Reputation Management

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Reputation Management, Pt 1

Lino Saputo, Stephen Schwarzman, Sheldon Solow, and Jeff Sutton are some of the high-net-worth individuals who would be potential candidates for reputation management services. The requested information has been provided in the attached spreadsheet, rows 53 to 62. Below are some of the findings.

Lino Saputo

  • According to Forbes, the net worth of Lino Saputo is $5.1 billion.
  • He has been reported to have links to the boss of the US mafia but denies the allegations and is in the process of sending his lawyer's letter to Radio-Canada over what he claims to be "false and malicious statements."

Stephen Schwarzman

Katharine Rayner

Sheldon Solow

  • Sheldon Solow was accused of breach of contract by one of his tenants who alleges that he failed to pay him an early termination fee of $769,931.

Gary Rollins

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Reputation Management, Pt 2

Randall Rollins, Steven Roth, James Pallotta, and Stephen R. Weiner are among many high-net-worth individuals who could be potential candidates for reputation management services. The attached spreadsheet contains additional information on these candidates, rows 63 to 72. Below are some key findings.

Randall Rollins

  • Estimated Net Worth: $3.7 billion
  • Rollins is the chairman of Rollins Inc., one of the largest pest control companies in the United States.
  • Along with his brother, Rollins was sued by four of his nieces and nephews for failing to distribute their share of assets from his father's trust. The case was settled out of court.

Steven Roth

Arthur S. Demoulas

  • Estimated Net Worth: $1.6 billion
  • Demoulas overthrew his cousin Arthur T. Demoulas as President of Demoulas Super Markets. This move led to boycotts and protests from employees loyal to Arthur T., who eventually regained control of the company.

James Pallotta

Stephen R. Weiner

  • Estimated Net Worth: $700 million
  • Real estate developer Stephen R. Weiner and his company Weiner Ventures are being sued by Suffolk Construction for $100 million over a real estate project that was halted at the last minute.

John Catsimatidis

  • Estimated Net Worth: $3.3 billion
  • Entrepreneur and radio show host John Catsimatidis is being criticized for letting one of his empty gas station lots sit idle in a neighborhood instead of converting it into a pocket park.
  • He has also faced criticism for his vocal support of President Trump's border wall.

Paul Singer

Marc Rowan

  • Estimated Net Worth: $4.1 billion
  • Rowan had a public falling out with one of his partners, Imran Siddiqui.
  • This led to lengthy litigation, public criticism, and the revelation of exorbitant fees that Rowan's firm had been charging its affiliates.

Andres Santo Domingo

Elizabeth Johnson


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