Real Estate App Comparison

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Real Estate App Features

The Bixby app has a variety of features including maintenance management, home services, rent tracking, message board, packaging and perks.


  • The app has a variety of features that are placed in four basic pillars: core building activities, automation and integration, amenities and services, and perks or rewards.
  • Some of the amenities and services features include wellness rooms , events and programs, concierge services, and special bookings.
  • Core building activities include general communication, talent directory, electronic handbook , tenant appreciation events, and updates.
  • Automation and integration services include parking, maintenance, screens and displays, mobile access control, and guest registration.
  • The app also offers retail promotions, bespoke loyalty programs , food, entertainment, travel, sports and leisure.


  • Equiem's app focuses on providing communication managers, events and service managers, transaction managers, facilities managers, and data and analytics.
  • Communication is easily achieved through the app as customers are able to reach their tenants quickly at any time.
  • Tenants services and amenities are easily provided through the app as the offerings are easily accessible. Some of the key services include fitness classes, food, drinks, and exclusive discounts.
  • The app provides a feature that enables customers to build and promote their brand with their own tailored app experience. This enables a client to modify everything ranging from app name, logos and colors, and services.
  • Tenant reviews can easily be collected through the app and be used as a guide for future programs and investments.
  • The app also makes it easier for customers to manage their facilities and work requests, coordinate tenant access to important documents, and lift bookings.



  • According to the company, the app can help customers "increase tenant satisfaction with value-added communication, faster problem resolution, and greater transparency into the process."
  • The app provides features such as tenant service, maintenance, risk management, mobility, and communications.
  • Maintenance is a key feature of the app, allowing customers to track and report maintenance tasks in the property while also enabling customers to better allocate their assets.
  • Tenant service is enhanced by easily tracking the status of the different requests. This also promotes the building of amenities.
  • Communication is effectively delivered to tenants, vendors and staff as they have a modern property websites and a simple broadcast messaging.
  • Property data is readily available due to the building monitoring service they provide.

Office App

  • The app has a variety of features ranging from ordering lunch, processing maintenance request, booking parking space, bicycle sharing, calling a taxi, get personal messages, send directions, among others.


  • The app has a variety of features, including maintenance management, home services, rent tracking, message board, and packaging.
  • Through the app customers are able to access various home services, ranging from dry-cleaning, housekeeping, to medical house-calls.
  • The app also enables individuals to pay rent with a credit/debit card or by using direct bank-to-bank ACH transactions, which is easier compared to using checks.
  • Through the app, maintenance requests can be arranged in a single list, repairs can be scheduled, updates are sent regularly and the staff are easily assigned to each building.
  • The app has a feature that effectively notifies customers when packages have been delivered.
  • Lastly, customers are able to send messages to an entire building, select apartments, or a single individual.
  • Although the company did not mention specific partners that provide different features, the company acknowledged that it's ready to partner with home service providers.