Research into Zotye E200

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Research into Zotye E200

Insights into the U.S. electric market show that Tesla car sales continue to dominate the market, while independent charging station providers are gradually creating massive networks to overtake Tesla's supercharger system. Research findings show that Zotye has no plans to sell electric vehicles (EV) in the U.S. Overall, the cost of shipping a car from China to the U.S. port of Los Angeles is approximately $2,000; however, that figure is dependent on many variables like the shipping method, car make & model, etc.

I. Insights into the Electric Cars Market in the U.S.

Tesla Dominates Car Sales

  • According to a Clean Technica report, 78% of electric car sales in the U.S. in 2019 were Tesla cars, i.e., 154,836 Tesla Model 3 cars, 18,500 Tesla Model X cars, and 13,300 Tesla Model S cars. Other brands held a relatively smaller share of the market, as illustrated below.
  • In 2019, Tesla Model 3 held 65% of electric vehicle sales in the United States. Moreover, it accounted for 81% of all U.S. electric vehicle sales in December. Nationally, the Tesla Model 3 was the 9th best-selling car in 2019.
  • Some reasons for the dominance of Tesla cars in the U.S. electric car sales include the fact that they can drive far compared to other brands. Moreover, they are superfast and easy, and it is convenient to charge them in the U.S. and Canada.

Independent Charging Stations on the Rise

Consumers Prefer More EV Range

  • Research shows that many individuals are comfortable with 300 miles of electric range, according to Mark Reuss, the GM President.
  • 90% of the most EVs sold had the highest electric range from 238 miles, and include the "Tesla’s, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai Kona, and Kia Niro."
  • According to the Department of Energy (DoE) estimates, the EV range has climbed by approximately 20% per annum since 2011. The current median EV range is over 125 miles while the top EV range is 335 miles.
  • Research findings indicate that in the future, the EV range will likely increase as more manufacturers enter mass production.

II. Overview of Zotye E200 and Zotye E30

Zotye E200

Zotye E30

III. Possibility of Shipping Zotye E200 and E30 to California

Research Methodology

Extensive searches online did not uncover insights specific to two-seater electric cars because most of the insights available focus on the entire EV market and does not feature a breakdown by the number of seats. Moreover, most of the leading car sales have a four-seat configuration and not two. In this regard, the insights uncovered are specific to the entire electric vehicle market and not specific to two-seater electric cars. The reason for providing insights covering the whole electric car market is because there is limited information on two-seater car sales and performance, and there are few two-seaters electric car makes and models. Importantly, existing research in the public does not categorize electric vehicles based on their number of seats. The insights above were uncovered from, a global business news & insights company, and Clean Technica, the number one U.S. site for cleantech news & commentary.

Information retrieved from the Zotye website, car online sales platforms, and car review sites provided substantial information for the overviews provided for Zotye E200 and Zotye E30. However, in-depth analyses of Zotye E200 and Zotye E30 did not reveal that one requires following specific procedures to ship these cars to California. Existing information regarding car shipping to the U.S. does not feature special procedures for particular models, including electric vehicles. Therefore, the general importation rules are applied to the cases of Zotye E200 and Zotye E30. The costs provided regarding importing a car from China to the U.S. are general estimates and are subject to changes based on the requirements outlined above and many more.