US Census Wrongful Data Lawsuit Research

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US Census Wrongful Data Lawsuits

After an exhaustive search, the research team was unable to identify examples of litigation activities where municipalities were suing the Department of Commerce for wrongful data. Our research indicates that this information is not available publicly. We have, however, provided some helpful resources found during our search.


  • The Balance Careers published a list of "top legal publications for lawyers". Some publications listed include The American Lawyer, California Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, Law Practice Magazine, Plaintiff Magazine, and The Professional Negligence Law Reporter. These publications provide records and news related to several lawsuits.
  • The American Lawyer publishes litigation cases which relate to state and federal governments, local organizations and individuals. Recently, several cases covered by The American Lawyer are related to litigation against the government over water drilling, terrorism, and accidents.
  • The Legal Intelligencer publication presented multiple case records and news related to state and local governments under practice areas such as administrative law and public records.
  • Law Reporter and Trial News, which is a publication by the American Association of Justice, shares news on various cases related to professional negligence and misconception. Birth injury claims and veterans' demand for compensation are examples of listed lawsuits against the US federal government.
  • The PACER Case Locator provides public access to court electronic records. Users can use this tool to find out whether a specific party is involved in a federal litigation.
  • According to an article by the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ), Urban Institute warns that there is the possibility of undercounting the U.S. population by millions of people in the 2020 Census.
  • In 2009, there was a case between the state of New York v. Department of Commerce. The argument was centered on whether the 1990 census undercounted urban residents and minorities.
  • The latest case was filled by the State of New York challenging the Commerce Department’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

Research Strategy

First, we scoured top legal publications such as The American Lawyer, California Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, Law Practice Magazine, Plaintiff Magazine, and The Professional Negligence Law Reporter. Our focus was on sections related to litigation, case records, archived history and research. We hoped to identify recent lawsuits where municipalities sued the Department of Commerce for wrongful data.

After searching through multiple legal publications and magazines, it was found that no lawsuits within this category have been captured from recent years. We then broadened our search and tried to locate any relevant articles from past years. Our search led us to the 2009 case between State of New York and the Department of Commerce; however, this reference is too old and was only included as a helpful finding. Also, we searched for news articles that may provide helpful information, but this too was to avail.

We then explored various records from legal associations which usually provide information on state and federal cases. The Federal Bar Association,,, Legal Association, and were visited. Unfortunately, this too did not yield any helpful information.

In addition to our previous strategies, we accessed platforms such as PACER Service Center which allows users to conduct searches and determine whether a party is involved in federal litigation. Unfortunately, access to information relating to state governments and other authorities required a registration. We were therefore unable to find any relevant information.