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Red Hat - API Integrations

Red Hat is a company that bills itself as an open source technology provider, and it specifically specializes in API integration for video conferencing, messaging, and project management. In addition to these services, Red Hat offers numerous courses and workshops to assist developers integrate APIs. An overview of the services offered and the courses and workshops available follows.

Red Hat offers numerous technologies, but in terms of API integrations, Red Hat's consulting services are available to help smaller tech companies take advantage of this technology. Red Hat's experts have specializations in building better infrastructure, building better applications, optimizing delivery and operations, and easing competitive migrations. The company uses a "solution delivery framework" (SDF) that helps their customers "quickly and strategically achieve value while building enterprise-wide capabilities."

Aside from formal consulting services, Red Hat also operates an open innovation lab in Boston, which provides developers with an environment designed to give them the "best that open source has to offer." It is a place where innovation and collaboration are encouraged to help companies solve their most pressing technical challenges.

Training courses and workshops are available that allow developers to take advantage of the educational expertise afforded by Red Hat professionals. Available courses include Red Hat System Administration, Red Hat Learning Subscription, Automation with Ansible, Deploying Containerized Applications, Red Hat OpenShift Development, and many more. Some classes are free, but others are not, depending on whether a certification is awarded after completion. These courses would be one of the best ways for small tech companies to learn more about API Integrations.

API Integration workshops are also available, including the most recent one that occurred in November 2017 entitled "Achieving true integration agility through Microservices, containerization, and APIs." This workshop focused on "API-first and container labs featuring Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and Red Hat 3Scale API Management." It is specifically designed for developers, technical architects, integration architects, and development team leads.

In January 2017, Red Hat launched 3scale APIcast for easier installation and operation in micro service environments. Red Hat's Messaging (JMS) platform is for sending messages, which simplifies the usage of the JMS API for both sending and receiving messages, and the other is by implementing message-driven POJOs.

FLYTOGET: While working with the Norwegian transportation company FlyToGet, Red Hat came up with a proprietary API Management Platform to replace their preexisting Mulesoft programs, based on its JBoss offerings. Thanks to this switch, the company "simplifies management and creates a path to better customer experiences on mobile platforms, an increasingly common method for accessing the company’s services. APIs also help FlytoGet simplify the process of buying and using a ticket using a new system built with JBoss Fuse and 3scale API Management Platform." FlyToGet also deployed Red Hat's Enterprise Linux® platform.

AVIANCA: Like the small company FlyToGet, the international airline Avianca needed a technology solution that could solve their fragmented integration architecture. Like FlyToGet, Avianca realized that Red Hat's JBoss offerings could help create a more integrated infrastructure. The added benefit to Avianca, too, was that Red Hat's approach to integration reduced the overall financial burden to the airline (making it cost-effective). This meant that Avianca didn't have to invest in "full-fledged service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation or a mix of proprietary middleware platforms."
Red Hat helps a variety of small and large scale companies with their integrated solutions. By providing a comprehensive list of solutions that offer API integration for video conferencing, messaging, and project management, Red Hat is able to provide their clients with a greater money value for a fraction of an infrastructural investment.

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