Roofing Software in the US

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Roofing Software in the US

Key Takeaways

  • Roofing software solutions are priced on a subscription basis, and most solutions charge a per-user-per-month fee.
  • Many software solutions in the roofing category integrate with one another.
  • It is possible for roofing software solutions in a category to highlight quite different sets of features.


The core features and pricing of AccuLynx, JobNimbus, CompanyCam, Acculynx Camera App, Eagleview, Roofr, SalesRabbit, Spotio, SumoQuote, Solo, Hail Recon, and Hail Trace have been entered in the attached workbook. Since there are six roofing software categories involved, the workbook contains six spreadsheets. Highlighted below are some important notes about the comparison tables.


  • AccuLynx and JobNimbus, which were provided as the top software solutions in the customer relationship management category, have numerous other features apart from customer relationshp management. They are not purely customer relationship management software, and they do not sell customer relationshp management as a separate module.
  • Unlike the free AccuLynx Camera App, which is especially designed for use with AccuLynx, CompanyCam integrates with numerous other roofing apps, including JobNimbus, Contractor's Cloud, and Sumo Quote.
  • Unlike EagleView, which highlights features such as oblique and orthographic imagery, Roofr highlights fast turnaround times. Among Roofr's features are 6-hour measurement reports, 12-hour measurement reports, and 24-hour measurement reports.
  • SalesRabbit highlights features relating to forms and contracts, lead management, presentations and proposals, qualifications, and team management, while Spotio highlights features relating to activity management, sales productivity, sales prospecting, and sales territory mapping.
  • Unlike SumoQuote, which covers contractor proposals in general, Solo focuses on roofing and solar proposals.
  • Unlike Hail Recon, which focuses mostly on hail, Hail Trace, covers hail, wind, and tornado.


Research Strategy

Core features of the predefined 11 roofing software solutions and AccuLynx Camera App, the software that we added for comparison with CompanyCam in the photo management category, were determined directly from the websites of the companies behind these solutions. Determining whether a feature of one software is similar to that of another without seeing how each software actually works proved difficult. We initially consulted Capterra because it provides feature comparisons of software solutions, but we noticed that the features listed on this business software review site are too generic and, in some instances, incorrect. In the end, we decided to focus on the features that the companies behind these solutions have highlighted. AccuLynx Camera App was chosen as the 12th software because it was listed as one of the best roofing photo apps and it is the software that we found most similar to CompanyCam.

Pricing details were gathered from the company websites and the business software review sites. Capterra, G2, GetApp, and TrustRadius were among the business software review sites we consulted. All the sources that we used for the core features and pricing information were inserted in the spreadsheet as hyperlinks.

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