Roasted Pulses in Canada: Competitive Landscape

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Roasted Pulses in Canada: Key Players

After an extensive search, Guru Lucky Snacks was the only identified manufacturer of roasted pulses snacks in Canada. Additional players in the roasted pulses snack industry in North America include BIENA Snacks, Creative Food Innovations, and The Good Bean; Hodmedod Ltd. is another player but this one is located in Europe. Complete details about the findings and an outline of the research strategies used are presented below.


  • Gurulucky manufactures extruded snacks made with ingredients like chickpea, dal, and chana dal, among others.
  • Gurulucky Snacks are made in Canada with Canadian grains and lentils. These snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and spices, no artificial flavors or preservatives and are gluten-free. "Made with canola oil, Gurulucky Snacks have no trans fat, no cholesterol and are high in fiber and protein."
  • Country of Ownership: Canada
  • Year Established: 1988
  • Primary Business Activity: Manufacturer, processor, producer (private brand labeler)
  • Messaging: "All-natural authentic gourmet Indian snacks made from time-honored family recipes since 1942."
  • Total Sales : $1M to $2.2M
  • Export Sales: $50K to $350K


  • Biena Snacks have a line of all-natural roasted chickpea snacks in four different flavors. They're touted to be a snack with "high protein, high fiber, delicious taste, perfect crunch."
  • BIENA's roasted chickpea snacks were officially launched in 2012 and available in 15,000 retail locations nationwide.
  • Messaging to promote the product: "Small but mighty"
  • BIENA Snacks has $5M in estimated revenue annually.

  • Creative Food Innovations' cornerstone product is "Go'Bonzo's-Roasted" and seasoned chickpeas. Developed as a nutritious, delicious, and affordable protein or vegetable solution for K-12 schools nationally, Go'Bonzo's are farmed, processed and packaged in the United States.
  • Messaging: "Earn An Easy A For Legumes With Go’Bonzo’s!"
  • Revenue: $400K annually

  • The Good Bean is a snack food company founded by Sarah Wallace and Suzanne Slatcher in 2010, and based in Berkeley, California. The Good Bean specializes in chickpea-based snacks. Chickpeas are high in fiber and protein, low-fat and naturally gluten-free, when roasted they have a clean nutty flavor.
  • Messaging: "Crispy bean snacks with award-winning taste!"
  • Revenue: $4M annually


  • Hodmedod works directly with British farmers to source and supply a range of quality ingredients and foods. The company is particularly interested in searching out and developing the production of less well-known foods.
  • Messaging: "CHICKPEAS ARE COMING!"
  • Revenue: $400K annually

Research Strategy

The research team was able to provide only one player in the roasted pulses snack industry in Canada. We thoroughly searched for players in the Canadian roasted pulses snack industry in Canada, excluding Three Farmers, but to no avail. In order to provide understanding for why we have had to pivot and look for key players in the US and UK pulses market, we've provided the strategies we used below.

(1) The team started by searching for precompiled information through surveys or consumer reports and profile analyses in news portals such as Business Wire, Bloomberg, and Market Watch among others that detail the key players in Canada. Our primary focus was to find precompiled information specifically for makers of roasted pulses snacks in the country, or information, insights, and data surrounding the process of manufacturing roasted pulses snack. We did not find any precompiled data. Instead, we learned that most, if not all, the articles are related to recipes with roasted pulses as a way to generate interest in the market.

(2) We looked at Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, an organization of pulse growers in Canada that creates profitable pulse production for manufacturers, buyers and sellers of pulses in Canada. We checked the organization's website and looked for sellers and buyers of pulses hoping that we can find a company that makes roasted pulses snack. What we found are buyers and sellers, and processors of pulses but no data for food manufacturers of roasted pulse snacks.

(3) Next, we looked for company listings in Canada that manufactures snacks (via which provides a list of all companies in Canada). We thoroughly sorted the snack manufacturers and found only one manufacturer of roasted chickpea and beans snacks. Most companies found were producers of roasted nuts, nut and fruit mixtures, and wholegrain granola.

(4) After finding the list of articles, data from organizations and blogs with information on roasted pulses snack industry in Canada, broadening the research through the US and Europe, we sorted out these articles and blogs in terms of relevance and consistency. We, then, listed out the most common makers of roasted pulse snacks and looked for their revenues through business sites like ZoomInfo and Crunchbase. We used their revenue as a metric in identifying top players in the roasted pulses snack industry. Additionally, these companies are the only companies found that are makers of roasted pulses snacks from articles, market reports and blogs found from reputable news portals such as Business Wire and Bloomberg.

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