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Successful Marketing Campaigns: iRobot

With the current breakthrough in technology, iRobot is coming up with robots that can communicate with each other and perform household chores. The firm intends to introduce homes that are not only connected across the globe but also have clean comfortable dwellings. iRobot has taken its campaign on social media to advertise some of its products. The products include vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, and mops. In 2019, iRobot used their social media pages to reach out to clients and here are some of their successful advertisements on social media pages.

Roomba vs Mud

  • The advertisement was done on 9th May 2019. This 9-second-video was used for the given publication. The video is about someone who steps on a floor with muddy shoes and then the Roomba i7 cleans up the mess.
  • The company explains the technology which helps the cleaner to identify dirty areas. A slogan used for this advertisement is “dirt has nowhere to hide.”
  • The comments are indications of positive reviews of the products as the majority are in support of the product.
  • The advertisement can be termed as successful because of the number of views, as it attracted 183,000 viewers. This number is a good score for a Facebook post that barely attracts 10,000 viewers.

Braava jet vs Coffee

  • Braava jet vs Coffee advertisement was done on 13th March 2019 on iRobot’s Facebook page.
  • The 11-second-video advertisement shows how Braava jet cleans spills like coffee. The sticky mess is cleaned in a few seconds.
  • The message of the content used here is ''Make quick work of spills, without the effort''. Braava jet has a vibrating head and a jet spray which aids in cleaning up.
  • The post attracts different inquiries on the use and compatibility of the products with other devices. Through the post, iRobot was able to identify a scammer’s page through a customer’s responsibility.
  • The post attracted 143,000 views which makes it successful across the advertisements made in 2019 by iRobot.

Research Strategy

To come up with this research, we checked the iRobot social media pages. Its Facebook page has the highest number of followers at 1.4 million, followed by Instagram which has 56,900 followers, and lastly, Twitter at 36,700 followers. The company does well on its Instagram pages based on the customers' responses and the number of followers. In this research, however, we considered the overall reaction and we found two advertisements on Facebook that attracted more than 100,000 viewers on Facebook.

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Successful Marketing Campaigns: ECOVACS

The successful social media marketing campaigns that ECOVACS did in 2019 are #memeDEE and ECOVACS Marvel campaigns.

#memeDEE Campaign

  • This campaign was posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages. A picture of a cat named "Miss Whiskers" and their product DEEBOT OZMO 920/950 in a scene was a part of the campaign.
  • The message of the content involved allowing viewers to share their creativity by making a meme based on the cat and their product, and sharing with the hashtag "#memeDEE", mentioning the ECOVACS official page. The best meme is then featured on their page and wins their product which is the DEEBOT OZMO 920/950.
  • The posts attracted many viewers and various comments and shares indicating a good impact on their campaign. Some users submitted their entries by commenting on the ECOVACS post most of which gained reactions.
  • On their Facebook page, their first post for the campaign reached 2.5k likes whereas on their Instagram page the campaign achieved 9, 324 likes. The campaign is considered successful as it reached thousands of users for both channels.

ECOVACS Marvel Campaign

  • On April 25, 2019, ECOVACS announced their Marvel campaign on their Instagram page.
  • On the campaign, they posted an image in which they highlighted their products specifically their cleaning robots with Marvel heroes design.
  • This campaign was a part of the support for the Avengers Endgame and its Marvel product. Users could win their ECOVACS Marvel product by comment to the post discussing which hero design looked best on ECOVACS and explain why it was the user's choice.
  • The activity of the campaign started on April 26, 2019, and ended on April 29 in the same year.
  • Despite the activity rules requiring one account per entry, many users submitted more entries with a positive response. The piece with the most likes of the campaign gave positive feedback with the post, "Same with Ecovacs, with more than 20 years of design and industry-leading research, and unstoppable learning and growth, Ecovacs surely has won our heart too to live smart, enjoy life."
  • The campaign resulted in a total of 21.6k likes. As one of the rules of the activity was to follow the ECOVACS Instagram page, the company has a total of 3,751 followers. This campaign is considered successful, with this post attaining the most likes on ECOVACS posts.

Research Strategy:

To provide successful social media marketing campaigns that ECOVACS did in 2019, we reviewed ECOVACS social media pages the most active being the company's Facebook and Instagram pages. We considered the overall customer reactions and found three of their major campaigns that gained thousands of likes and numerous feedback. One out of these was only focused on countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia featuring their product LINE Friends. We have provided details for the other two in the findings on this brief.
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Successful Marketing Campaign: Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics is a company that makes robots that can perform household chores based on intelligence. The company targets cleaning jobs and specializes in vacuum cleaners, such as vacuum cleaners that use smart technology and have excellent suction. To determine the company’s marketing campaigns on social media, it is essential to check on the company’s performance when it comes to reaching out to its clients on its social media pages.

Floor Plan Marketing

  • Naeto Robotics' most successful online marketing campaign in 2019 was posted on 11th January on Instagram.
  • The company used a video to advertise their floor plans.
  • The message on the post stated that the customers could make requests and check some of their already done plans on the Neato App.
  • The post received the largest number of Instagram likes on the page with 1,513 viewers compared to the other advertisements with less than 1,000 likes.
  • From the post, clients were able to raise complaints on the accessibility of the floor plans from the application and the company addressed the issue.

Naeto D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7

  • The advertisement was published on 27th January 2019 and had 676 likes on Instagram.
  • Naeto announced the dawn of the cordless vacuum cleaners using a video. The new cleaners had no magnetic strips that would make cleaning uncomfortable.
  • The company used the slogan, “My life, my Naeto” to advertise their line of products. In the video, the company also indicated the platforms where their merchandise could be found, including Amazon, Apple Watch, and Google Home.
  • The new cordless models were D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7.
  • The post attracted complaints from their clients who had connection problems, and the issues were addressed.

Research Strategy

For this request, we considered the company’s social media pages on both Facebook and Instagram to check on the level of interactions between the clients. The company has not invested in a Twitter page, so there was no information about it on Twitter. The company’s website was also checked to ensure that the information on the social media handles matched what was on the site. A comparison of the levels of interaction was made on both the Facebook and Instagram pages. There was minimal interaction on the Facebook pages, as the company updates less compared to Instagram. The Facebook page has 9,081 followers, whereas Instagram has 11,000 followers.

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Successful Marketing Campaigns: Shark Cleaning

Shark Cleaning launched its SharkIQ Robot Self-Empty robotic vacuum cleaner in September 2019. They followed the release with an Instagram marketing campaign leveraging influencers who posted positive reviews with attractive photos featuring the device in their stylish, modern, and tidy homes. Common themes and verbiage permitted the photos and their captions, but all were personalized by the influencer.

Key Findings

Channel Used

  • Shark Cleaning launched an Instagram campaign utilizing sponsored influencers who had used the device for a short number of weeks. Most of the posts appeared in December (although a few were a little before).
  • Many of the posts tagged @sharkcleaning, and all appeared to feature three hashtags: #sponsoredbyShark, #SharkCleansSmarter, and #SharkIQRobot.

Type of Content Used

  • The sponsored Instagram posts featured the device in near-professional photos of sleek, stylish, brightly lit, and tidy rooms, presumably in the influencers' homes. Most of the photographs included kids, pets, the influencers themselves (mostly moms), or some combination thereof, although a few were the robot vacuums in rooms by themselves. The vacuum was often in the foreground, and some photos also included the dock.
  • The photo captions had some commonalities. All were glowing reviews. They each touted a couple of features of the device, although they each varied a little. The most common were the self-emptying capability and the self-cleaning brush, followed by the ability to program a cleaning schedule and monitor cleaning via a phone app.
  • All messages seemed to have been personalized by the influencer, mentioning their kids or pets, sometimes by name. There was even a trend where a few of them named the vacuum ("Sharkie," "Franklin," "Jeffery," and "Baby Shark," for instance).
  • Recurring caption themes included the device taking over the chore of vacuuming and freeing up time for other pursuits (especially family), specific mentions of the types of dirt it cleared up (pet hair, various types of snack crumbs, and dust bunnies), and the device changing their lives for the better. Several used the exact phrase "game-changer."
  • The freeing up of time was reflected in the photos, as well. No one was actively involved with the vacuum device and most weren't even looking at it. They depicted things like a mom with tea in one hand and phone in the other, mom spending time with the kids, and kids playing or drawing or decorating a Christmas tree.
  • According to SocialBuzz, there were 63 instances of #sponsoredbyShark, 68 of #SharkCleansSmarter, and 67 of #SharkIQRobot.

Customer Response

  • The campaign received mostly positive reviews and a few critical reviews. One customer noted that the cleaner could not pick cat fur.

Success Metrics

  • Per PikGram, the top posts featuring hashtag #SharkIQRobot averaged 1,000 likes and 73 comments, and the hashtag was used 224 times on Instagram.

Research Strategy

Your research team was able to identify one major marketing campaign for the SharkIQ Robot Self-Empty device on photo-sharing social media site Instagram. We utilized social media aggregation site SocialBuzz and Instagram specific search sites such as Pikgram and GramFind, as well as direct searches on social media platforms. There was some cross-over to other social media sites, but the vast majority of posts were on Instagram. We delved into numerous individual influencers' posts and examined the photos and text to determine the nature and features of the campaign, both via the aggregator sites and Instagram directly.


From Part 04
  • "I enjoyed switching it up to work with Shark Cleaning on an Instagram campaign for the new Shark IQ Robot self-emptying vacuum. We are seriously in love with this thing."
  • "“I’m not kidding when I say our whole family is getting a real kick out of this new addition to our home — the brand new Shark IQ Robot…”"
  • "Speaking of my kitchen, I’m obsessed with my new @sharkcleaning IQ Robot Self-Empty vacuum! Franklin, (our name for this genius invention) is keeping my new kitchen floors so clean & fresh! I no longer have to worry about vacuuming my home because this fancy robot vacuum is programmed to do it for me! I’m so in love!"
  • "Not only does @sharkcleaning let me do 1,000 other things I need to get done while it’s cleaning my floors, it also lets my dog chase it around & get all the exercise she needs. (While cleaning up after her) I’m shocked at how much dirt it picks up every day. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe because it gets under my couches, & my vacuum hasn’t seen that in years. Now I’m going to sit here and drink my coffee while my house is getting clean. ✨💯"