Residential Luxury Architects

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Residential Luxury Architects

Some top architects in the luxury residential space are Asetti, Jauegui, Smuckler Architectural Custom Homes, Landry Design Group, D'Alessio, 3DReid, Chapman Taylor, Wolf Architects, Harrison Design and de Reus Architects.

1. Asetti

  • Asetti design luxury residences around the world.
  • Asetti's design philosophy attempts to "create the bond between human and nature". They strive to achieve harmony to produce epic, luxurious design.
  • The company uses spotlight pieces in relevant magazines to target their audience. These articles highlight recent or high profile residences to inspire prospective clients.

2. Jauegui

  • Their region of focus is the US, specifically primarily in the state of Texas.
  • Jauegui offer a fully customized process that combine construction, architecture and landscaping to create the perfect luxury residence.
  • This firm boasts of its awards, obviously spending time and effort to submit its projects for as much recognition as possible. General marketing efforts seem concentrated around these awards, though they also maintain a social media presence showcasing their work.

3. Smuckler Architectural Custom Homes

4. Landry Design Group

  • Their geographic focus is global.
  • Landry also offer fully customized design. They work closely with clients and executive supreme attention to detail and a high level of quality no matter the chosen style.
  • Landry markets itself through its awards/recognition, thought leadership (appearing at conferences and authoring articles) and magazine showpieces.

5. D'Alessio

  • D'Alessio have designed luxury residences around the world.
  • They have special expertise in Gothic and Romantic architecture, including hand-chiseled quarry stone, authentic materials, columns, reliefs, marble surrounds and circular staircases.
  • D'Alessio's news page has not been updated since 2015. It contains a mixture of where D'Alessio designs are featured in books and magazines and its various awards.

6. 3DReid

  • 3DReid designs primarily within the UK.
  • The company does not have a 'house style', but works towards creative and intelligent design.
  • Most of the marketing for this firm does not center around its residential work, as it also does commercial and public spaces. However, it does focus on its achievements and awards quite heavily.

7. Chapman Taylor

  • Chapman Taylor have residential designs around the world.
  • The company does not specialize in any particular style or design. They achieve for "creative and successful" buildings.
  • Chapman Taylor use social media, design showpieces and their awards to market themselves.

8. Wolf Architects

  • Wolf design luxury homes in Asia and Australia.
  • Wolf Architects specializes in sustainable materials, modern design and low maintenance principles.
  • This firm does not have a lot of PR/marketing in the public domain. They do heavily use their social media channels.

9. Harrison Design

  • Harrison Design operate in the US.
  • The firm designs with both the community and the owner in mind. They are known for their responsiveness, excellence and execution.
  • Harrison Design markets itself through thought leadership (hosting and appearing at panels and conferences) and its awards/recognitions.

10. de Reus Architects

  • de Reus mostly build in Hawaii, the Western US and Western Mexico.
  • de Reus design both resorts and private residences. They focus on natural materials and craftsmanship to design innovative and timeless environments.
  • Similar to most other firms, the company uses magazine showpieces and its awards/recognition to market itself.

Research Strategy

In order to compile some of the top residential luxury architects in the world, we first gathered several expert articles and listings of prominent, award-winning, highly-ranked or otherwise recognized by their peers or the industry architects. These firms either appeared on other 'top' lists, had won significant national or international awards or were highly ranked for their luxury residential work. Some of the firms design buildings in other categories, but we focused exclusive on their residential portfolio where possible. We also attempted to ensure we sourced a diverse list of firms either located or operating around the world.