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Raja Kumari Partnerships/Sponsorships

Sony, MAC Cosmetics, Kay by Katrina, and Gundi studios are examples of brands/companies that Raja Kumari has worked with.


  • On August 29, 2019, Raja Kumari partnered with Sony for the premiere of the short film titled "Raja Kumari: So Far".
  • The film which was directed by Zoé Salicrup Junco illuminates Raja Kumari's music journey after she went to Mumbai from Los Angeles. It is a story about "searching for a space to belong".
  • According to Idolator, Kumari says that the goal of the video is to "inspire and empower more young girls to manifest and accomplish their dreams".
  • The film was produced by Sony and it has 151,541 views on YouTube.

MAC Cosmetics

  • Raja Kumari among other celebrities such as Lindsey Wixson, Oyinda, San Cha, J Settes, and Lindsey Wixson has partnered with MAC Cosmetics for 2019 holiday campaign.
  • The Mac Cosmetics holiday page features the celebrities' bios and links to their videos. Links to shop for products associated with celebrities are also included.
  • Raja Kumari is meant to inspire potential MAC Cosmetics' customers to "come out and shine" by revealing their star.
  • The campaign is meant to market the limited edition of the "Starring You" Collection of makeup kits.
  • The "Starring You" video has 8,600 views on YouTube.

Kay by Katrina

  • Kay by Katrina is a beauty brand owned by actor Katrina Kaif. On October 22, 2019, the actor posted on Instagram a promotion video for the brand.
  • Raja Kumari and celebrities like Saina Nehwal and Nayanthara collaborated with Kay by Katrina brand to urge women "to be confident about their looks".
  • Raja Kumari helped in promoting the brand through a video that started by asking viewers what they felt about themselves and ends on a note that it is okay to be the way they are.
  • The video posted on Instagram attracted 1,752,091 views and 514,615 likes.

Gundi Studios

  • On August 21, 2019, Raja Kumari collaborated with Gundi Studios to showcase the brand's streetwear collection at the Lakme Fashion Week.
  • According to Radio and Music, Kumari "turned heads as she walked the ramp for Gundi Studios". The stylish ensemble was created by Natasha Sumant, founder of Gundi Studios.
  • Kumari wore a "combination of half-draped saree clubbed with a velvet sports bra and shorts". She was also dressed in gold shoes.
  • Gundi clothes are made using Zardozi techniques in partnership with Indian suppliers that positively impact desi women's livelihoods. The streetwear collection was meant to celebrate outspoken women.
  • Commenting on her own performance during the show, Raja Kumari claimed that she always looked up to independent women and she aspired to be one.
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Raja Kumari Profile


Raja Kumari, also known as Svetha Yallapragada Rao, is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer and rapper. She founded the Kumari Kids Scholarship Program to promote and advocate for young female artists in India. Kumari had to overcome stereotypes about South Asian women and was able to position herself as artist of her liking, with a strong following on social media.

Raja Kumari's Causes of Interest

  • Svetha Yallapragada Rao, aka Raja Kumari, started a foundation in India called Kumari Kids Scholarship Program, which is intended to support young girls through art. She advocates for the growth of art in India, with a focus on young female artistes.
  • In one of her interviews, she emphasized the need for more females in the music industry to shake it up.
  • Kumari also advocate for meditation and mindful food consumption. She raised funds and had the proceeds go towards setting up a meditation hall at the Vegesna Foundation, which caters to physically disabled children in South India.

Personal Interests and Hobbies,

  • Kumari is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer and rapper.
  • She has written for pop artistes such as Iggy Azalea, Fall Out Boy and Gwen Stefani.
  • She is also interested in fashion and as a result she has collaborated with brands such as Puma and New Delhi clothing brand know as Main.

Current Projects

Challenges or Hurdles Experienced in Her Career,

  • Kumari expressed that one challenge she experienced was being stereotyped as a South Asian woman and people having opinions about how she was supposed to act.
  • A hurdle she had to overcome on her label was that they didn't know how to position her as an artist. They even asked her to go to India and establish herself there first. She say she was eventually able to show them what kind of artist she was and the music she had to offer.

Growth Strategy

  • Kumari's growth strategy entails the use of music videos and content. She uses them to let her followers and subscribers into her world.
  • She says, 'You just have to keep feeding the beast.' This is to imply that she ensures a constant flow of content and music videos to her audience.
  • Kumari doesn't have a regular posting schedule and usually posts whenever she feels like it. She however banks on cross-promotion from her other collaboration projects with fashion brands to grow her popularity.

Social Media Handles

  • Kumari shares content on Instagram through her verified account handle @therajakumari. She has about 436,000 followers and has put out 538 posts on Instagram.
  • She also has a Facebook page named Raja Kumari, which has 160,490 followers and is liked by 149,303 people.
  • Kumari also has a verified Twitter handle known as @TheRajaKumari. On Twitter, she has a following of 21,500 people and has tweeted 602 times.
  • She is also on YouTube and her channel The Raja Kumari has about 367, 000 subscribers. She has garnered a total of 21,961,473 views on her content since she joined the platform.


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