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Hello! Thank you for asking Wonder. Further to the previous research submitted, we understand that you are looking to know about MakeSpace's revenue and pricing. Though we searched extensively, we were unable to find the exact annual revenue of MakeSpace as it is a privately held company and the annual reports which provide information on the company's revenue is not available in public domain. However, we were able to find on Owler that their annual revenue is estimated at $4.4 Million. Their monthly rental per cubic foot of space was $2 in 2013 and presently the rates are in the range of $0.61 to $3.68 per cubic foot.
Below you can have a deep dive of my findings.

We found the annual revenue of the company from Owler. For finding how their pricing changed over time, we have relied mainly on an article from TechCrunch and MakeSpace's company website.

REVENUE According to MakeSpace's Owler profile, their annual revenue is estimated at $4.4 Million. As per the revenue graph, the company was making around $5 Million in revenue in 2014 and it dropped down to the present level sometime around 2015.

When MakeSpace launched in 2013, "the cost for four bins, each of which occupied about three cubic feet" was $25 per month- that is the cost per cubic foot was $2.08. Additional bin cost $6.25. While pick-ups were free, deliveries cost $29.

Right now, a 16 cubic foot space costs $59. Different packages to fit each individual's need are provided. Details are as follows-

2’x2’ Hall Closet (16 cubic foot) costs $59/mo
2’x4’ Bedroom Closet( 32 cubic foot) costs $79/mo
5’x5’ Walk-in Closet (100 cubic foot) costs $99/mo
5’x10’ Studio Apt.(200 cubic foot) costs $149/mo
5’x15’ Small 1BR Apt.(300 cubic foot) costs $199/mo
10’x10’ 1BR Apt.(400 cubic foot) costs $249/mo
10’x15’ 2BR Apt.(600 cubic foot) costs $369/mo
10’x20’ 3BR Apt.(800 cubic foot) costs $499/mo

Packages for larger space are available on request. Hence, we can say that their present monthly rent ranges between $0.61 ($369/600) to $3.68($59/16)


MakeSpace offers "convenient pickup and delivery facilities". While pickups are generally free, deliveries cost between $20 to $240 depending on how much in advance the delivery has been booked and whether the delivery is required on a regular day or a busy day. The first three and last three days of the month are considered as 'busy days'.
The company provides "free durable storage bins" with an aim to help its customers save on packing materials. Their facilities are under 24 hours surveillance and they provide "$2000 MakeSpace guarantee" too.

- has an Alexa rank of 64,363 in the US and 203,684 globally.
- In April 2017, MakeSpace had 190,000 visitors to its website.

In order to get a clearer picture of MakeSpace's revenue and its standing in the market, we would like to suggest a follow-up question looking in to the portfolios of its main competitors and finding their sales information.


To wrap it up, MakeSpace has an estimated revenue of $4.4 Million. Its monthly rentals range from $0.61 to $3.68 per cubic foot.
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