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311 Software Vendors - Tech Requirements 1

Some common technical requirements for 311 software vendors according to Request For Proposals (RFPs) include application architecture, system administration, security, capacity and performance, backup capability, data reporting, workflow, integration, GIS, scalability, among others. We have presented the details for the cities of Spokane, Cleveland, Columbus, Oxnard, Chicago, and Chelsea in the attached spreadsheet.


1) RFP: Customer Relationship Management System — Spokane, Washington

  • The city of Spokane, WA launched the RFP to solicit proposals for the implementation of a new customer relationship management (CRM) services platform for the city residents. The initiative is launched to upgrade the existing software system, My Spokane 311.

2) RFP: To Supply, Implement and Maintain A 311 Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) Solution — Cleveland, Ohio

  • The city of Cleveland, OH launched the RFP to develop, implement, and maintain a new 311 CRM software, and replace the existing system. The goal of initiative is to provide cost-effective, efficient, user-friendly, and seamless services to all residents and businesses of the city.

3) RFP: Constituent Relationship Management (311) System — Columbus, Georgia

  • The city of Columbus launched the RFP to upgrade and support their Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. The goal of the initiative is to provide a holistic and transformative software system capable of providing world-class services.

4) RFP: RFP for Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Procurement — Oxnard, California

  • The city of Oxnard, CA launched the RFP to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for the city. The goal is to implement an industry standard, off-the-shelf modular software, that is configurable by the staff and requires few modifications.

5) RFP: Customer Relationship Manager Community Engagement — Chicago, Illinois

  • The city of Chicago launched the RFP to modernize the city's Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. The initiative is launched with the aim of replacing the current technology, and provide a world-class transformative solution for resident relationship management.

6) RFP: DPW Work Order System and 3-1-1 Customer Relation Management System — Chelsea, Massachusetts

  • The city of Chelsea, MA launched the RFP to develop a convenient, multi- channel, user-friendly system access for city residents. The city does not currently have 311 services, and plan to develop a cohesive CRM system with this RFP.

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311 Software Vendors - Tech Requirements 2

Some of the technical requirements that a successful bidding 311 software vendor has to comply with in Denver, Colorado include navigation and integration.

The link to the spreadsheet is here.


  • Navigation: Simple navigation with usability in mind.
  • Integration: To integrate a mass email system into the site to allow for people to subscribe to various different publications and news updates.
  • Integration: Compatible with financial/accounting software (Sage).
  • Event management and survey tools.
  • Create web forms that allow visitors to submit information for membership account updates, interest in information about opportunities for bringing business to Downtown Denver, and apply to be a part of the vendor program.
  • Custom tracking reports and dashboards website compatibility and integrating member directory and member events calendar.

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From Part 01
  • "The City of Spokane (hereinafter “City”), through its Neighborhood Services Department is initiating this Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit proposals from firms interested in participating in a project to implement a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services platform to serve residents and customers."
  • "The City’s 311 program has a staff of 14 primary CRM users – 8 call takers, 3 public counter staff, 2 supervisors, and 1 manager. Other departments use CRM for data entry and primary use with an estimated 10 staff creating and editing cases within CRM. The remaining 50 users primarily use CRM as a read-only function"
  • "The City of Cleveland, Department of Finance, through this Request for Proposal, is soliciting proposals from qualified proposers to supply, implement and maintain a 311 Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for nonemergency services requests to replace the existing system."
  • "The goal of the 311 CRM Implementation, is to provide a seamless, efficient, customer-friendly and cost-effective citizen engagement and service delivery platform across multiple business units in the City. "
  • "Columbus Consolidated Government (the City) invites qualified vendors to submit proposals to provide and support a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System. The City also requires an Asset Management System (AMS). The proposed AMS shall be a component of the CRM or shall be compatible with standard AMS software. Preference will be given to vendors capable of providing both a CRM and AMS that are compatible. "
  • "The competitive sealed proposal process may be used for procurements with an estimated total cost less than $10,000, if deemed to be in the best interest of the City. "
  • "Columbus Consolidated Government (the City) is pleased to invite the submission of proposals for the modernization of the City’s Constituent Relationship Management (“CRM”) system and processes to not only replace the City's current technology, but to provide a holistic, transformative solution to help the City of Columbus provide world-class resident relationship management services."
  • "The City of Oxnard invites proposals from qualified vendors to provide all or part of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution for the City. The City will consider solutions that are Software-as-aService (Saas) or On-Premises systems; preference will be given to the systems where functionality is superior."
  • "The City plans to implement an industry standard, commercial-off-the-shelf modular software solution that is configurable by the City staff and requires few, if any, modifications to the software to meet the City’s needs."
  • "The City of Chicago ("City"), acting through its Department of lnnovation and Technology ("DolT"), is pleased to invite the submission of proposals for the Community Engagement portion of the modernization of the City's Constituent Relationship Management ("CRM") system. The City aims to not only replace the current technology, but to provide a holistic, transformative solution for a world-class resident relationship management system. The Selected Respondent must ensure that the system provides convenient, user-friendly access for residents to connect, communicate, and collaborate with the City and with each other."
  • "311 City Services is part of the City's Office of Emergency Management and Communications. As the City's centralized customer service agency, 311 City Services operates the 311 Call Center, that serves as the point of entry for residents, business owners, and visitors that need easy access to information regarding City programs, services, and events."
  • " The City is seeking an experienced vendor selected to deliver a comprehensive solution that empowers the City to provide convenient, multi- channel, user-friendly access for residents and City staff alike. This system will be used as the work order system for Public Works and as the CRM system for our new 311 call center. The vendor will report to and work with the City of Chelsea Department of Public Works staff as well as the Department of Information Technology on a daily basis."
  • "The Department of Public Works would like to launch our first 3-1-1 call center for City to provide direct access to residents to all services offered by the City of Chelsea. The City of Chelsea does not have 3-1-1 or a CRM system at this time."