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Reddit Marketing

As of November 2019, Reddit was the sixth-most-popular website in the United States, Reddit's website tagline is “the front page of the internet.” Reddit is a collection of more than one million communities called subreddits that cover different topics. Members can subscribe to subreddits and create their own subreddits as long as they meet the content policy. Some bigger subreddits have additional requirements for posting such as the minimum age of the account or minimum amount of Reddit karma. Upvotes by people who like the content help members build up Reddit karma while downvotes decrease one's karma.



  • In essence, Reddit is a collection of more than one million communities called subreddits. People share news and content or comment on other people’s posts in each of these communities, which cover different topics.
  • Each subreddit starts with, for example, is a subreddit for people who play or are interested in board games.
  • Subreddits can be created by anyone with a Reddit account as long as it's content stays within the site’s community guidelines.
  • Anyone can join any Reddit community as long as they have a Reddit account.
  • Subreddits are managed by moderators who are volunteers, they dictate the types of content allowed within each community, can edit its appearance, content and can ban members from the subreddit.
  • The fastest way to become a moderator is to create a subreddit by oneself. A person could also message the moderators on a subreddit they frequent and offer their services.

The Platform

  • Reddit's homepage has a feed of trending posts from various subreddits. One can use the sort button on the top left of the homepage to sort by posts that are hot (trending), new, top or rising.
  • The search bar near the top of the homepage can be used to find both posts and subreddits related to a particular term.
  • Next to every Reddit post and comments on posts, there is a number that represents its score, along with an up arrow and a down arrow, which allows members to upvote or downvote content.
  • The upvote or downvote binary is one of the most interesting components of Reddit's content moderation system. This voting is peer moderation, for example, the down vote signals that one doesn't want to see any more of that content.

Signing Up and Creating Posts

  • The Sign Up button is at the top-right of the homepage. To start one would need to enter an email address, then enter one's username and password.
  • Once logged in, the Reddit's homepage will switch one's personal homepage, which would show popular content from all the subreddits subscribed to. Members can search for topics they are interested in and subscribe to their respective subreddits.
  • Members can use the Create Post button on the right side of the screen to submit content, which can be a text post, image/video, or a link at any time. No matter the type of post, one needs to submit a descriptive title of the content.



  • Whenever a member's posts or comments are upvoted, they earn Reddit karma, which is a numerical score that appears on one's profile page. Downvotes would make one lose their karma.
  • When someone hovers over a member's username, they’ll see a breakdown of one's total karma into post karma and comment karma.
  • Reddit uses an unknown algorithm to calculate karma. Supposedly, the more upvotes a post or comment gets, the less karma each upvote is worth.
  • Karma is the underlining currency of Reddit, which dictates how high up a post will be placed on any given page or subreddit.
  • The title of a Reddit post can be paramount to its eventual karma success.


  • Reddit members can give awards to other members to recognize and highlight posts that they really enjoyed. Giving an award costs Reddit coins, which can be bought to support the community.
  • Reddit coins can be used to buy silver, gold or platinum awards. Silver awards cost 100 coins and appear next to the post or comment. Gold awards also appear next to the post or comment, additionally, they cost 500 coins and gives the recipient a week of Reddit Premium including 100 coins. Platinum awards cost 1,800 coins and a month of Reddit Premium including 700 coins.
  • 500 Reddit coins costs $1.99 while 40,000 Reddit coins costs $99.99.

Reddit Premium

  • Reddit Premium is Reddit's membership program that costs $6 per month. Premium members have access to features that regular users can't access and test out new features before they are released.
  • Premium members also have access to the /r/lounge, which is an exclusive subreddit that serves as a community for brightest minds on Reddit.
  • Additionally, premium membership comes with a supply of coins that can be spent on awards for other community members.


  • Uploading highlights or teasers GIFs of adult videos is the absolute best way to grab the attention of Redditors. GIFs are very powerful in adult video communities on Reddit.
  • Once the clips and GIFs are ready, one needs to search for subreddits to submit them to. The "Reddit NSFW" Section on ThePornDude has a list of the top subreddits with adult video content.
  • Many of the bigger subreddits have requirements for submitting content. Some have an age requirement for the account, such as having been a member for a minimum of 1 to 6 months. Others have a karma requirement before one can submit content, which means one has to build up the account to get the best results.
  • On the bigger subreddits, it can be hard to land on its front page. Some companies provide upvote services to help boost posts on bigger subreddits.
  • In general, posts on the bigger subreddits receive more upvotes than posts on the smaller ones.
  • YouTube is the number one link domain shared on Reddit by a wide margin, therefore, it is best to host video content on YouTube.