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Salesforce Solutions - Insurance


In researching Salesforce-based apps, plug-ins, and add-ons available for the insurance industry, we found the following available options; Guidewire, Vlocity, Hipten, DocuSign, DuckCreek's Salesforce integration, Applied Epic, Acord, and VerifyTX. Key best practices in managing insurance firms on the Salesforce platform specific to optimal client conversion and workflow improvement included to focus on better personalizing interactions, having a long term focus on desired outcomes rather than a short term focus on data, and a holistic understanding of data analysis.

Salesforce Insurance Industry Apps & Plug-ins

Guidewire for Salesforce


  • Vlocity is a provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software, that offers insurance specific services, and full Salesforce integration for insurance companies.
  • Their headquarters are in San Francisco.


  • Hipten is a Salesforce integrated platform that allows streamlined access to data, for insurance companies to track sales pipelines, manage renewals, and maximize cross-selling.
  • Their headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida.


  • DocuSign is a platform that allows companies, including those in the insurance space to prepare, sign, act on, and manage customer agreements, via a Salesforce integration.
  • They have headquarters in several global cities, with their main headquarters in San Francisco.

DuckCreek for Salesforce

  • DuckCreek offers their platform's capabilities integrated into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to provide a more extensive CRM experience for Salesforce insurance CRM users.

Applied Epic

  • Applied Epic is a Salesforce integration that allows insurance companies to better manage prospecting, pipeline, and renewals using a unique agency management system.
  • Their headquarters are in University Park, Illinois, Mississauga, Ontario, Brighton, East Sussex (United Kingdom) and Belfast, Northern Ireland.


  • Acord is a data entry and form creating solution that allows insurance companies to collect data via Salesforce and then create a prefilled application for electronic signature.


  • VerifyTX is an on demand insurance verification service that allows insurance agents to accurately verify health insurance benefits with one-click on any lead, contact, account, or custom object, and is fully integrated with Salesforce.

Salesforce Insurance Best Practices


Outcome Focused Strategy

  • It's also noted that salesforce should be used by insurance agencies with a focus on desired outcomes rather than a short term focus on data.
  • Key outcomes for insurance agencies to focus on when using Salesforce include acquisition, retention, cost reduction, and cross-selling/up-selling.
  • It is encouraged to gain a full understanding of how each process, tool, and team contributes to a company's customer experience, and then focus on how the use of Salesforce can impact each.
  • The Salesforce strategy for insurance companies should also focus on outcomes along each stage of the customer journey.

Use of Data Analysis

  • One expert in Salesforce implementation suggests that a successful strategy for all companies, including insurance companies, should be driven by a deep understanding of holistic data analysis.
  • Data-based business analysis should be used holistically, implemented in a way that helps companies gain an understanding of how each tool, process, and strategy impacts the bigger picture.
  • Data analysis should also be used to understand how each part of the business objectives are achieved via strategy, training and management.
  • A source notes that companies that fail to understand this often invest in Salesforce but end up with low levels of success, without understanding next steps.

Research Strategy

In order to find Salesforce-based apps, plug-ins, and add-ons, we examined industry reports and business media sources. We then utilized the websites and reviews of these platforms to provide additional required details on each. For best practices, we utilized primarily industry reports on the use of Salesforce, honing in on best practices that were specific to optimal client conversion and workflow improvement.