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Software as a Service - US Webinars

The most well-attended webinars related to SaaS are produced by Kissmetrics, Leadsquared, Front, Hubspot, Intercom, and other companies. As requested, I've developed a list of these companies, and provided evidence that each is well-attended. You'll find a deep dive of my research below.


To respond to your request, I began by identifying as many SaaS-related webinars as I could find that have generated significant attention, based on the idea that these would be the webinars with the highest attendance. To do this, I looked at precompiled lists and reviews, such as this one and this one. From there, I attempted to determine which webinars are the most well-attended by looking for data on their registrations, attendance, or views. However, this data was not available for most of the webinars; it seems the producers do not make the information publicly available. Moreover, there's no way to triangulate an accurate estimate of this data. When it was not available, I looked instead at the social media following of each webinar's producer, based on the idea that this would be indicative of the following and engagement around their online content overall, which can be used to at least assume which webinars would have the largest audience. I focused primarily on YouTube, as this channel is the most relevant to webinars. When a company did not have a notable YouTube presence, I looked at other social media channels. Using this methodology, I was able to identify nine producers of SaaS-related webinars for which I could find enough evidence to deduce that they are very well-attended.

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1. Kissmetrics: While I couldn't find publicly available data on the audience size for Kissmetrics webinars, I did learn that they generated approximately $1,638,000 in revenue from just 77 webinars, which implies a fairly massive audience for each webinar. Kissmetrics has webinars on such topics as increasing SaaS conversions, SaaS pricing, and SaaS marketing.

2. Leadsquared: This company reports that it had 3,406 registrations for 6 webinars in 2017; the company typically produces 25-40 webinars in a year. Moreover, they only had just over 7,000 registrations for 24 webinars in 2016, indicating a significant growth rate year-over-year. Leadsquared is a SaaS company, and their webinars focus primarily on sales and marketing for SaaS.

3. Front: According to this company's website, their webinars typically receive hundreds of views per video, with up to 1,500 for the most popular webinars. Front is another SaaS company with webinars on such topics as integrations, workflow, and sales.

4. Intercom: While I couldn't find data on this SaaS company's webinar audience, I did learn that Intercom is known for its exceptionally rapid growth, growing from $1 million to $50 million in annual revenues in just three years. This article explains that Intercom's weekly webinars played a significant role in the company's massive growth, which certainly implies that the company has a large audience for its webinars.

5. InVision: This company's YouTube channel is quite popular, with 30,000 subscribers. The top InVision videos have millions of views, so we can assume that the audience for InVision's webinars is quite large. This SaaS's company's webinars focus primarily on design, with topics such as user experience, freelancers, and pricing.

6. HubSpot: Another popular producer of webinars, HubSpot's YouTube channel has 43,000 subscribers, and top videos on this channel have around 500,000 views. HubSpot's webinars for SaaS cover such topics as marketing, traffic and engagement, social, sales, and lead generation.

7. Gartner: This research and consultancy firm has a strong YouTube following, with 8,000 subscribers and tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of views on its top videos. Gartner's SaaS webinars cover such topics as change management, technology trends, AI, and leadership.

8. Leadpages: Another webinar producer with a strong YouTube presence, Leadpages has 13,000 subscribers on YouTube and the top videos receive tens of thousands of views. The SaaS company is a bit of an expert on webinars, and their weekly webinar series covers topics such as marketing and conversions.

9. Zuora: This company's YouTube channel features highly popular videos, with thousands to tens of thousands of views, although the number of subscribers to the channel was not listed. Instead, I looked into their Twitter account, which has a significant following of 18,000. They produce webinars on such topics as growing your SaaS business.


To wrap up, I've built a list of nine SaaS-related webinars and webinar producers that are well-attended, with a brief summary of each.