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Holiday Trends - Retail Displays of Alcohol

We located 6 holiday trends for retailer's displays of alcohol. These include utilizing large pack sizes and variety packs, as well as leveraging the demand for cocktails. Furthermore, retailers engaged in cross-product marketing, included digital displays, and selected alcohol brands with festive packaging. The trends sourced were from the last 2 years, from U.S. retailers and utilized in the holiday season.

Trend #1 Large Pack Sizes

Consumers today are busy; one stop shopping guides the retail selection of many shoppers as a result. During the holiday season, when hordes of guests descend upon shopper’s homes, stacking larges packages of beer, either in multiples or with complementary beer options, appeals to that need for efficiency. Convenience stores particularly favor this technique, aiming to mitigate the losses they usually incur to grocery and big box stores. For example, MapCo. is known to favor this type of display, one for which they are well suited as a convenience store in South with approximately 300 locations.

Trend #2 Variety Packs

Many retailers elect to create presentations of seasonal variety packs of beer, like Samuel Adams Fall Variety or Winter Classics, based on the appeal it has to their customers. Consumers looking forward to serving diverse guests like the idea of one purchase satisfying multiple palettes. According to, this can also add to a retailer’s reputation as a “go-to” source for beer. The Boston Beer Co. is an example of a retailer who habitually utilizes this type of display.

Trend # 3 Leverage Growing Demand for Cocktails indicates that retailers creating beer displays should enhance their presentation by including “table setting and barware offerings.” These items can include recipe books for cocktails, freezable glasses, and cocktail ingredients. This results from the growing desire by consumers to make cocktails at home especially during the holidays. The growing availability of videos and ingredients to ease the cocktail making process adds to the popularity and usefulness of this type of display, with retailers like Diageo designing themed displays based on the difficulty of mixing the cocktail featured in it.

Trend #4 Cross-Merchandise Alcohol Displays

Wise retailers place near the entrance displays creatively including a mix of beer and various snacks, including favorite salty snacks and sugary treats. By presenting options for the entire family, the retailer brings the whole group together to make the purchase. One example provided by explains the placement of avocados near a placement of “sliced jicama, chips and beer for a fiesta display.” This display creation technique is used by Whole Foods and HEB stores in Texas.

Trend #5 Tap into Digital

Multi-media displays are gaining popularity, a result of the growth of the digital age. Retailers often include in-store digital projection that consumers can interact with through their smartphone or touchscreen games. This enhances the branded experience and makes the consumer feel more connected to the product. Bacardi famously utilized such digital options with their themed pole toppers with LED screen videos for the combined Holiday and NBA season.

Trend #6 Stock Product with Festive Packaging

Brands with festive packaging or limited-edition holiday offering are often utilized by retailers in the creation of beer displays. Consumers are known to be more adventurous during the holidays, more willing to try new things and spend more than usual, too. Examples of festive themed products include Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack, The Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy, and SKYY Vodka.


The 6 holiday trends found created by retailers of beer in the United States included the use of large packs and variety packs, as well as taking advantage of the growing cocktail popularity. Retailers also cross-marketed products, used digital elements, and incorporated alcohol brands with festive packaging.