REVOLT Summit - Conference Competitor Analysis

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Hip Hop Conferences-A3C

A3C Hip Hop and Music Festival is an annual tech, cultural, and music festival in Atlanta. This year (2019) is its 15th anniversary. All the related information has been provided in rows 4-13, column C of the attached spreadsheet.



  • The company promotes itself on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Additionally, it promotes itself on music and festival platforms like BillBoard, MusicFestival Wizard, EarMilk, and Jambase.
  • It highlights the creators who will be in the spotlight such as Garry Vee, Bozoma Saint John, Dapper Dan, and Fadia Kader.
  • To increase audience participation, they organize a fan competition where fans vote for their favorite Hip-Hop artist.


  • Its sponsorships include Toyota, Spinrilla, Monster, AudioMack, Don Julio, Guinness Extra Stout, Choose ATL, Martell, and the Atlanta Mayor's Office of Film and Entertainment.
  • A complete list of A3C's sponsorships can be found in row 6, column C of the attached spreadsheet.


  • General — Early Bird: $339.00
  • General — 20% Group Discount: $270.00
  • VIP — Early Bird: $949.00
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Hip Hop Conferences-Coast2Coast


Coast2Coast is an annual musical conference which brings together disc jockeys, music producers and independent artists. The promotional strategy used is basically through the use of social media platforms and event compendium websites to enhance its publicity. The event would be taking place for 5 days and the price ranges from $125 to $400.



  • The Coast2Coast music conference is an annual conference organized for disc jockeys (DJ), independent artists and music producers.
  • The conference started in 2008 and it takes place on the weekend of Miami labor day each year.
  • The 2019 edition would be held between 31st of August 2019 and 2nd of September 2019 at Miami Beach, USA.


  • Coast2Coast Mixtapes is promoting the event by using its social media platforms which include Instagram and Facebook.
  • The company is also using event compendium websites such as Eventbrite and Evensi to promote the program.
  • For each media post by the company, hashtags were included in order to further drive the advertising campaign of the conference on the social media platforms.



  • The conference is taking place for 5 days.


  • $125 for the Early Bird Weekend Pass.
  • $200 for the Walk Up Weekend Pass.
  • $300 for the Direct 2 Exec Meeting with Major Label A&R.
  • $250 for the Last Chance Discount VIP Pass.
  • $400 for the Walk Up Weekend VIP Pass.


We started the research by looking at the website of the music conference. Through this strategy, we were able to get most of the required information which include the overview of the conference, partners and pricing. For the marketing/promotion strategy used, we searched the social media platforms of the organizing company (Coast2Coast Mixtapes) and we discovered that it was an electronic flier that was used. This was posted on the Instagram and Facebook social media platforms alongside hashtags to further drive the publicity. We expanded the search by looking at event compendium websites (which included Eventbrite and Evensi), and we discovered that these were also used to promote the event.
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Hip Hop Conferences-Launch

The required information for LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival have been provided in rows 4-13, column E of the attached spreadsheet. The eleventh edition of the event was held from April 25 to 28, 2019 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It featured 166 artists, including over 50 hip-hop, R&B, or gospel performers.


  • The marquee performers/headliners for the 2019 edition of the LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival included Trap Beckham, HAWK, Carousel Kings, and others.
  • LAUNCH has published digital posters and videos on its Instagram page that featured performers such as Trap Beckham and Carousel Kings.
  • The event’s branded partners/sponsors included PnB Rock’s New Lane Entertainment, Bud Light, ReverbNation, and other companies in the music or food and beverage industries.
  • The cost of a standard and VIP ticket to attend all four days of the event was $65 and $85 respectively.
  • The cost of a one-day ticket for Friday (April 26, 2019) or Saturday (April 27, 2019) was $55.
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Hip Hop Conferences-SXSW

Detailed information regarding SXSW Music Festival has been provided in the attached spreadsheet. Below is a summary of the key findings.


  • The SXSW Music Festival features renowned artists from the around the world. Besides featuring legendary musicians, the event gives new artists a platform to showcase their talent.
  • The 2019 edition took place in Austin, Texas from 11th to 17th March.
  • The SXSW Music Festival used social media to advertise the event. For instance, on its Facebook page, which has 620,755 followers, the organization made promotional organic posts to create awareness about the event
  • Some of the event's sponsors include Visible, Bud Light, Uber, Uber Eats, and KVUE ABC.
  • The event sold tickets at $1,325 for regular badges and $375 for student badges. A platinum option was also available at $1,650.
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Hip Hop Conferences-ECMC

The East Coast Music Conference is an event where music industry professionals, aspiring professionals, musicians, and music fans gather for networking and entertainment purposes. All the requested information about the East Coast Music Conference is included in the attached spreadsheet and listed below.


1. Event Overview

  • The East Coast Music Conference is a gathering for music fans, people who work in or want to work in the music industry, and musicians.
  • The conference includes dozens of live performances, album releases, keynote speeches from music industry professionals, club shows, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • The music performances are held across a variety of venues, as part of the conference lineup.
  • The conference is among "the largest music conference[s] in the U.S."
  • The stated goals of the conference are to teach people about the current music business and to help people make professional connections within the industry.

2. Event Marketing/Promotion Strategy

  • Part of the event marketing/promotion strategy for the East Coast Music Conference involves promoting the event on social media across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • One example of how that strategy was implemented on Twitter is illustrated in a tweet from the event's Twitter account that says: "TUESDAY TAG! Who do you want to hang out with at #ECMC2019? Tag your friends! Go!" (with a link to Instagram).
  • Another aspect of that social media event marketing/promotion strategy involves reposting tweets from upcoming speakers at the event.
  • An additional component of that social media marketing/promotion strategy included posting a tweet calling for artist submissions for musicians interested in performing at the event.
  • Promotional videos are another element of the event's marketing/promotion strategy. For example, the conference posted its own promo video on Facebook. Another example is found in a YouTube video of a press interview featuring event executives discussing the event.
  • The event marketing/promotion strategy also included listings for the event on radio station websites.
  • Press releases about the event were yet another aspect of the event's marketing/promotion strategy.

3. Branded Sponsors

4. Event Duration & Ticket Pricing/Tiers

  • The East Coast Music Conference is a four-day event.
  • The first tier of tickets for the event is called the Quartz Pass, which costs $25 per ticket.
  • The second tier of tickets for the event is called the Gold Pass, which costs $69 per ticket.
  • The third tier of tickets for the event is called the Platinum Pass, which costs $99 per ticket.

Your Research Team Applied the Following Strategy:

We compiled the information about the event overview from an event ticket broker's description of the event. We determined the event's marketing/promotion strategy by reviewing its social media channels and by looking up advertisements that were published for the event, which allowed us to assess that overall strategy that was implemented. The event sponsors that we identified came from a section of the event's website designated for that information. Lastly, the information about the event's duration and ticket prices came directly from the event's website.