REITs with EV Charging Stations

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REITs with EV Charging Stations

Many real estate investment trusts (REITs) are electing to install EV charging stations at their properties as not only a revenue-making opportunity but to also fulfill sustainability pledges. Below are findings about some REITs who have installed EV charging stations at their properties and information about companies that sell or supply charging stations for REITs.

US REITs with EV Charging Stations

  • Corporate Office Properties Trust was an early adopter of charging stations, installing two at its properties in 2012 as well as their corporate headquarters.
  • According to the company's latest CSR report, they current have 30 EV charging stations with around 182 tenants actively using them. SemaConnect is their supplier of stations.
  • Federal Realty Investment Trust partnered with Car Charging Group to install charging station as the company's retail properties. The units are Level II, 240-volt ChargePoint Network chargers.
  • Unfortunately, there is no information on how many stations Federal Realty currently has. Individual property listing pages do not contain this information, and the company does not publish a CSR report. Their 2019 annual report does not mention EV charging stations.
  • KBS Real Estate Investment Trust also has EV charging stations at many of its properties. According to its property listings, it currently has them at 9 of its properties.
  • Kilroy Realty also has charging stations at some properties. Their 2018 sustainability report states the company installs them at all new developments, as well as getting them installed at existing properties.
  • As of 2017, the company had 167 stations, serving 1,879 drivers.
  • Cousins Properties, a Georgia developer, installed 8 EV charging stations at two of its properties. They are ChargePoint stations, sold by Hannah Solar, an authorized reseller.

Companies That Sell EV Charging Stations to REITs

  • SemaConnect sells EV charging stations targeted towards commercial properties. Its stations have J1772 plugs and operate on an open network that connects with PlugShare, EVgo and more. The machines deliver 30A (Level 2) power.
  • Its stations use the company's proprietary SemaConnect Network to manage rates, plans, access and reports.
  • SemaConnect does not disclose how many stations is has installed. Its website states its chargers can be found at "thousands" of locations throughout the US.
  • The company is located in Maryland.
  • Car Charging Group, now known as Blink Charging, is another common supplier of EV charging stations to commercial properties.
  • The company has 3,226 chargers across the US. They are Level 2 (3,158) and DC Fast chargers (68).
  • Businesses, such as REITs, can opt to either have Blink own and operate the chargers fully, or they can share in the equipment and installation expenses, or they can fully purchase and manage themselves.