What resources do small to medium sized businesses use to get recommendations on technology software?

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What resources do small to medium sized businesses use to get recommendations on technology software?

There are many sites that offer technology software recommendations for businesses. The following is a selection of the top resources for business software recommendations based on the following criteria:
1. Alexa Ranking: A standardized ranking for website traffic data.
2. Monthly Clicks: How many users are accessing the site via search or ads.
3. Aggregation: How the site aggregates reviews (crowdsourcing, algorithmic, employee reviews).
4. Most searched for: What keywords are most popular amongst search users.

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1. Capterra
Alexa Global/USA: 5,238 / 2,984
Monthly Clicks: 2.24M
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing
Most searched for: CRM, Learning Management Software
Capterra is a crowdsourced software review aggregator with over 2.4 million monthly users. They are free for consumers and funded by vendors, and are able to provide software recommendations based on input needs.

Alexa Global/USA: 21,955 / 8,218
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing, Advisors
Most searched for: CRM, Electronic Medical Records
Softwareadvice.com combines aggregation with in-house advisors to help business owners and decision makers find software. They also use data driven analytics to find solutions for their customers.

Alexa Global/USA: 14,282 / 6,431
Monthly Clicks: 1.09M
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing, Algorithmic
Most searched for: CRM, LMS, Quickbooks
FinancesOnline.com uses a combined crowdsourcing and algorithmic aggregation method. They use verified reviews from users, and then scrape the review data for the most common Pros and Cons for business software.

4. G2 Crowd
Alexa Global/USA: 11,074 / 3,477
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing
Most searched for: CRM Software
G2 Crowd uses crowdsourcing to aggregate reviews from over 300,000 verified reviewers, with a readership of over 1 million users per month.

Alexa Global/USA: 8,933 / 3,350
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing
Most searched for: Business Intelligence, Big Data
Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company. They use a verified peer review system to crowdsource their reviews, and are the owners of several other websites on this list including GetApp and Capterra.

Alexa Global/USA: 16,923 / 9,226
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing
Most searched for: Microsoft, Quickbooks Online
GetApp is not only a review platform, but features free tools to compare apps and software services. Based in Spain, GetApp features reviews, trends and industry insights.

Alexa Global/USA: 75,307 / 25,894
Aggregation: Crowdsourcing
Most searched for: Hubspots, Paycor
Trustradius claims to be the most trusted review source in Enterprise Software, because they have more stringent quality requirements for their reviews. For example, they indicate the average Trustradius review is four times longer than the industry average.

Alexa Global/USA: 161,406 / 70,362
Monthly Clicks: 42.2k
Aggregation: Algorithmic
Most searched for: Whentowork, Appt Plus
Powered by Graphiq technology, Softwareinsider.com uses semantic technology to scrape reviews, blog posts, feature-lists and other sources—aggregating them in a review format.


While Capterra tops the list for a single-site resource, please note that it is owned by Gartner Inc., who also owns SoftwareAdvice.com, GetApp and Gartner Peer Insights. This makes Gartner Inc. by far the most visited resource online for SMB software reviews, totaling over 4.5 million clicks per month.

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