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01 Insights

For all categories of websites, is ranked 747,610th globally, 48,283rd in Russia, and 39,422nd in the category of news and media. The leading social platforms used for generating traffic for this site are Telegram, VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, and The majority of Rucriminal site visitors are from Russia. Direct traffic makes up 36.34% of traffic sources to the site, 5.34% of traffic sources are from referrals, search contribute to 46.60% of the traffic, social platforms contribute to 3.78%, and mail, 6.94%.

Insights Addressing Strengths

  • According to Similar Web, ranks as follows: global rank for all categories of websites — 747,610th; country rank for all categories of websites (Russia) — 48,283rd; category rank (News and Media) — 39,422nd.
  • Woorank ranks the site as the 200,604th most visited website in the world and 10,904th most visited website in Russia. Alexa also ranks the site at position 200,604 in global internet engagement and position 10,904 in Russia.

Insights Addressing Marketing Efforts

  • The top social platforms that generate the highest traffic to the site are Telegram, VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, and This web page is optimized for mobile visitors. On Twitter, @rucriminalinfo is booked but is not linked to the site. The account was created 3 months ago, it has 9 followers and 385 tweets. Information from the site has not been widely shared on Facebook as there have been only 4 Facebook shares. There are 993 site links to
  • There are 294 keyword gaps and 54 easy-to-rank keywords. SE traffic: 1,969; traffic trend for the year: the maximum number was on June 28, 2019, at 2,941, and the minimum number was on January 19, 2019, at 1,637.

Insights Addressing Target Market/Audience

  • According to Woorank, the majority of the visitors coming to are from Russia. Its traffic sources are direct (36.34%), referrals (5.34%), search (47.60% ), social (3.78%), and mail (6.94%).
  • 100% of the search sources are organic. The monthly domain overview from Spyfu indicates that the site has had 17 organic keywords and 90 monthly SEO clicks. There are 557 total organic keywords. Spyfu lists organic competitors for Rucriminal as follows —,,,, and This site is not accessed by use of any paid keywords and thus people visiting it do not shop for anything there.
  •  The top five keywords are "Vitaly Yusufov, Tarasenko Andrey, Arthur Asatryan Don Pipo, Natalia Vetlitskaya and Suleiman Kerimov, and" This indicates that the targeted audience is mainly Russian citizens.

Research Strategy

To get the insights into website, we searched for the information about the strengths, marketing efforts, and target market/audience of this website. Our aim here was to get statistical data from sources such as industry reports, blogs, and articles that informed us of those insights. After analyzing sources such as blogs, articles, news articles, and even market research and industry insight databases such as Mintel and Market Research, we couldn't find any useful information that could answer this question.

Our next step involved searching for a list of tools for competitive website analysis and we managed to identify some, with most of them requiring payments but a few offered free trials. Tools such as MOZ and SEMRush required paid access but we could get free website analysis from tools like Alexa, Serpstat, Woorank, Spyfu, and Similarweb. From these tools, we were able to gather some insights on the strengths, marketing efforts, and target market/audience for as provided in our findings.

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02 Best Practices

Some of the best practices that can be inferred from the website are fast loading time, email marketing and easy navigation.

Fast loading time

  • Fast loading time is one of the best practices for a website as no one will wait for a site to load. Websites that are designed with prompt loading time for all users regardless of their devices tend to attract more audience.
  • According to LYFE marketing, a single second of added page load speed can lead to sales drop by up to 27%. Recent studies show that 47% of website visitors expect a site to load in two seconds or fewer, and 40% will leave a website if the loading time exceeds 3 seconds.
  • Fast loading time is one of the best practices that can be inferred from According to the page speed insight by Google, the loading time for the website is 2.3 seconds for mobile and 1.3 seconds for desktop.
  • According to LYFE marketing, there are several ways that websites can improve their load time speeds, one of these ways is implementing new image formats to size the images. Reducing the size of an image saves bandwidth and this in return improves the loading time without sacrificing images quality.
  • website switches between different sized and quality images, and according to web design experts the help in reducing image weight by 20% to 50% without sacrificing the quality of the images and at the same time maintaining fast load time.

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing is one of the best practices for a great website, according to web designers although email seems an older way of staying connected; email marketing still plays a pivotal role in keeping customers in the loop of services or content provided.
  • According to LYFE marketing, 77% of executives prefer to receive marketing communication through email compared to other forms of marketing. With this in mind, putting an email address on a website is relevant.
  • Email marketing is highly effective as this enhances seamless access and connection, for this to be effective, it is a good practice to place the email icon or address in the header or footer. This is one of the best practices that can be inferred in the website, the email address is placed at the header, and this effectively enhances customers’ seamless access and connection to the site owners.

Easy Navigation

Research Strategy

We began this research by searching the best practices for a website and to achieve this objective, we consulted web design experts through their respective websites and articles. We used the websites and articles to corroborate the best practices for a website, and once the best practices were identified, the research team sought to understand which of these practices were applied in the website. The research team also relied on other websites such as and to analyze the website. More importantly, to understand the content of the website, the research team turned the website language to English.