CBD and Cannabis Products: Canada

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CBD and Cannabis Products: Canada

Although the usage of cannabis in beauty products is still regulated strictly by the authorities prior to cannabis being legalized in Canada, our research suggests that the cannabis fashion and beauty industries are still growing rapidly and very positive about the future of cannabis.

Legislation and Legal Implications

  • Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there are many discussions related to this functional ingredient and its benefits in beauty products. Brightfield Group suggests that CBD is the "next hot, functional beauty ingredient" and even compares the future impact of this substance to aloe vera's and shea butter's influence in beauty industry.
  • Annaliese Kibler from Aurora Cannabis Inc. also anticipates the rise of CBD in the future.
  • Brandi Leifso, the CEO of Evio Beauty Group, stated that the bad stigma that revolves around cannabis is expected to be broken down with the legalization of cannabis.

Potential Partnership

  • Tilray, a Canadian medical cannabis company, has made a 100-250 million USD deal with Authentic Brand Groups (ABG) to expand its products and market in Canada and the US while attempting to explore the entertainment, fashion, beauty, home and health and wellness sectors.
  • Aurora Cannabis Inc. signed a deal with Evio Beauty Group Ltd. to develop and create CBD infused cosmetic products.
  • Walmart Canada seems to be interested in CBD and begins to explore it.

Cannabis Regulations in Canada

Products That Incorporate Cannabis

  • Cannabis-contained beauty products vary from facial oil, serum, face mist, face moisturizer, lip balm, mascara, hand and body wash, soap, and mask.
  • Apparels that are sold in cannabis retail stores include hat, hoodie, tees, socks, slides, and jacket.

Brands That Talk About Cannabis

  • Urban Juve is the first Canadian company that highlights cannabis as its main ingredient and it markets its brand as the result of formulation combined from Ayurvedic teachings and advanced science to provide rejuvenation for its consumers inside and out. It also claims to be cruelty-free and only using quality ingredients with no toxic fillers. This brand also features beauty influencers to promote its products.
  • Origins, a company owned by Estée Lauder, released a mask that contained cannabis and claimed to only use the best locally grown cannabis and marijuana in its products.
  • Burb, a Canadian cannabis retail store, strives to introduce a new cannabis culture through the products they sell to the public. John Kaye, the CEO of this brand, also reported that although the staff of this team uses cannabis, they are well-educated and high functioning.
  • Women of numerous brand representatives, such as Milkweed, Blunted Objects, and PureSinse, attempt to break down the bad stigma of cannabis by "coming out" and empowering other women to use legal cannabis.

Research Strategy

To begin our research, we first explored and browsed through numerous articles from reputable websites, Canada government websites, and the official websites and social media platforms of various Canadian companies that focused on cannabis-infused beauty and fashion products. We found that the answers were quite straightforward and the information is not difficult to obtain. Then we attempted to compile every discovered data and added it to our findings.