with a common kitchen product (a salt shaker) into one product.
  • Screenshots of this light switch salt shaker are included on page three of this Google Doc.

Research Strategy

We went about identifying innovative salt product formats that promote creative ways to use edible salt playfully by looking for images of unique salt shakers. We chose to look for images and not articles because our focus was on creative ways to use salt playfully. Thus, we decided that by seeing product visuals, we could get a better sense of how those product formats promote creative ways to use salt playfully. We focused on salt product format ideas instead of packaging ideas because the former appeared to more-closely apply to creative ways to use salt playfully. For images that appeared to be very innovative or creative, we then linked to the sources of those images, which were a combination of articles (such as one in Food and Wine), ecommerce sites (such as Wayfair), a company site (SMALT), and YouTube.
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Salt Product and Packaging Format Idea (4)

Innovative salt product designs include ceramic box holders, paper box holders, and glass pastel-colored jars. Each design represents different attributes of premium salt products including luxury and prestige, health, sustainability, and self-elevation. Companies aim, by associating salt with these themes through unique packaging, to expand the influence of salt products both socially and culturally.

The Salt Box

  • The Salt Box is an Australian salt company.
  • The Salt Box's packaging features a ceramic box that carries an array of distinctive premium salts, not only for cooking but for wellness. The product design is used for the company's wellness and food salt products.
  • Its unique box design reflects authenticity, purity, and the gourmet nature of salt. It aims to inflict a sense of refined taste and culture to the salts offered.
  • For consumers, the packaging design is an aesthetically pleasing tool that can be used as a beautiful centerpiece and to add class to parties.
  • The design is fully functional and used to keep salts fresh and moist, unlike traditional grinders that do not maintain the integrity of the salt.

Dorset Sea Salt Co.

  • Dorset Sea Salt Co.'s (a UK-based brand) salt holder design consists of a softer approach to the traditional salt carrier aesthetic which usually has blue hue packaging.
  • The design is simple but stands out from other brands as the packaging features an array of pastel colors used to communicate excitement and uniqueness for salt flavors.
  • The colorful pastel palette also represents the salt as fresh, premium, and unique.
  • Its former plastic design was overhauled for a recyclable glass jar which represents luxury and sustainability.
  • Also, the gold foil finish of the lettering reflects the importance of sea salt throughout history. At one point sea salt was worth more than gold. This reinforces the prestige that sea salt is associated with.

True Salt Co.

  • True Salt Co.'s (a Phoenix-based company) packaging features a paper boxed salt with a small window to showcase the grain.
  • The recyclable packaging showcases the company's dedication to cleaner better salt and a more sustainable happy earth.
  • Its packaging design relates salt to all-natural properties as it has been processed without chemicals or additives.
  • The salt is meant to elevate the customers' taste, mind, body, and soul, rather than solely being used to enhance food.

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Salt Use Trends

Two innovative trends regarding the use of edible salt are smoked sea salt and truffle salt. Details of these trends are below.

Smoked Sea Salt

  • One innovative trend regarding the use of edible salt is smoked sea salt, which, according to Jennifer Dennis, inside sales manager at SaltWorks, "has been emerging as a flavor trend amongst several different categories—from snack foods, confections, and seasoning blends—to add a robust smoky taste."
  • Smoked salts are becoming associated with a premium product, which makes consumers feel that they have gotten "something a bit special or exclusive."
  • Besmoke, a company located in the UK, uses traditional smoke flavors such as oak, hickory, beech, and apple to smoke its salts, but it has also recently seen a rise in the demand for provenance flavors such as pine cone-smoked salt.
  • Besmoke allows consumers to create their own smoked salt flavors, but also supplies companies like Maldon Sea Salt and McCormick with smoked salts with provenance flavors, such as "pine cones or cuttings from a specific vineyard in France."
  • This is a trend because it is mentioned in multiple industry publications and by experts in the industry as a trend.

Truffle Salt

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Salt Manufacturer Case Studies

Morton Salt and Ankur Chemfood Ltd are two salt manufacturers that have released innovative (edible) salt product packaging. Their innovative product packagings have received prestigious innovation awards from reputable institutions.

#1: Morton Salt

  • Morton Salt was established in Chicago in 1848. With more than 20 production facilities located in the US, Canada, and the Bahamas, Morton Salt's iconic blue fiber-wound package has been a standard item in most American homes for over 70 years.
  • The company features several culinary salts in 20 different packages, including fine and coarse Himalayan pink salts, table salt, kosher salts, sea salts, and seasoned salts, among others.

The Innovative Product Packaging Used and Why It Is Considered Innovative

  • After over a decade, Morton Salt, with the help of Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven, unveiled its first significant packaging redesign for its Coarse Kosher, Coarse Sea Salt, and Fine Sea Salt culinary products to give the brand a fresh, premium appearance that would make the brand stand out on grocery store shelves.
  • While retaining its iconic blue color, the redesign features refreshed graphics for a bold, premium look, with emphasis on functionality. It includes an ergonomic shape for single-handed use and a cover that can be flicked open with a finger. It also features a see-through window that allows home cooks to gauge the amount of salt remaining in the bottle.
  • Excluding its removable shrink-wrap label, the bottle is 100% recyclable, making it suitable for the eco-conscious consumer.
  • In April 2019, one month after the launch of the redesigned packaging, the new bottle design received the National Association of Container Distributors' prestigious Gold Innovation Award.

#2: Ankur Chemfood Ltd

The Innovative Product Packaging Used and Why It Is Considered Innovative

  • With the help of the Indian company, Pentaflex Films LLP, Ankur Chemfood Ltd developed a sustainable and recyclable solution for the packaging of its Ankur Salt brand.
  • Gravure printing on PE (polyethylene) usually has its limitations. As such, packaging salt in a PET+PE structure has been the tradition because of the ease of printability and quality of gravure printing on PET (polyethylene terephthalate).
  • However, Pentaflex Films successfully developed a 100%-recyclable PE+PE flexo printed structure without any changes in shelf appeal, as it is nearly indistinguishable from the original gravure product. In this structure, the two layers of PE sandwich the print layer.
  • Pentaflex Films' innovation earned it a silver award with the highest honors at Kodak's Global Flexo Innovation Awards in 2019 for "conversion from other print processes and commitment to sustainable print."

From Part 02
  • "More than 70% of the sodium we consume comes from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods. The rest of the sodium in the diet occurs naturally in food (about 15 percent) or is added when we’re cooking food or sitting down to eat (about 11 percent). So even if you never use the salt shaker, you’re probably getting too much sodium."
  • "One estimate suggested that if Americans moved to an average intake of 1,500 mg/day sodium, it could result in a 25.6 percent overall decrease in blood pressure and an estimated $26.2 billion in health care savings."
  • "Many Americans have acquired a taste for a high salt diet. One way to cut back is to skip the table salt."
  • "check the Nutrition Facts label to compare how a given sea salt compares to table salt, which has about 575 mg sodium per ¼ teaspoon."
  • "Choose foods with less sodium and prepare foods with little or no salt. To lower blood pressure, aim to eat no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. Reducing daily intake to 1,500 mg is desirable because it can lower blood pressure even further. If you can’t meet these goals right now, even reducing sodium intake by 1,000 mg per day can benefit blood pressure."
  • ""Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf, and 56% of European consumers say in-store discovery is one of their top information sources for new products, compared to 45% for TV ads.""
  • "The 2016 Breakthrough Innovation Report, Europe Edition, celebrates 11 of the most successful new product launches across Europe—with a particular focus on the tactics these brands employed to excel in market. "
  • "(Richard Taylor of Brandon Associates) In addition to following the design semiotics of particular food categories, he advises brands to develop emotive designs that drive a human connection and give shoppers a trigger to buy. There are also opportunities to create new icons that capture attention and drive such a connection. Taylor is also an evangelist for simplicity in packaging. "You can literally see the manufacturing-led businesses on-shelf, the pack almost becoming a PowerPoint presentation littered with irrelevant bullet points," he says. "Brands that stand out and win do one thing and sell it well.""
  • "Simpler options are also possible – as shown by the example of San Pellegrino adding a peel-off top to its soft drinks cans, "evoking memories of peeling fruit, so taking you to that natural place the brand wants you to be in when buying a fizzy orange or lemon drink". But, adds Taylor, "it's not just about having a unique structure but also about ensuring you have the right format to meet the needs of your audience", whether that's a new product format, a smaller pack size, or, thinking laterally, packaging that taps into other areas, such as Wrigley's tubs of gum for car drinks holders."
  • "She cites examples of a couple of brands that have done this – Heinz's 'Get Well Soup' campaign, where people were able to gift a can of soup to someone not feeling well, so reinforcing the brand's nurturing position. And soft drink Irn Bru's 'Bru's Your Clan?' campaign – created by jkr – cemented the brand's role as an emblem of Scottish nationalism when it featured 52 different clan tartans on its packs."
  • "The Nielsen Design Impact Award to demonstrate the tremendous impact that effective package design can have, and to celebrate brands that are elevating the role of packaging in the marketing mix. Specifically, the award recognizes successful package redesigns in the fast-moving consumer-goods space around the world—ones that have helped to drive significant increases in brands’ bottom lines."
  • "Walgreens started by listening to its consumers. The team talked to over 7,000 consumers across both qualitative and quantitative positioning and packaging research. Where did they land? Nice! became food and beverage brand focused on great taste that its consumers can feel good about. The tagline: Simple. Honest. Delicious. Kier elaborated on how health trends played a role in this re-brand, “Walgreens is a health-focused retailer, and we wanted to ensure the brand laddered back up to our enterprise. It was important to our consumers to be transparent about balance. Our shoppers don’t necessarily buy into diet trends or run marathons, but they are trying to make healthy choices and don’t want to feel guilty about a piece of candy every now and then.”"
  • "Then, Crair elaborated on how they designed the pack to showcase the brand’s core health and wellness components, “In order to bring transparency to life on pack, we created a “health corner” to showcase claims. We wanted to make it really easy and intuitive for the consumer to find all of those key benefits, so they don’t have to rotate to the back of pack. It’s a really simple and straightforward kind of shopping experience.” "
  • "30,000 new products each year is a lot for anyone to think about, and it might seem hard to stand out in a sea that large. But, in reality, there has never been a better time for manufacturers to find breakthrough success with innovation. In fact, one-third of U.S. consumers say they are actively looking for new products to try. "
  • "We define “success” as sustaining or growing from the new product’s first year in market to the second (specifically, achieving at least 90% of sales from year one in year two)."
  • "Nielsen innovation data shows that in 2019, a new product was launched to the U.S. marketplace every two minutes. "
  • "Bart asked long-standing partner Beatson Clark to refresh its herbs and spices packaging as part of its rebrand by redesigning its standard 95ml Spice jar to incorporate a screw cap which can easily be removed. The previous jars featured a recyclable 5PP black plastic spoon or sprinkle cap which for stability reasons was not removable. Black plastic is not easily detected by scanners in recycling plants so the new, improved jar now features a lighter-coloured screw cap which can easily be removed, allowing the packaging to be fully recyclable."
  • ""
  • "Adding seasoning to meals can be a bit of a risk sometimes, yet the Straw Salt and Pepper Shakers ensures that is never the case. Their slim design forces people to be more conservative when it comes to dosing their food with salt and pepper, ensuring that unexpected high volumes are a thing of the past. But what makes the Straw Salt and Pepper Shakers truly special is the adorable shape, which was modeled after classic bendy straws. Designed by DesignK, they can easily take up the role of utensils. Whether placed in a container to hold up or on one side of a plate like a set of knives and forks, the shakers add to the decor of the dining table."
  • "The common instruction to add a pinch of salt or pepper is taken as inspiration with the 'Pinch' pepper and salt shakers that work to be held in such a manner. Featuring a larger base and a slimmer top, the 'Pinch' shakers are intended to be held in the manner that one would form their hands if they were adding a pinch of seasoning to a recipe. The 'Pinch' pepper and salt shakers are the design work of Luke Mastrangelo and feature a decidedly simple yet modern aesthetic. The design of the shakers draws inspiration from the very recipes they are intended to be used for seasoning for a holistic expression of the very action behind a recipe instruction."
  • "At the Summer Fancy Foods Show, The Mushroom Benefit will be introducing its innovative seasoning sachets, which are set to disrupt the soups, stock and sauces on the market. While there are many brands that have introduced seasoning sachets that contain single-use powdered products, The Mushroom Benefit sets itself apart with large mesh sachets—that are about twice the size of a regular tea bag—filled with mushrooms and natural seasonings. These savory, patent-pending Cuisine Bags offered in Asian, Italian and Classic varieties have the potential to enhance everything from stews and soups to sauces and marinades with rich umami flavors. Like a cup of tea, these sachets can be immersed in hot water to release their flavors. Each Cuisine Bag is made from all-natural, fully biodegradable corn fiber, while the formulas are entirely vegan-friendly, sugar- and sodium-free and made without MSG, artificial coloring or flavoring."
  • "While it is easy enough to find popcorn seasoning products on the shelves of just about any supermarket, Marvling Bros sets itself apart by offering entire popcorn seasoning sets. This particular 'Popcorn Palette' was crafted to offer a taste of the Christmas season with powdered seasonings in both sweet and savory varieties like: Prawn Cocktail, Santa's Cookie, Cranberry Sauce and Sprouts. The Popcorn Palette includes a range of powders that are packaged in small round tins for tasting. Each portion provides roughly enough to make two servings of gourmet popcorn. Additionally, the kit may be purchased in a color of one's choosing, personalized with a name or title and made ready for sampling with a packet of popcorn and festive serving cartons."
  • "The 'Volto' container has been designed by Mireia Rius as a dual-sided seasoning vessel that will offer foodies with a dedicated spot to store their choice of spices without the need for individual alternatives. The unit consists of a tubular glass case that has two storage sections on either end that can be filled with salt, pepper or whatever other seasoning is desired. Cork stoppers are used to keep the contents securely within the unit and can be twisted to reveal an access point for sprinting the interior substance onto your meal or into a recipe. The 'Volto' container boasts a minimal design that keeps a focus on an interactive experience, while also ensuring it can be kept out in the open for storage instead of needing to be hidden away."
  • "The GEFU egg cracker is here to make mornings easier for egg enthusiasts. Not only does the GEFU expertly slice the top of your morning soft boiled egg perfectly, it also doubles up as a salt shaker. The GEFU egg cracker is one of those handy kitchen accessories that has a dual functionality to reduce taking up valuable space on your counter. To use the GEFU egg cracker, simply place the metallic side of the GEFU over top of the narrow end of a soft-boiled egg. The metallic topper has a spring ball that needs to be pulled back to expertly cut the egg. It’ll leave your egg with a flawless circle crack. Then you can flip the GEFU and use the salt shaker side to season your morning breakfast."
  • "For consumers that often travel to the wilderness on camping, climbing or hiking adventures, the Arcto Alpine Salt Shaker is an ideal condiment dispenser designed to acclimatize the spice to be usable in any setting. The design provides the comforts of home without compromising on functionality while travelling through the great outdoors. The Arcto Alpine condiment shaker offers a sleek and slim rectangular shape and a specially engineered plastic exterior that resists humidity and temperature changes. The plastic is formatted to be durable and weather-proof to keep the elements out and reduce clumping in both the salt and pepper that would otherwise make sprinkling a challenge. The casing is also engineered to remain tightly sealed so no spills occur in one's bag while travelling. The shaker allows for the comforts of cooking at home to be brought to the wilderness. 2.2"
  • "In Argentina, it's estimated that salt consumption for the average person is about 15 grams of salt per day, an excess that can be quite damaging to one's health. In an attempt to raise awareness about this during World Salt Awareness Week, the Fundación Favaloro created 'The Salt You Can See.' By simply adding pink, purple, blue or green pigment to the salt crystals, the amount that is being added to food became much more apparent. As part of the awareness initiative, the vibrant salt shakers were distributed in supermarkets, restaurants, in public places and on social media. Since the use of too much sugar is often criticized in a similar way, it would be easy to imagine a similar colorful product geared towards the movement of "sugar as the enemy.""
  • "The Dash Provisions Cooking Essentials Travel Kit is a different kind of accessory for travelers that will offer them a way to stay prepared for bland foods or impromptu cooking when on the road. The kit comes packed with a bunch of essentials for foodies to keep nearby including various seasoning mixes, sriracha sauce, aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and more. This will enable travelers to make the most of the kitchen in their Airbnb or keep them supported when cooking at a campsite to ensure they don't have to deal with bland foods when away from their kitchen."
  • "The Jacobsen Salt Co. Black Lava Sea Salt is a premium all-purpose salt for chefs and foodies alike that will offer them a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their favorite dishes in a demure manner. The salt is sourced from the Hawaiian islands and consists of crystals that have been sourced from the Pacific Ocean before being inside with activated charcoal. This enables the salt to have a briny flavor and a dramatic color that will instantly stand out on foods when used for a touch of seasoning. The Jacobsen Salt Co. Black Lava Sea Salt can be used whole or ground to help enhance meats, seafood, vegetables and much more with a mineral-rich flavor that's unlike anything available on the mainstream market. 4.1"
  • "In the same way that it quickly customizes bone broths at its QSR locations, Brodo Broth Co. is now offering tea-like sachets that can be added to a nourishing broth base to enhance it with specific spice blends with functional benefits. The prepackaged products are offered in varieties like Sweet Spice for blood sugar balancing or Spicy Fennel, which is beneficial as a digestive aid. The all-organic, dehydrated spices can be easily added to the brand's prepackaged sipping broths, which allows for plenty of customization according to one's taste preferences or desired benefits. Inspired by the simplicity of the tea sachet, a variety of savory products are emerging to streamline the task of seasoning food."
  • "Williams Sonoma's Organic Pizza Seasoning Mini Rub Set lets at-home chefs create artisans pie conveniently at home. The seasoning kit consists of four unique flavor tins at 4.2 oz each and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients. The kit's flavors include a spicy Red Chile Flakes blend and a fresh take on a classic Oregano leaves blend. A Spice Blend of tomatoes, onions, pepper and Mediterranean herbs is also included alongside a Spicy Garlic Powder which is enhanced with chilies and pepper. In addition to being sprinkled on DIY pizzas, this pizza seasoning set is also perfect for adding a flavor boost to salads, pasta meals, lasagnas and more. The kit is an ideal gift for both amateur and experienced at-home chefs and features simple, go-to flavor essentials for any Italian recipe."
  • "When it comes to kitchen seasonings, the focus tends to fall on enhancing flavor but Countertop sets itself apart as a brand that shares "seasoning blends with benefits." With its products, Countertop shows how easy it is to incorporate functional ingredients into meals cooked at home. As common as poultry seasonings may be, Countertop formulates its blend with cumin, sage and asafoetida, which were specifically selected for their bacteria-blocking, brain-boosting and digesting-supporting benefits, respectively. Similarly, the brand's Grill seasoning blend is said to share the "functional benefits of herbs and spices to turn all your food into superfood." The Millennial-targeted brand appeals to consumers who are seeking out better-for-you options and does so with clear branding and bundled product kits like The Countertop Starter Kit, which helps to instantly establish or refresh one's collection of kitchen spices and seasonings."
  • "Gustus Vitae's Smoked Espresso Sea Salt blend is a seasoning made with high quality and locally sourced ingredients from California. The e-retailer is known for offering premium garnish and seasonings that will appeal to both gourmet chefs and artisanal food fans. This Smoked Espresso Sea Salt is a non-GMO product and contains no artificial additives. The product is also free of dairy, nuts, sugar, soy and gluten, making it ideal for those with dietary restrictions. Ideal for diet-friendly baking, this espresso sea salt blend can also be used to garnish prepared food or a tasty rub for red meat varieties. This sea salt blend combines raw, natural ingredients to create a simple yet boldly flavored garnish, speaking to consumers' growing desire for elevated versions of traditional cooking essentials like salt and pepper."
  • "Cape Foods' four-in-one herbs and spices shakers are thoughtfully grouped into themes that make it easy to create uniquely seasoned meals. The signature seasoning series includes ingredient-based themes like I Love Sea Salt and I Love Pepper alongside location- and food-based varieties like I Love Italy and I Love BBQ—in the latter, consumers will find seasonings for roast lamb and BBQ salt. Some of the most versatile, space-saving seasonings include I Love Cooking, which shares combinations of palate-pleasing herbs and spices for enhancing the flavors of chicken, pasta dishes and more. As well as offering a range of herbs and spices for cooking, Cape Foods also shares seasoning shakers for snacks with I Love Chips and I Love Popcorn."
  • "Costco seems to have your holiday cooking and baking needs covered with its massive six-pack of McCormick Holiday Spices. And it's not just spices for sweet treats, the new pack has seasoning for savory dishes too. Costco's massive six-pack of McCormick Holiday Spices is an all-in-one kit designed to get you through all your holiday hosting duties. For baked goods, the spice pack comes with ground allspice, ground nutmeg, pure almond extract, whole cloves, and, of course, pumpkin pie spice. Beyond the sweet stuff, the spice pack also contains a poultry seasoning that will take your turkey to the next level. Best of all, all six spices are being sold for less than $13, which is a steal when you think about the price of each individual spice shaker."
From Part 04
  • "The design objective was to reflect the authentic, natural and gourmet side of the product whilst still retaining the fun and stylish aspects of the Salt Box brand."
  • "Marble was chosen because it’s composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals that reflect the authentic, natural and gourmet whilst being an icon for refined taste and culture."
  • "Flavoured salts and salts that have more moisture (most of our range) are best used straight from a salt tray or salt holder. They don’t work very well in a grinder as they are too moist. And plus, their true beauty is revealed when we get to see, smell and pinch them."
  • "Given the stunning salt holders on the market (check out our range) this is a beautiful way of sprucing up your dining table, or adding a touch of class to your next dinner party, and displaying your beautiful salt, of course."
  • "CuCo decided to stay away from the typical blue hues so many other salt brands use and instead use soft pastel colours to communicate the exciting, unique flavours of Dorset Sea Salt Co."
  • "CuCo also encouraged the brand to move away from their existing plastic packaging and instead use recyclable glass jars, which gives the brand a sustainable and more prestige image. "
  • "Taking a typography-led approach to the packaging design, we identified a handwritten brush to be used as the font for the brand, used for infusions and key messaging."
  • "With a contemporary and distinctive identity in place our agency creatives developed a beautiful soft pastel colour palette. Key was to avoid the standard stereotypical deep blues so many other brands use and offer something that had maximum shelf appeal. "
  • "We want to assist them in these efforts by bringing to market a recyclable package that further showcases our dedication to not only a cleaner, better salt, but a cleaner, better earth."