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Salesforce: Advertising in APAC and Europe

The Salesforce advertisement for Rituals and the TV commercial for Barclays are two examples from the Europe region. Another commercial crafted for Australia focuses on Telstra in the APAC region

Europe Advertising

  • It showcases its Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce DMP products for the European region.
  • This particular commercial was posted on the YouTube channel, and it promotes the success and essence of few of its Cloud products by virtue of a case.
  • The commercial was published by "Salesforce Commerce Cloud" in 2018, and it exhibits how Rituals is currently on a path of continuous international expansion and supplies a consistent online and offline experience using Salesforce's services.
  • The ad is also located on the Salesforce website, portrayed in the form of a campaign, by virtue of which the company plans to proceed in upgrading the streams with fresh features that enhance the customer experience, along with their commercials.
  • As an extension, in London, the company unveiled click and collect, it and witnessed an instantaneous surge in web sales with nearly 8% of web visitors in the United Kingdom now administering this particular feature.

  • It promotes its data solutions to keep pace with the expanding demands and requirements of the customer base.
  • This advertisement depicts the utilization of Salesforce's digital platforms in engaging customers and also portrays the beginning of a long relationship that organizations typically have with Salesforce.

APAC Advertising

  • It was crafted as a case of an Australian organization, Telstra, featuring its "Salesforce Customer 360," which is enabling it to transform and provide the organization's enterprise business with a 360 degree view of customers, empowering collaboration.
  • The commercial was posted on YouTube and published by the Salesforce APAC team in 2019. The details of the commercial case is also available on the Salesforce site.
  • The advertisement showcases the success of Telstra in Australia, where Salesforce has digitized its business, allowing them to work seamlessly with their partners and customers, which permitted them to accelerate the pace of change.

Additional Insights

  • Apart from the mainstream commercials by the company, its Facebook Ad Library also houses some advertisements that focus on both B2C and B2B. Such commercials vary from covering success stories through reports, to even pictorial representations of their services that are further segregated by country. For example, the Facebook Ad Library contains ads for Australia and New Zealand, while the page also carries links to Japan and commercials for other nations.
  • The regional commercials made by Salesforce are offshoots of their global advertisements with a case attached to them as an example of success. The Coca Cola Germany commercial indicates a global, large scale deployment of their "Blaze Your Trail" campaign which has been adopted by various players in numerous countries, later becoming a part of its regional ads. An example of this is the Rituals commercial.

Research Strategy:

Our research began by analyzing and studying Salesforce as an organization to see how it produces its commercials/campaigns for products and services. We observed that all generic commercials have a global focus and do not pertain to any region specifically. This may be part of the organization's strategy to commercialize its products on a global scale, and to capture customers from multiple regions, as it is a global player.

Next, we sought to understand how the organization deployed regional or country-wise commercials, and thus how it channelized social media. We discovered that the company advertises its products/services at a regional/country level based on the success of its customers. Hence, its commercials portray a case study, each depicting the accomplishment of that particular product. For example, the Rituals ad uploaded to YouTube is a regional commercial which is an offshoot of the global campaign.

Therefore, the strategy implemented for this request involved observing commercials posted or published by the regional Salesforce team itself to various platforms with a social media presence. For this, we included examples from Facebook, however, as additional insights, since those ads were not part of any mainstream commercials. Also, we recognized that the Salesforce website mentions almost all the advertisements. Hence, we authenticated them from the site as well.
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Salesforce: Interviews of Executives

5 interviews have been located and presented below. The interviews are by Salesforce executive team and elaborate on the recent growth and strategies of the company. They also talk about individual work experience at Salesforce and their vision for the company.

Interviews and Presentations

  • Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block was interviewed via webchat by Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money show. Block talked about the digital changes in the industry and the driving factors behind Salesforce's growth.
  • Senior Vice President and COO, Analytics Cloud at Salesforce, Stephanie Buscemi talks about customer success and driving factors for that from the perspective of a data scientist, at Institution 2016 in San Francisco.
  • John Somorjai, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Ventures of Salesforce gave a Keynote Interview to Yossi Vardi, Media Entrepreneur & Investor at Israel Dealmakers Summit in Silicon Valley. The interview focused on the recent work of the company and its growth.
  • He also gave another Keynote Interview to Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes, at the Montgomery Summit 2018 presented by Macquarie. He talked about various accomplishments of Salesforce, as well as its strengths.
  • Elizabeth Pinkham, Executive Vice President, Real Estate of Salesforce was interviewed by Salesforce live at Dreamforce in 2017. She talked about her time and growth at Salesforce and detailed her work at Salesforce.

From Part 01
  • "“Innovation has always been at the heart of our business. We were the first bank to offer a credit card and the first to offer an ATM to our customers,” said Steve Weston, CEO, Barclays Mortgages. “This year Barclays celebrates its 325th anniversary and we are working with Salesforce to deliver digital innovation to the UK mortgage market.”"
  • "Barclays is seeking to tap a massive digital market in banking, relying on an array of Salesforce products to help it “wow” the customer."
  • "From apps and artificial intelligence to automation and APIs, the banking sector and customer experience are being transformed by technology. Thousands of fintech startups have entered the market over the last couple of years, and established banks, such as Barclays, need to join the disruptive ranks to remain competitive."
  • "We want to create opportunities for people to rise,” said Jes Staley, Barclays Group CEO. “With Salesforce, we can exploit technology to revolutionize how we understand and respond to people’s needs. "
  • ""Discover how Rituals is on a path of unstoppable international growth and delivers a seamless online and offline experience with Commerce Cloud, Salesforce DMP, and Service Cloud.""
  • "With Commerce Cloud, we can continue to enrich both of these streams with new features that improve the customer experience as well as our commercials. When we launched click and collect in London, we saw an immediate uptake in web sales. Around 8% of UK web visitors now use this feature."
  • "Unprecedented change in the telecommunications industry has led to Telstra’s T22 strategy to radically simplify its products, eliminate customer pain points and create all-digital experiences. As a key technology partner, Salesforce aims to empower Telstra’s people and change the way it connects with its customers."