Riverbed Offerings & IP

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Riverbed WAN Optimization, DEM, & SD WAN Offerings

Riverbed offers SteelHead SD for SD-WAN and WAN Optimization, and SteelCentral offers DEM. Their competitive advantages include their awards for their products that offer reliability and acceleration of business-related applications.

SD-WAN and Wan Optimization

1) Model 570 SD 2.0 Series: Profile: Desktop: SD-WAN only mode: Max SD-WAN Throughput 100MBps: Optimized WAN Capacity 10 Mbps: Web Proxy Capacity 50 GB.

2) Model 770 SD 2.0 Series: Profile: Desktop: SD-WAN only mode: Max SD-WAN Throughput 200MBps: Optimized WAN Capacity Up to 30 Mbps: Web Proxy Capacity 50 GB.

3) Model 3070 SD 2.0 Series: Profile: 1U: SD-WAN only mode: Max SD-WAN Throughput 500MBps: Optimized WAN Capacity Up to 75 Mbps: Web Proxy Capacity 200 GB.

SD-WAN and Wan Optimization CompetitIve Advantage


  • SteelCentral is a SaaS-based digital experience management brand of products that offers end-to-end enterprise monitoring services, clarity across the full stack, along with networks and a "dynamic infrastructure on and off the cloud."
  • SteelCentral offers a consolidated Application Performance Management (APM) solution. SteelCentral keeps track of digital experiences from each app within the enterprise portfolio and changes APM into a big data practice.
  • SteelCentral AppResponse allows customers to choose the analysis capabilities they require from network forensics, application metrics, web transaction analysis, database analysis, and unified communications analysis. AppResponse also keeps team members on the same page while troubleshooting Sev-1 problems.
  • AppResponse Appliances come as: 2180 (SKU: SCAN-2180, 12TB raw and 10TB usable storage, 12TB raw and 10TB usable storage, 32 GB memory, and 4 capture ports), 4180 (SKU: SCAN-4180, 48TB raw and 40TB usable storage, 48TB raw and 40TB usable maximum storage, 64 GB memory, and 8 capture ports), 8180 (SKU: SCAN-8180, requires storage unit, 120TB maximum storage, 128 GB memory, and 8 capture ports), and 8180-plus (SKU: SCAN-8180, requires storage unit, 1,920TB maximum storage, 128 GB memory, and 8 capture ports).
  • AppResponse Virtual SKU is available in the following formats: VSCAN-00100 (Hypervisor VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, Up to 100 GB storage, 100 GB maximum storage, 2GB memory, and 2 capture ports), VSCAN-00500 (Hypervisor VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, Up to 2 TB storage, 2 TB maximum storage, 2GB memory, and 2 capture ports), and VSCAN-02000 (Hypervisor VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, Up to 8 TB storage, 8 TB maximum storage, 2GB memory, and 2 capture ports).
  • AppResponse Cloud SKU includes VSCAN-AWS-010, hypervisor AWS-EC2, 16GB-8TB storage, 8TB maximum storage, 32 GiB (t2.2xlarge), and 1 capture ports.
  • SteelCentral AppInternals offers high-definition, scalable, and cloud-native APM. Customers can advance average time to resolution and reduce the effect of business performance problems, enhance the productivity of the business and IT staff, and dispense high-quality applications. The technical specs include deployment flexibility, data collection, scalability, discovery, rest API, and cloud/container support.
  • SteelCentral Aternity provides end-user experience monitoring that promptly evaluates the length of time users wait for applications critical to a business, analyze trends of off-track productivity, and progress ROI.

DEM CompetitIve Advantage

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Riverbed IP Value

Riverbed has filed multiple patent applications for its WAN, SD-WAN, and DEM products. Over the last 20 years, it has faced claims and counterclaims for patent infringement.

wan and Sd-wan


IP court rulings affecting Riverbed's WAN, SD-WAN and DEM products

current network patents held by Riverbed

  • Method and apparatus for path selection. Granted: June 4, 2019. Patent Number: 10313229
  • Large-scale distributed correlation. Granted: May 14, 2019. Patent Number: 10291463
  • Rule based alerting in anomaly detection. Granted: May 7, 2019. Patent Number: 10284571
  • Dynamically influencing route re-distribution between an exterior gateway protocol and an interior gateway protocol. Granted: April 16, 2019. Patent Number: 10263882
  • Dual band MIMO antenna and wireless access point. Granted: February 26, 2019. Patent Number: 10218087
  • Capture, analysis, and visualization of concurrent system and network behavior of an application. Granted: September 11, 2018. Patent Number: 10075509
  • Connecting transparent network devices to optimize unidirectional network traffic. Granted: August 7, 2018. Patent Number: 10044670
  • Packet tracing. Granted: June 19, 2018. Patent Number: 10003509
  • Hybrid segment-oriented file server and WAN accelerator. Granted: March 27, 2018. Patent Number: 9930099
  • Stitching together partial network topologies. Granted: August 8, 2017. Patent Number: 9729426
  • Persisting large volumes of data in an efficient unobtrusive manner. Granted: March 28, 2017. Patent Number: 9606887
  • User-configurable network performance monitors. Granted: February 28, 2017. Patent Number: 9584391
  • Optimizing secure communications between a client authenticating server and a mobile client. Granted: February 21, 2017. Patent Number: 9578016
  • Correlating input and output requests between client and server components in a multi-tier application. Granted: January 17, 2017. Patent Number: 9549030
  • Method and apparatus for path selection. Granted: December 27, 2016. Patent Number: 9531624
  • Native code profiler framework. Granted: October 11, 2016. Patent Number: 9465717
  • Methods and systems for efficient updating of time-aligned graphs in a monitoring system. Granted: October 4, 2016. Patent Number: 9461896
  • End-to-end analysis of transactions in networks with traffic-altering devices. Granted: September 27, 2016. Patent Number: 9455873
  • Optimizing communications using client-side reconstruction scripting. Granted: August 2, 201. Patent Number: 9407727
  • Policy aggregation for computing network health. Granted: May 31, 2016. Patent Number: 9356839
  • Virtualized data storage system optimizations. Granted: May 24, 2016. Patent Number: 9348842
  • In addition to listed Riverbed patents, the company holds another 144 patents.

Research strategy

in our review of Riverbed IP Value, the research team evaluated news articles reviewing the WAN, SD-WAN and DEM products. We reviewed company websites and industry reports providing insight into the patent value of Riverbed. The research team also provided case rulings on Riverbed patents that affect WAN, SD-WAN and DEM products. Importantly, the research team included research older than 48 months to provide a historical analysis of Riverbed past patent applications, value, and disputes.

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WAN Optimization Replaceability

As cloud storage is the present and the future, WAN Optimization evolved to support data and application on the clouds. It is not going to be replaced by new technologies, but it is intertwined with them in order to guarantee effectiveness and productivity.

Threats to wan optimization

Cloud storage

  • Cloud storage is keeping your files in the internet instead of saving it in hard drives on site. (source 11).
  • Erik Fritzler, Network World contributor, says that in the cloud-first, high bandwidth world we live in, WAN optimization is soon going to be extinct.
  • When discussing cloud access, WAN optimization is said to be limited in its ability to optimize cloud access.
  • The writer thought the WAN Optimization golden era was between 2010 and 2012.
  • Protocols in use by cloud services are now optimized for a higher performance over slow WAN links.




  • Cato networks states even with all its advantages, SD-WAN does not solve all issues with WAN traffic.
  • Alec Pinkham says SD-WAN makes the packets in the WAN perform better, but does not make those WANs work better.
  • That is why some specialists believe both technologies are complementary. The best way to achieve efficiency is by integrating them.
  • Zeus Kerravala says that if a person is going to adopt SD-WAN in a company, the best way to give users a better experience is to integrate WAN optimization with it.
  • An article by WANSpeak mentions two use cases: "supporting business continuity and disaster recovery," and "chatty protocols" as just two examples of why WAN optimization is still needed even in the face of the low cost internet bandwidth available.
  • The same article says the way WAN optimization is changing, but its functionality is still necessary.

WAN Optimization CAN INTEGRATE cloud storage:

  • Business Wire research states WAN is an integral part of cloud computing and cloud storage.
  • The growing adoption of cloud storage services made WAN optimization evolve into products that now support data and applications on clouds.
  • Many service providers now enable companies to run their whole infrastructure in the cloud.
  • As examples, it is possible to point to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and VMWare, among others.
  • WAN optimization can accelerate the cloud infrastructure provided by the companies mentioned above.


  • Recent research shows the global market for WAN Optimization solutions is going to reach $1.7 billion by 2024. It is still growing market and United States represents the largest market worldwide. (source 6)
  • Other research establishes the relevancy of WAN Optimization, because "WAN optimization helps speed up the data transfer process by eliminating duplication of data and it also protects from cyber threats, which otherwise can interrupt IT workflow."
  • The WAN optimization global market has projected 18 percent CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2018 to 2025.

Research Strategy

We found some experts making the claim that WAN optimization was dead. For completion included their positions and arguments here. However, we found that a preponderance of the established experts in the field (as determined by their publication in well-regarded industry press sources,) as well as the market projections by market research firms such as Markets and Markets, Market Reports and their peers, supported the position that WAN optimization is an evolving field that can and will adapt to the rise of cloud computing.

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