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RTribe Weaknesses - SWOT

Sex and porn addiction therapy apps are a cheaper and more convenient addiction therapy option for consumers.


  • Many sex and porn addicts usually battle with shame, isolation, and fear as a result of their porn use. As such, they tend to keep this aspect of their lives private, and this prevents them from seeking help. However, some addiction therapy apps help to maintain consumer anonymity and privacy while effectively tackling the addiction.
  • They also provide easy and quick access to porn and sex addiction therapy and are essentially more convenient for the consumer.
  • Other factors that prevent people from seeking care for their addiction, such as cost, insurance coverage, and fear of losing a job, are eliminated or reduced with the use of therapy apps. For example, the rTribe app for porn addicts developed by former addicts is free.
  • Studies have shown that sex addiction can be linked to other addictions. With the use of sex and porn addiction therapy apps, consumers have the opportunity to tackle more than one addiction problem/disorder, as some apps offer multiple therapy options.
  • Sex and porn addiction therapy apps allow consumers to monitor their progress, keep track of their addiction triggers, and note times of the day when they are more easily triggered, as well as several other options.


  • Most sex and porn addiction therapy apps give maximum control and power to the consumer with little forms of accountability. The user can thus decide to stop using the apps at any time of their choosing.
  • There is little or no supervision when battling sex and porn addiction using a therapy app. As such, consumers can easily maneuver and manipulate the information that they provide.
  • It is unclear whether the use of apps alone can lead to significant behavioral changes or sustain such changes.
  • Many experts still opine that therapy apps can assist in providing behavioral change, but cannot replace the value of human interaction.


  • About 12-30 million people are living with some form of sex addiction in the US. The rate of sex addiction, pornography usage, and access is going up due to technology and the internet. Previously, people relied on DVDs and videotapes to be able to watch porn, but in recent times, the internet allows people to view the same using mobile devices and laptops. This increased accessibility has thus led to a broader market of porn and sex addicts, and in effect, more market for sex and porn addiction therapy apps.
  • Porn consumption is prevalent and closely associated with younger adult demographics. They are thus more likely to be addicted to it. According to Accenture, this category prioritizes convenience in healthcare and Forbes confirms the same for millennials.
  • Also, Accenture points out that virtual care is now more appealing for US consumers with complex needs such as routine therapy/mental health. Therapy apps are thus a more convenient therapy option for most people and provide a suitable alternative for people that do not wish to establish human interaction in tackling the addiction.


  • Since sex and porn addiction are not recognized as true addictions by the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), there is less emphasis on the therapy methods used to tackle them, compared to more prevalent addictions like alcohol and drug abuse. However, recognition of sex and porn addiction as true addictions could lead to enforcements of therapy methods that require physical interaction.
  • This assessment is valid because many experts regard addiction therapy apps as an assistive therapy method unable to influence and sustain significant behavioral changes solely.
  • The establishment of policies and behavioral interventions that equip recovering addicts to cope with social stigma and shame-based systems could reduce the fear of opening up to people and encourage more sex addicts to patronize physical therapy over addiction therapy apps.

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Market Size - Sex and Porn Addiction Apps

After an extensive search through industry-related websites, third-party research reports, and industry statistic portals, details about the market size of sex and porn addiction apps in the United States do not appear to be available in the public domain. However, the research team was able to gather valuable insights and statistics around sex and porn addiction in the US, key sex and porn addiction apps, and size of the US adult & pornographic websites industry. We have presented below a detailed overview of these useful findings.

Helpful Findings

  • The current recovery rate of sex and porn addiction is extremely low in the United States, with only 5% of people being able to successfully recover from their sex addiction.
  • The Recovery Tribe (rTribe) is one of the top sex and porn addiction apps with a total of 20,473 downloads.
  • The other top rated sex and porn addiction apps include 'Porn Addiction Calendar', 'Overcome Porn', 'My SAA Toolkit (SAAT)', 'Sex Addiction Calendar', 'Brainbuddy', 'No Bate Calendar', 'X3church', and 'End Porn Addiction & Sex Compulsion by Noah Church'.
  • Brainbuddy, which has crossed over a million downloads, helps "rewire the brain" and creates "healthy new synaptic pathways" that free a person from sex and porn addiction.
  • According to the data from 'PornAddiction.com', there are nearly 40 million Americans who are addicted to porn and regularly visit various internet porn sites. Among these, the largest consumer group of online porn is men between the ages of 35 and 49. Women constitute nearly 33% of all online porn users.
  • As per data from the 'Recovery Village.com', the number of people in the United States living with sex addiction is currently estimated at 12–30 million. Men who suffer from sex addiction "have an average of 32 sexual partners, while females have an average of 22 sexual partners."
  • According to Pornhub, the United States was the biggest consumer of online pornography in 2018. Americans stayed on the site longer than any other nationality, and their time spent viewing porn in 2018 increased as compared to 2017.
  • As per the 'Denver Channel', porn addiction is the fastest growing and one of the most hidden addictions in the United States.
  • The US porn industry has an estimated market size of $17 billion in terms of annual revenue. However, porn addiction also inflicts a huge cost on American society, with lost work productivity being the biggest financial cost of porn addiction.
  • As per IBIS World, the market size of the US 'Adult & Pornographic Websites' industry is estimated to reach $652.9 million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.7% in 2020. The market has grown at a CAGR of 10% from 2015-2020.

Research Strategy

The research team began with scouring through the industry reports on sex and porn addiction apps industry from Deloitte, Mckinsey, IBIS World, Market Radar, and Business Insider among others. However, no specific reports focusing on the apps market could be located. All the reports found focused on the overall porn industry and the adult & pornographic websites industry in the United States. We also searched through various credible media sources such as Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, PR Newswire, Reuters, Live Mint, etc., and statistical databases such as Statista, but no relevant information could be found. All the data found was centered around the porn and sex addiction statistics in the United States and the key apps that assist in overcoming this addiction. We also tried to search through the websites and blogs of some key sex and porn addiction apps such as 'rTribe', 'Brainbuddy', and 'Overcome Porn' among others to find any data points around the industry size, but again no pertinent data could be located.

The team also tried to triangulate the information by searching for alternate data points such as 'number of users' of sex and porn addiction apps to express the industry size in terms of the same. The idea was to look for the number of sex and porn addicts in the United States and then find the percentage of these who use sex and porn addiction apps. While we were able to identify the total number of sex and porn addicts in the United States, no data pertaining to the user percentage of sex and porn addiction apps could be found. Hence, the triangulation could not be attempted. During the research, the team learned that WHO has now classified porn addiction as a "behavioral disorder". Hence, the team tried to triangulate the market size information by looking at the overall size of the behavioral/mental health apps market in the United States and try to find the percentage of the market that deals with sex and porn addiction. Again, while we were able to find the overall market size of the mHealth apps, no data specific to the percentage of the market that deals with sex and porn addiction could be located. Hence, the triangulation attempt again did not prove fruitful.